When did water get so complicated?

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When did water get so complicated? It seems tap on tap is no longer de rigueur. Behold, the fancy waters you can expect at London’s hottest studios and wellness emporiums…

Soul Cycle

At Londons trendiest new spin studio Soul Cycle, water is ‘seven times purified”. SoulCycle decided to partner with Flowater on this project. You can’t taste a difference, but it’s nice to know the nasties have been removed.

Cloud Twelve

At Cloud Twelve, “we use advanced reverse-osmosis filtration technology, capable of removing over 10,000 known impurities from regular tap water and ensuring maximum hydration. Additional process adds a range of ionising minerals with a multitude of health benefits.

There are thousands of compounds that can make water unhealthy of human consumption. These compounds include heavy metals, gasoline, pesticides, chlorine, antibiotics and other pharmaceutical medication and even parasites. Reverse osmosis has been found to be the most effective purification method that can rid the water of these molecular compounds. Compared to tap water that is unfiltered, reverse osmosis water has fewer compounds and much better taste,” says Jenya Di Pierro, CEO & founder.


Bodyism uses a special Hydro Tap, with Micro Purity filtration technology. It removes sediment and volatile organic compounds like lead and parasites. Large water stations in the main gym are infused with rose and clear quartz crystals to help harness self love, healing and good physical health.


KXU in Chelsea has Elkay water filters. The NSP filter produces cleaner, healthier water with reduced lead and other contaminants. There is a green ticker which informs the user of the number of 20 oz. plastic water bottles saved from waste by using refillable bottles at the bottle filling station.

BTW, that number could soon reduce even further – KXU will start selling smaller, cheaper reusable water bottles as the gym will stop selling plastic water altogether.


But, good old tap is going nowhere. It’s still seen at the likes of Psycle and Flykick, and the latter is perhaps is having the last laugh – it pretty much fooled me. “Fill your bottle with our Himalayan triple coal-filtered, vitamin-infused electrolyte water. However, a footnote explains it is, in fact London tap water.

Time will tell if tap or treated wins out…

By Charlotte

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