Why a lawyer-turned-FLY LDN-founder works out


We’re asking inspirational women in the fitness industry why they work out.

Charlotte Cox is the founder of FLY LDNan immersive yoga and fitness studio. A former City lawyer, Charlotte found exercise was the release that kept her balanced and focused through long, busy days behind a desk. After seven years in the City, she took a leap of faith and founded FLY LDN…

Sanity first

“Working out keeps me sane. Before FLY, I worked in the City and I quickly realised that it was easy to end up cutting out everything that was not strictly work-related. But with regular workouts, I sleep better, think more clearly, work more efficiently and productively, and I feel more positive and confident.

A change in attitude

“I used to really enjoy burning off the frustrations and stress of my day in a sweaty spin or bootcamp style class. I was doing HIIT classes five or more times a week and, although I was confident in how I looked, I knew it was unsustainable. I was picking up injuries and the stress of work coupled with the physical stress of working out so hard was starting to take a toll on my body.

“Now I focus on holistic, low impact training and my mental wellbeing. I spend a lot of time at FLY, so the majority of my workouts are low impact – yoga, barre or, if I’m missing DOMS, our Low Impact class! I love reformer pilates too and I have recently started meditation.

“We are all working longer and longer hours, hunched over desks, and compulsively checking emails outside office hours. But I am so hopeful that employers are starting to realise the importance of prioritising their employees’ health and wellbeing. Try putting workouts into your calendar like meetings or calls and only reschedule when absolutely necessary. Ultimately, the workouts are just as important as the meetings!”

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