Why I work out: Louisa Drake

Reasons for working out are personal and varied. For Louisa Drake, founder of the Louisa Drake Method, a fitness and lifestyle brand that focuses on body confidence, it’s about chasing that rush. “I get a high, I guess like a runners high and I feel energised and happy like I’ve achieved something”…

Keep it varied

“I attend LDM classes as a client and work on my own bespoke training in the studio, outdoors or via a local gym space. I do one to two workouts per week, but tend to stay pretty active as I teach classes and clients daily. Some weeks I need a more slow paced and restorative approach. I’ll base my workouts around LDM Flow for mobility and to reset my body and mind. Alternatively when I’m feeling sluggish and stuck doing admin I’ll put on my Shape Changer playlist and sweat it out with a combination of resistance, conditioning, cardio and stretch exercises in one go.

“I love to try new things and when I’m on holiday I opt for outdoor activities such as skiing and water-sports – all the things I don’t get to do in London. Later this year I have a fun trip booked which includes learning to boulder and climb plus an amazing surfer friend of mine is honing my surfing skills.

“I really do love training with other people as you are constantly motivated by others and you tend to push yourself that bit harder then solo. However running with a great playlist is such a nice way to focus in and really immerse yourself on your own workout.

Why I do it

“I work out for so many reasons. I’ve always been such an active person that not moving feels so odd to me. I find that my workouts are my ‘power hour’ so important time for me to completely focus in on what I need in that moment. It’s reclaiming a bit of me time. Hitting goals and tracking my progress with my fitness positively affects my mood and general wellbeing.

“I get a high, I guess like a runners high and I feel energised and happy like I’ve achieved something. It could be a simple as just getting up and making it out for a run or achieving a headstand.

Post-workout refuelling

“I always replace fluids and usually carbohydrates and protein with good fats after intensive training sessions. I love using Macacha protein as this is an organic and cleverly blended source of organic protein powder that I mix with a nut milk post-workout or teaching to help me replace my energy stores. Snacking on oatcakes with avocado or cottage cheese during the day then sitting down to enjoy grilled salmon, steamed greens with sweet potato after an evening workout is a great way to boost metabolism and replenish.”

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By Charlotte

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