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Vitamin IV drips have gained a loyal following among celebrities who have been touting them for years as a way to nurse a hangover, boost energy or cure a cold. But they can be accessible and affordable to us normal folk say Get A Drip, who are taking the health craze mainstream with the launch of its new clinic in London’s Westfield Shopping Centre.

About Get A Drip

Get A Drip launched in 2017 in London with a clinic in Boxpark in Shoreditch, offering affordable Vitamin Drips and Booster Shots. It is the UK’s leading leading clinic for Intravenous Vitamin Drips – and it was the UK’s first Vitamin Drip company to offer a DNA testing service, whereby a client’s nutritional deficiencies can be identified and the drip therapy can be tailored specifically to their individual needs.

What are IV Drips?

IV Drips rebalance the body’s natural vitamin levels helping to cleanse it of toxins, boost the immune system, replenish energy levels and optimise your day-to-day wellbeing. It is a procedure that is fast acting and effective because it bypasses the gastrointestinal tract, meaning that 100% of vitamins and nutrients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Nutritionists say that we could be absorbing as little as 10% of nutrients through diet alone. Rhaya Jordan, leading nutritionist and Get A Drip ambassador, says: “Many of us struggle to have a balanced diet. With Get A Drip, you’re basically bypassing the whole idea of bioavailability because the nutrients are going straight into the bloodstream, giving you a nourishing hit of micronutrients. Though lower levels of nutrients are what we need to survive, it might be that taking higher levels is just what you need to thrive. The results speak for themselves.”

Dale Pinnock, aka The Medicinal Chef and a Get A Drip ambassador, added: “IV Nutrition Therapy is a great way to give your body a boost. There are a multitude of positive uses, from correcting vitamin deficiencies to ensuring general wellbeing, it’s a treatment that can benefit most people.”

Photo: Get A Drip Shepherd’s Bush

What different types of drips do they offer?

One of the most popular treatments is the Energy Drip, which contains energy-boosting vitamins, minerals and amino acids such as Magnesium and Vitamin B Complex. Other treatments include a Party Drip (great for hangovers!), Immunity Drip and Fitness Drip.

Where can I find them?

The new clinic in Westfield Shepherd’s Bush and Boxpark in Shoreditch. To book visit getadrip.co.uk. Walk-in appointments are also available.

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Terms and Conditions.

10% discount valid on Drips, Booster Shots and DNA tests at the Boxpark Shoreditch and Westfield London clinics until 31 May 2019. Not valid in conjunction with any other promotion or discount. Not valid on Gift Vouchers.

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