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solo dance party

Dancing is not only a great form of exercise but it could help shake off a case of the lockdown blues. Dancer and fitness instructor Vincent Merouze tells us why we should all be having a solo dance party every day…

Why should people have a solo dance party every day?

Why not have a solo dance party?! It’s the best way to let your hair down and unleash your inner diva. Music is powerful especially when you really connect to a song and you can just shake all your cares away.

What are the health benefits?

Not only do you get to have a laugh and feel free, it just makes you feel good – and there’s actual exercise science here to back it up. Moving your body releases endorphins, most commonly known as the happy hormone. It reduces your pain receptors and can leave you with a natural feeling of euphoria and general wellbeing. Now what’s so special about dancing is that it lights up your coordination, moves your limbs in more directions than a simple run requires, and burns more calories than cycling. The most differential aspect of dancing compared to other forms of exercise is the varied acceleration and deceleration of movement. You are moving your body in many directions at once and all of this combined shocks your system into burning more calories and building up a sweat without leaving your bedroom.

solo dance party

Best songs for a solo dance party?

It totally depends on the vibe you want to embody that day because, honey, you can make any song work for you! I am definitely more a bubblegum pop kind of person and love a power ballad. Come on Over by Christina Aguilera will forever be a jam. Domino by Jessie J, Anxious by Justin Mahone, Savage Remix featuring Beyonce is a VIBE – and when in doubt, Lizzo & Ariana it out!

We love your Tiktok dance videos. What dances should we learn?

Aww, thank you! There are so many TikTok dances out there. It’s great to have such a variety for different moods but I have to say that the Megan Three Stallion ‘Savage dance is such a pick me up.


#foryou #foryoupage #fyp #savage #dance #happy #twerk #male #dancer #gay #gaypride #quarantine #dailytiktok inspired by @coltonleehaynes

♬ Savage – Megan Thee Stallion

Can you recommend any online dance parties?

If you are looking for a carefree vibe where you can shake it, get sweaty, and still feel like the ultimate diva at the end then come to me haha! But honestly, there are so mediums through which to choose from it can be overwhelming. The most important is that you have fun. If you find a Youtube video is more your thing then go to The Fitness Marshall for the dance and some fun commentary.

How did dancing help you through lockdown?

At first, with everything closing up and not being able to teach classes really got to me, it made me incredibly nervous and sad. I quickly realised with an overwhelming response through Instagram and other social platforms that people wanted to jam out and dance with me at home. So, I set up my classes and found a way to connect with people once again. I can’t explain how essential dance and music is in my life in order to let go and just be me. Having the opportunity to share that and allow others to get it in on the experience is just the cherry on top. It’s honestly free therapy people, so why not ‘shake yo tail feather’ and join in on the dance party!

Vincent is currently teaching dance cardio classes via Zoom. To book visit @vmerouze

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