Win a month's supply of Pukka Organic Herbal Lattes


DOSE have teamed up with Pukka Herbs to offer one winner a month’s supply of Pukka Organic Herbal Lattes!

The winner will receive a pack of four organic vegan lattes; Cacao Maca Magic, Turmeric Gold, Majestic Matcha Chai and Ginger Joy. All four plant-based lattes have been expertly blended using therapeutic-grade herbs and spices, with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. As a natural alternative to sugar, Pukka has used inulin, a sweet but calorie-free ingredient that is also a pre-biotic.

Pukka Organic Turmeric Gold latte – A protective, aromatic, antioxidant-fuelled and caffeine-free blend of organic turmeric and other natural spices… Turmeric is a super-spice, famed for its powerful antioxidant qualities and abilities to naturally nourish and support both brain and body at all stages of life. Ginger is warming, reinvigorating and rich in essential oils, helping the absorption of turmeric. Cinnamon is a naturally sweet and warming spice that helps to curb sweet cravings.

Pukka Organic Majestic Matcha Chai latte – A deliciously creamy full-flavoured blend to bring about calm alertness with the natural help of organic matcha and chai spices… Matcha is high in catechins (a potent type of antioxidant). Matcha also naturally boosts memory, focus and energy steadily and sustainably, whilst cinnamon and cardamom supports and boosts a healthy metabolism and digestion.

Pukka Organic Ginger Joy latte – Stoke the inner fire with this thrilling, caffeine-free blend of embracing ginger and other spices… Ginger is a warming spice, traditionally known to aid digestion. Turmeric is a natural, spicy anti-inflammatory, supporting from the inside out.

Pukka Organic Cacao Maca Magic latte – Beneath the velvety, luxurious chocolate flavour lie three very special herbs to naturally boost mood and balance hormones. Cacao is an endorphin-boosting botanical, enhancing feelings of pleasure.

“Ashwagandha is a stress-regulating adaptogen, naturally nourishing adrenals and calming an anxious mind. Maca is a stimulating herb, naturally boosting mood (and libido). Shatavari is a hormone balancing adaptogen, which naturally supports the female reproductive system”, says nutritionist Naomi Beinart.

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The winner will be announced on 1st December 2018

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