Woo-woo wellness: moonology to mindful menstruation

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Is it just us, or has the world of wellness gone all woo-woo of late? Turmeric tonics and the odd Pilates class seem incredibly basic now compared to moonology and mindful menstruation. It’s time to let it all out…

Sound bathing

Think a sort of mediation, only instead of total silence or a mantra, you’re soothed by the sounds of singing bowls being gently struck, creating sound waves that resonate through you. The vibrations are apparently great for anxiety and stress reduction, and it is pretty relaxing. “We run sound-baths every Wednesday and Sunday as well as workshops. We’re seeing sound-baths getting incredibly popular with people looking for a very accessible, very enjoyable way to relax. People say it’s a bit like being hypnotised,” Laura Franses, founder of Crystal Sound Lounge, tells me. “We’re also doing a lot of private hire, going into individuals homes, and we’re also an increasingly popular corporate away day experience – which makes a bit of a change from paint-balling.”

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Mindful menstruation

This trend focuses on making periods less taboo, more empowering. It’s women reclaiming the narrative of what a period is and can be, framing it in a positive light rather than ignoring it or brushing it away. Elaine Rose Leela holds classes and workshops to help woman get back in tune with their own bodies, through mindful menstruation. “We need to start asking questions, like, What’s the quality of your day? Did you show up? Were you irritable or sociable? Once you know these, you can start to form a map of yourself”, she tells me. It’s all about knowing what our body is doing and celebrating the  process. “It’s time to know our power as a woman,” she says firmly. “Make the time for bleeding and allow yourself to rest for menstruation, book it in and give yourself a retreat instead of working through it.” Learn how to do so with her here.


Using the moon as a guiding force is becoming more popular with certain people. Joanna Watters tells me, “every month there is a New Moon and a Full Moon, and that these are associated with nature and growth cycles. Moonology is all about connecting with meaning. New and Full Moons are the most important, but the Moon’s 28 day journey through the 12 signs of the zodiac provides us with even more information, especially when applied to any individual horoscope. It’s the Moon who connects us with our daily lives.”

You can track the moon, and use the stage it’s at to plan and act accordingly. Adam at Evolve Wellness Centre runs, among other thing, sound therapies, and he says these are often run around the new and the full moons. “We find that the power of sound works well with helping one fall into their natural rhythm. The New Moon is a powerful time for sowing new seeds and setting intentions for the month ahead. The full moon is a time where the energy is accelerated – a great time for letting go and reaping the rewards of the month, a time for gratitude. Pent-up emotions can also come to the surface around the full moon and a sound session, especially the gong, can help get things out. I’ve seen the gong bath on a full moon make people cry, make people laugh and bring people face to face with their anger. We work specifically with the monthly moon cycle calendar and plan our monthly events around the full and new moons as these are astrologically speaking, portals of energy, or opportunities.”

Tarot readings

Are tarot cards making a comeback as part of a wider trend towards mindfulness? Fiona Lensvelt, founder of Litwitchure thinks so. “There’s a real sense of community in using it, particularly among younger women,” she explains in an interview with The Guardian. “People think it’s about predicting the future, but it isn’t. It’s about the present, and it can be very empowering. It’s no surprise that a lot of the online communities are driven by queer people or people from minorities, segments of society where people feel as though they’re not seen or heard, because tarot allows you to consider a problem, give a voice to it, work it through and see where the blocks might be. It can give voice to problems or fears.”

So, get involved. Any of these trends could be worth trying, and who knows what will be next…

By Charlotte 

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