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BLOK, the achingly cool Hackney gym wants to help you hone your fitness skills with a new workshop series – BLOKskills. Whether you’re looking to take your boxing to the next level, or step up your yoga game with an extended inversions session – it’s time to get off that treadmill and start building on your skill set!

I dropped by on a Saturday afternoon for a 2 hour in-depth boxing session with Paul and Steven. Whilst two hours of fitness might seem a little daunting (especially on a weekend), the aim is to break down the fundamentals of boxing in great detail – something that you can’t really do in a 60 minute class.

We start off with a warm up and some skipping. I have to admit, I feel more school girl than Rocky Balboa but I soon pick up a little two step that makes me look like I know what I’m doing – from where I’m standing anyway.

Next some shadow boxing, focussing on footwork and hip rotation to bring more power and precision to our punch technique.

We pair up and take it to the bags to practice some combination moves; blocking, ducking and striking. This is where the real test of co-ordination comes in, as you have to focus on your own moves as well as your partner’s.

After 90 minutes of boxing, I don’t know how I muster the energy for the round of jump squats, crunches and planks that ensues. It’s tough, rewarding and unbelievably sweaty but so worth it for that endorphin rush.

I come away with a solid grounding in boxing technique and movement thanks to the passionate team who really help to break down the basics.

The next boxing session takes place on 2nd December at 14:00 but see below for a full list of upcoming workshops spanning commercial dance to sparring and Yin yoga.

Oh and you might want to pop into Palm Vaults for a rainbow latte on your way home – we hear they’re opening in Soho very soon!

Photo: BLOK

commercial dance workshop – (1.5 hour)

25-Nov-2017 11:30

Join Jermaine Johnson of our commercial dance workshop on Saturday 25th November. This all-level 90 minute workshop promises to encompass the core foundations of commercial choreography with a wide range of modern styles set to a track by the Queen B herself. Whether you’re a die-hard Beyonce fan or just want to learn some great combinations from a pro, this is the workshop for you.

arm balances workshop with Michael – (2 hours)

26-Nov-2017 13:45

This workshop gives the chance to explore the essentials of arm balances. From new learners to those wishing to further their advancements in variations, this will build confidence and strength leaving arms feeling stronger and more controlled.

boxing workshop with Kenny and Amy – (2 hours)

02-Dec-2017 14:00

This 2 hour boxing workshop will focus on providing a solid grounding in boxing technique and movement. Our 2 instructors Kenny Knight and Amy Andrews will work with the clients to break down the basics so that each client can leave with improved footwork, balance, and accuracy. Expect a combination of foot drills, bag work, and pad work, get ready to learn and work hard!

Photo: BLOK

hip openers workshop with Letty – (2 hours)

03-Dec-2017 13:45

Develop a greater understanding into the anatomy of your hips by discovering fundamental hip opening poses. Starting the workshop with dynamic practice to prepare the body for an afternoon of deep hip opening exercise. Attendees will leave with a deep understanding on healthy body alignment, ending the session with a Q&A and tailored feedback.

sparring workshop with Paul and Caleb – (2 hours)

16-Dec-2017 12:30

The class will consist of a clear induction to the equipment required for sparring and breakdown of the following – Movement / Footwork / Offence / Defence / Ring generalship. Each customer will get at least 6 mins in the ring, split over 3 rounds, and lighter body sparring outside of the ring guided with correction and teaching.

This workshop is best suited to those with some boxing class experience. It is essential you bring your own gum shield  (no mouthguard = no sparring) we will be selling these at reception but they need moulding to the mouth at home so be sure to purchase in advance.

Yin workshop with Melissa – (2 hours)

17-Dec-2017 13:45

Retreat from the distractions of the outside world and enter an internal world of stillness, openness and calm in this 2 hour Yin Yoga workshop. You will learn the basic principles and benefits of Yin Yoga and experience a deeply relaxing Yin practice exploring slightly longer holds, creating openness and balance within the body by working thoroughly into the connective tissues.

Guided visualisation and mindfulness breath work will be incorporated to ease you into a deeper state of relaxation, finally ending the practice with 30 minutes of blissful Yoga Nidra and time afterwards for Q&A.

Address: BLOK, Tram Depot, 38 – 40 Upper Clapton Road, E5 8BQ

Tube: Clapton Station

Price: £20.00

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By Ishbel

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