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As you may remember from your school days… pH is a measure of acidity or alkalinity. But what does that mean in the context of your skin? We know that our body’s largest organ needs to produce a certain amount of oil to stay waterproof and fight infections. Too little can lead to dry skin and premature wrinkles, too much can result in clogged pores and acne. But what is the optimum pH?

According to the experts at REN Clean Skincare, your skin only needs to reach a pH of between 3.5 – 4 to access it’s ‘A-HA moment’ and achieve its natural glow. Keeping skin fairly acidic is what helps to ward off the build up of bacteria. By using astringent soaps you’re stripping away the acid mantle, leaving the skin vulnerable to bacterial infections.

It really comes down to quality over quantity – clean actives, that deliver the optimum pH to help the skin trigger its natural exfoliation process. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on these new pH smart range to unleash our very own AHA moment. Litmus paper at the ready…

Photo: REN Clean Skincare

We tried the ‘Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic‘. A skin-resurfacing toner that exfoliates and brightens, whilst being gentle enough to use daily. By stimulating the skin to naturally exfoliate, Lactic Acid and Willow Bark extract work together to smooth, tone and help reduce the pore size, while Azelaic Acid precursor will brighten and help to even out skin tone for the perfect glow. This one suits all skin types. Simply swipe onto clean skin over the face and neck, day and night, avoiding the eye area, and follow with your regular skincare routine.

Now for the game-changing ‘AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum‘. A silky body serum that improves the skin texture by boosting the natural exfoliating process. This light texture body serum, rich in Lactic Acid, and Xylitol, has the superb ability to attract water molecules already present in your skin to the surface. The probiotics boost the skins’ defence barrier, instantly hydrating the skin whilst smoothing its surface, for strong healthy skin.

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