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Zia Lucia first opened on Holloway road, and North London queued around the block for their 48 hour slow fermented dough pizzas. Well, the good news is that they’ve opened another branch, this time in Brook Green West London. The Blyth road pizzeria is off the beaten track, and by opening in smaller neighbourhoods they can really invest in their core values; quality and service at a great price.

Owned by two passionate Italians, they have created four different 48 hour slow fermented doughs; traditional, gluten-free, wholemeal and our favourite, vegetable charcoal, which has digestive gas-absorbing capacities. Naturally we topped it with generous helpings of Mozzarella, fresh sausage, taleggio goats cheese, pecorino cheese and a drizzle of sweet truffle honey. And as the fermentation process is slow the base arrives light, fluffy and crisp. (It slips down rather well with a Negroni).

Zia Lucia also of course cater for vegans, which totally beats your regular veggie pizza, made with Butternut squash cream, fresh tomatoes da campo, asparagus and sun-dried tomatoes.

If for some unbeknown reason pizzas not your thing then you will be more than happy with the antipasti cured meats, cheese, chargrilled vegetables and salads. Dough-not miss it.

Address: 61 Blythe Rd, London, W14 0HP

Tube: Kensington Olympia

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By Becky

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