DOSE Writers

Hettie Holmes @hettie.holmes

Hettie is the editor and co-founder of DOSE. A keen runner, she’s also partial to a blast of high-intensity and hot yoga. A country girl at heart, she divides her time between London and the lush rolling hills of North Devon. When she’s not jetting off on her next adventure, Hettie can be found in a candle-lit alcove with a laptop, a spaniel and a full bodied Malbec.

Rosie Sargeant @sargeypie

After graduating from Cambridge University with a triple First, Rosie decided to pursue a career in the fitness industry rather than follow the traditional path of her peers in investment banking. Unable to shake off the fast-paced routine she developed in her City job, she achieves balance by winding down in yoga sessions, escaping on fitness retreats, and going for extended brunches that somehow seem to wind up in a hidden gem of a cocktail bar.


Shayna Waldman @blondegirlshay

Born and raised on the beaches of sunny LA, Shayna is the quintessential laid-back Cali girl. When she isn’t teaching her sweat-drenched classes at Studio Lagree in the City, she can be found sourcing her next coastal travel destination or rooftop spot for a boozy brunch. Shayna’s natural wanderlust spirit gets her into some pretty interesting situations, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kate Marshall @kmarsha11

Forever planning her next adventure, whether it’s to a new brunch spot in London or somewhere across the globe, Kate seeks experiences that get her out of her comfort zone and feed her soul. she is passionate about travel, food and checking out the latest fitness classes and events in London. She believes that balance is the key to a life of fulfilment, energy and wellbeing.

Rebekah Abdeen @rebekahabdeen

Originally from Newcastle, Rebekah’s journey in the fitness industry started back in 2008. You can find her at Core Collective, where she is Head of their Indoor ‘Cycle’ class. Rebekah is happiest on the indoor bike, where she likes to let loose up to 7 times per week. Outside of work, you’ll catch her knocking back Picante de la Casa’s at Electric House.

Sam Lewis @samlewis400

Since catching the travel bug, Sam’s feet have barely touched the ground. Her job at MailOnline allowed her to travel all over the world and most recently saw her spend a year in Australia. Now back in London and working as a freelance journalist, Sam already has itchy feet and her next stop will take her to India to train as a yoga instructor. Other things to know about Sam: she’s addicted to Acai bowls, could’t live without coffee and her favourite music to workout to is old school garage.


Alice Rickard @alicerickarpt

Alice is a personal trainer and co-founder of BSY. She is the queen of extreme, from throwing the hardest HIIT sessions in the gym to raving to the early hours when she gets the chance. A good bottle of white wine and a heavy leg day in the gym will calm her down.


Shara Tochia @sharatochia

Spin instructor by morning, co-founder of DOSE by day. Shara’s fitness favourites include a sweaty yoga class, reformer pilates, HIIT and spinning of course. Her Spotify list includes nothing but tracks you can spin to. She doesn’t go a day without eggs and avocado and travel is always on her mind! Dreams of Malbec and vodka cocktails.

Ian Steed @monkeypantsteed

Ian escaped the sleepy Suffolk countryside for London when he was 18. Twenty years on and his love affair with the city still burns bright. His obsession with fitness and his background in property development lead him to launch Maison De La Vaure, a luxury fitness and lifestyle retreat in Bordeaux. He divides his time between his French retreat, and his London home where he continues to discover the best the city has to offer, be that bars, restaurants or the latest fitness craze.

Ishbel Lohman

Ishbel Lohman @ishbelannie

Retail strategist by day, Ishbel loves flitting around London studios to break a proper sweat, or going on an adventure in the great outdoors. She’s especially happy when climbing rocks and surfing waves. A discerning foodie, Ishbel also loves sampling menus at the latest restaurants.



South-London based Lauren is an avid class go-er and fitness-lover. Fuelled by coffee and carbs, evenings and weekends are mostly spent travelling across London to try out the latest class or restaurant opening. She’s a fair-weather runner and cyclist with completely average yoga skills, but bold ambitions to master the ‘scorpion’…

Becky Cope @beckydoestheworld

A Londoner at heart, northerner by roots, Becky is a huge adventurer, so long as there is a boat to sail or mountain to climb. Her other passion is food, and lots of it. If she’s not in her kitchen creating culinary masterpieces, she can be found exploring the world finding her inspiration.

Cory @bitbeefy

For years a self-proclaimed fat kid, Cory found fitness boring and uninspiring until one day it clicked. “All I have to do is KEEP IT MOVING”, so that is what he did. “Beef” (as he’s also known) binned the day job and now spends his days coaching, hosting and snapping for Nike as well as running special events and classes at OneLDN and MinistryDoesFitness. He hasn’t given up on the food, like most he’s found his balance.