DOSE Writers



Hettie Holmes (@hettie.holmes)
Hettie is head of editorial content and co-founder of DOSE. Loves running, partial to a blast of high-intensity and hot yoga. A spa junkie at heart, she loves a sauna and the wild outdoors. Winds down with a full-bodied malbec.


Alice Rickard (@alicerickarpt)
Alice is a personal trainer and coach at Ministry Does Fitness. She is the queen of extreme, from throwing the hardest HIIT sessions in the gym to raving to the early hours when she gets the chance. A good bottle of white wine and a heavy leg day in the gym will calm her down.


Shara Tochia (@sharatochia)
Spin instructor by early morning, co-founder of DOSE by day. Shara’s fitness favourites include a sweaty yoga class, reformer pilates, HIIT & spinning of course. Her Spotify list includes nothing but tracks you can spin to. She doesn’t go a day without eggs and avocado and travel is always on her mind! Dreams of malbec & vodka cocktails.


North East London based LC achieves a balanced lifestyle through a love of HIIT, reformer pilates, and Negronis. When not getting her sweat on in a gym basement somewhere east of the City, LC can be found in one of London’s best drinking dens, enjoying a cocktail and planning her next travel adventure.



Leo Savage (@leosavage)
Ex rugby player turned personal trainer Leo works hard and plays equally as hard. In the gym with clients at 6am most mornings, he is a firm believer that your mindset plays a huge role in how you tackle each day. You’ll find him winding down with food (usually!)

Ishbel Lohman

Ishbel Lohman (@ishbelannie)
Loves flitting around London studios to break a proper sweat or an adventure in the great outdoors. Especially happy climbing rocks and surfing waves. The discerning foodie also loves sampling menus at the latest restaurants.

James Purdie

James Purdie (@jamesjolliffe)
Islington based James tries to spend as much time away from the office job as possible, indulging in all things food, vino and exercise. Coffee snob (the result of 9 years living in Sydney), loves of a bottle of red or a cheeky French Martini. He’s also a sports geek and qualified yoga instructor!


South-London based Lauren is an avid class go-er and fitness-lover, who constantly falls off the bandwagon. Fuelled by coffee and carbs, evenings and weekends are mostly spent travelling across London to try out the latest class or restaurant opening. She’s a fair-weather runner and cyclist with completely average yoga skills, but bold ambitions to master the ‘scorpion’…


Celine Tapp (@celinetapp)
Tries to balance her love of food, cocktails and all things nice by combining cardio workouts to shed unwanted pounds, yoga and Pilates to relax her overactive mind.  Variety is very much her spice for life and is always keen to try out new studios and fun ways to keep fit.  When not playing media guru by day or gym bunny by night in the big smoke, she likes nothing more than relaxing in the countryside and pottering around on horseback.


Natalie Morris (@nmozz)
Journalist and keen netball player. A bit of a gym-class floozy, she loves trying out any session with the word ‘intensity’ in the title – especially if there’s a Beyonce-based soundtrack. Fuelled by a heady mix of carbs, malbec and adrenaline, Nat burns off her excess energy on the court, on a spin bike or frolicking on Hampstead Heath.


Becky Cope (@beckydoestheworld)
Londoner at heart, northerner by roots. Becky is a huge adventurer, so long as there’s a boat to sail or mountain to climb. Becky’s other passion is food, and lots of it. If she’s not in her kitchen creating culinary masterpieces, she’s exploring the world finding her inspiration. Partial to a rave, Becky has been known to visit Ibiza three times in one year.