About DOSE

Tap into what feels good with DOSE – a pleasure seeker’s guide to wellness

DOSE is London’s leading online magazine for health and fitness. Their content is designed to entertain and capture the attention of urban, time poor readers with ideas for how to stay fit and healthy without missing out on London’s vibrant scene.

From endorphin fuelled workouts to wholesome brunches, candlelit yoga to “mindful” cocktails, DOSE believes that the secret to true wellbeing lies in the balance.

Ultimately what they are trying to lead their readers to is happiness, which is why they named their business after the happy hormones; Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphin.

Founded by Shara Tochia and Hettie Holmes, who spent the last six years launching wellness start-ups, they wanted to create a community where pleasure seeking and fitness could exist in the same space where feeling good takes priority over anything else.