About DOSE

DOSE is a wellness brand dedicated to improving your mood. We believe in hacking happiness naturally through doing things that make us feel good. We’re here to help you stay balanced.

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DOSE Mood Mists

What DOSE stands for

DOSE is an acronym for Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin & Endorphins –  hormones associated with feelings of positivity, pleasure, happiness, and love. We believe that our bodies already contain the formula for feeling good, it’s learning how to tap into these mood boosters – naturally.

Taking control of our moods

As we increasingly look for ways to take control of our health and happiness, the more we wish to educate ourselves about our hormones and the role they play in our health. Armed with more knowledge, we can take positive steps to improve their levels naturally, resulting in a happier mind and body.

We believe in the power of movement in helping us to release these natural mood boosters – why we seek out the best exercise to release endorphins and keep dopamine levels in check with an energising pre workout coffee and rewarding post workout brunchBut we also believe in keeping our oxytocin love hormone and serotonin levels in check too by getting in the rest and recovery zone with activities like breathwork, yoga and meditation. Some yin to balance out the yang.

We believe in a balanced lifestyle

At DOSE, we know what makes you feel good. From wine, workouts and fries to yoga and holistic highs. A philosophy we like to call “healthy hedonism”. It’s about balance, right? We seek out experiences that appeal to our passion for wellness and love of food.

It’s about finding a balance between what’s good for us and what feels good.

Some days we feel more like a HIIT class followed by brunch and bubbles, others a relaxing yoga class followed by a massage. We even wrote a book about it: The ultimate wellness guide for healthy hedonists in search of balance, which we launched in 2016 on Amazon. 

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