At DOSE, we believe in the magic of the stars and the stories they tell. We dive into spirituality, helping you navigate life’s path through the ancient wisdom of astrology. Discover the intuitive power of tarot cards, the guiding light of angel numbers, and the unique traits of zodiac signs.

Whether you’re a curious beginner or a seasoned soul-seeker, DOSE is here to enlighten, inspire, and connect. With our gifted authors like, Danelle Ferreira, Grace Gabriella, and Sarah Collins, the universe is never far away.

What DOSE stands for

DOSE stands for Destiny, Omens, Stars & Energies. These are core principles that guide our journey into astrology, tarot cards, numerology, and angel numbers. The universe communicates with patterns and signs. Here, we help you grasp and apply its guidance to your life.

Finding Balance with DOSE

Life is full of mysteries. At DOSE, we use stars, cards, and numbers to decode them. They guide us, showing us the way. We believe life is about balance: doing and resting, seeking and finding. Tarot gives clarity, numbers show patterns, and meditation brings peace. With astrology, we understand our path better. 


At DOSE, we don’t just observe the cosmos; we interact with it. We’re here to accompany you on this cosmic dance, making sure every step is in harmony. Embrace the journey, find your rhythm, and let DOSE be the tune that guides you.

Journey with DOSE

Life has its ups and downs. At DOSE, we connect you to the universe to find the balance between those. Whether you’re curious about tarot cards or seeking calm through meditation, we’re here to help. We blend the universe’s teachings with life’s simple pleasures.

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DOSE of Spirituality