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In the tapestry of Katrina's life, the celestial dance of stars beckoned to her from an early age through the pages of Linda Goodman's books, casting an enchanting spell on her curiosity. While her 20s wove a chapter in the glamorous modeling industry, the cosmic pull became too irresistible to ignore. In 2017, she decided to twirl into the mystical realms of astrology, enrolling in a short course that would forever alter the trajectory of her narrative.

Guided by the sagacious Rod Suskin, Katrina dived into a three-year celestial odyssey, navigating the constellations to unlock the secrets held in the astral patterns. The allure of astrology not only unveiled a profound understanding of the intricacies of human nature but also ignited an unexpected flame within her—the passion for translating the cosmic language into the written word.

Now, as an astrologer and wordsmith, Katrina's journey unfolds not only in the celestial spheres but also in the realm of helping others discover the rich tapestry of their own selves through the ancient and poetic art of astrology.