The Meaning Of The Seven of Swords Tarot Card

Seven of Swords Tarot Card

New to Tarot? Just pulled the Seven of Swords? If the resourceful Seven of Swords was pulled out of your deck and you want to know what this means, keep reading!

The Seven of Swords is either warning you that someone may be taking advantage of you or that you may be engaging in dishonest methods. The Seven of Swords warns that you should be careful and stay on the straight and narrow when using your wit.

The Seven of Swords is about being smart but using your intelligence for good. It can be easy to slip into deceptive methods when you’re trying to impress others or get ahead, but it’s not worth it in the long run to sacrifice your integrity

Want to know what else this card is wanting to share with you? Read on!

Key Facts

UprightResourcefulness, cleverness, dishonesty, working in silence, deceit, manipulation, cheating, theft,
ReversedHonesty, taking responsibility, starting fresh, coming clean, apologizing, forgiveness
Yes or NoNo
Astrological SignAquarius
Key Facts: The Seven of Swords Tarot Card

Upright Meaning of The Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords is a little nefarious! This card encourages finding a balance between achieving your objectives and staying true to yourself. Anyone can resort to deceit, but it’s more rewarding to focus on your abilities and resourcefulness to succeed.

When the Seven of Swords shows up, you might be dealing with themes of deceitstealth, and self-preservation. Be aware of who’s in your circle because someone might not have good intentions! 

Someone might be attempting to manipulate or deceive you now, so it’s key to trust your instincts and remain vigilantTune in to what’s going on around you, not just lip service from others!

This card also lets us know of the possibility of you or someone else being tempted to take shortcuts or use cunning methods to achieve goals. Heads up, it’s not worth it in the long run!

The upright Seven of Swords deeply urges you to consider the consequences of your actions before you do them and to rely on your skills and ingenuity to defeat challenges with your integrity intactDeceit might get you there faster, but at what cost?

Now that you know that you need to watch out for dishonesty, you can better protect yourself from those who would take advantage of you and make wiser choices of your own.
Upright Love
Upright Career
Upright Health Meaning
Dishonesty or deception in relationships; be cautious of hidden motivesWorkplace politics or taking a risky approach in your career; be careful of repercussionsAvoid self-deception or denial; address health issues honestly

Love and Relationships – Upright, The Seven of Swords

In romantic readings, the upright Seven of Swords tarot card could be alerting you to a lover or someone else with bad intentions. If you’re in a committed partnership, it suggests being cautious about potential deception or hidden truths. Watch for red flags!

Communication is key; make sure to talk openly and honestly with your partner to address concerns and build trust. If you have been noticing your partner acting suspiciously or pulling away, then this card could be warning you of a third party’s involvement.

If you’re single, the upright Seven of Swords wants to let you know that you should be vigilant when meeting potential lovers. Exciting encounters may come your way, but you should still take your time to get to know them. Make sure that their intentions are genuine and good!

You might also need to look in the mirror when this card appears. Are you being completely honest with your partner or yourself about how you’re approaching the relationship? If not, it’s time to make a change!

Career and Work – Upright, The Seven of Swords

When you see the upright Seven of Swords, you’ll figure out quickly that you need to be careful in your professional life. Whether it’s a coworker in competition with you, your boss holding a grudge, or even your own temptation to do something underhanded, watch out!

The Seven of Swords may suggest that someone is trying to take all the credit for your ideas or work, so double-check and make sure that you’ve protected your intellectual property. Make sure that your efforts are being recognized and acknowledged; you deserve it!

This card is also asking you to reevaluate how you’re showing up in the workplace. Are you being completely honest and transparent? Because if not, you could be heading for a shakeup that you’re not expecting. Be extra careful right now if you have a secret!

Health and Wellness – Upright, The Seven of Swords

Don’t cheat yourself out of your health! When you see the Seven of Swords here, he’s urging you to be more mindful of your physical and mental wellbeingstaying aware of potential health risks and deceptive practices that could sneak up on you.

You’re more likely to receive bad information or even deception at this time, so be aware of this and know that it could be beneficial to seek out multiple opinions when you’re trying to solve a medical problem. What one doctor misses, another might find!

Be proactive as well because the more dedicated you are to being your own advocate, the better! The more that you can speak up for yourself and let others know what you’ve learned while researching and experiencing the problem, the better.

The Upright Seven of Swords also wants you to be honest with yourself about your health. Are you avoiding facing certain issues or emotions? Because if you are, acknowledging and addressing these concerns might just lead to the healing you’re avoiding.

Spiritual Context – Upright, The Seven of Swords

In spirituality readings, the upright Seven of Swords wants you to engage in some self-reflection and a deeper understanding of your spiritual journey while being cautious of any deceptive spiritual practices or teachings that may not align with your true values.

Just like the material world, we can see deception present on the spiritual path as well, but make sure that you’re taking the time to discern what resonates with your soul and be mindful of any misleading influences.

The Upright Seven of Swords reminds you to be honest and authentic in spiritual pursuits. It’s not worth it to take shortcuts or to seek quick or easy enlightenment, as true spiritual growth often comes from embracing the process and learning from your experiences.

The Seven of Swords is deceptive, resourceful, and cunning instead of honest, at a loss, or ignorant.

Reversed Meaning of The Seven of Swords

When you see the Seven of Swords appear in reverse, he urges you to confront the truth and break free from deceitful behavior! It serves as a reminder that dishonesty and sneaky actions will only lead to negative consequences and damage trust in relationships.

Embracing this reversed meaning prompts you to be transparent and honest in your dealings with others. It calls for self-reflection, identifying areas where you might be deceiving yourself or others, and making amends for past issues.

The Seven of Swords reversed might even indicate that you’re being wasteful or not using all of the resources available to you, and because of this, you might be missing out on opportunities that you want for yourself. Don’t stand in your own way!

Reversed Love MeaningReversed Career MeaningReversed Health Meaning
Overcoming dishonesty or breaking free from toxic relationshipsFinding a more honest and straightforward approach to your careerHealing from self-deception or addressing health issues truthfully

Love and Relationships – Reversed, The Seven of Swords

In relationship readings, the reversed Seven of Swords advises you to let go of past deceptions and break free from lingering trust issues! When you finally embrace open communication and vulnerability with someone trustworthy, love can bloom. 

The reversed Seven of Swords urges you to leave behind deception and sneakiness and work towards rebuilding trust with another. It could also be a sign that it’s time to forgive and move forwardleaving behind the burden of past hurts. You don’t need to keep carrying it!

For those seeking new love, this card suggests being cautious but not too suspicious because no one wants to feel interrogated on the first date! Protect your heart, but don’t let a fear of betrayal prevent you from ever connecting with someone new.

Career and Work – Reversed, The Seven of Swords

In career readings, the Seven of Swords reversed might mean that someone is looking to apologize to you or to make amends for their behavior in the workplace, or you might be the one who needs to do the apologizing

In the workplace, the reversed Seven of Swords wants you to steer clear of unethical actions or dishonest behavior. Run the other direction, and instead focus on integritytransparency, and doing things the right way. Otherwise, you risk being caught up in a mess!

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed or burdened by past mistakes or office politics, this card urges you to let go of that baggage. Learn from any missteps and move forward with newfound wisdom and honesty.

Health and Wellness – Reversed, The Seven of Swords

When it comes to health, the reversed Seven of Swords reminds you that you can make changes for yourself, especially when it comes to letting go of emotional crutches and negative habits that are wearing on you.

The reversed Seven of Swords wants you to confront any unhealthy habits or self-destructive behaviors keeping you trappedBe honest with yourself about your physical and mental well-being because that’s the first step to getting better!

To those who have been neglecting their health, this is a wake-up call to put self-care back on the to-do list. It’s important to address any medical concerns and adopt a balanced lifestyle, encompassing good nutritionexercise, and mental relaxation.

Spiritual Context – Reversed, The Seven of Swords

When the Seven of Swords appears in reverse in a spiritual reading, you might be at a crossroads. Do you continue to try to convince yourself and others of a false narrative to try and fit in, or do you open up and be your genuine self?

The reversed Seven of Swords urges you to let go of spiritual dishonesty or self-deception and be more authentically yourself. Don’t pretend to be something you are not, and embrace your true self so that you can see genuine emotional growth and connection.

This card encourages you to release any negative energiesguilt, or past mistakes that might be holding you back spiritually. Once you can forgive yourself and others, you’ll be creating space for inner peace and enlightenment.

When the Seven of Swords is reversed, you’re being asked to be genuine, open, and honest about who you are and what you’re here to do.

The Seven of Swords: Yes or No

The Seven of Swords is a no, or letting you know that you need to be more resourceful in order to overcome a challenge. 

When dishonest or unethical decisions are being asked about, this card is a clear no. No shortcuts, no lies, and no skirting the rules

When you see this card appear in your yes or no reading, it’s important to make sure that you’re acting in your own best interest, and that’s with honesty and a pure heart. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for failure!

When the Seven of Swords is here, the answer is no, or find a way to be resourceful.

The Seven of Swords and Astrology

In astrology, the intuitive, dreamy Seven of Swords is associated with Aquarius. Ruled by Saturn and Uranus, Aquarius shares the same out-of-the-box thinking and individuality that the Seven of Swords champions.

The Seven of Swords’s energy will likely feel more natural to you if you’re an Aquarius and, similarly, if you are an air sign, as Gemini will understand resourcefulness and cleverness, while Libra will align with the desire to impress and wittiness.

The air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius will emotionally identify with the Seven of Swords!

The Seven of Swords and Numerology

In numerology, the Seven of Swords is represented by the number 77 represents growth, reflection, assessment, and patience. 

The number is holding themselves and everyone else to a higher standard, asking you to reach the same levels that they do, and not wanting to compromise on standards.

Patience, introspection, and wisdom follow along with the number 7, so don’t be afraid of diving deep emotionally and never give up, even when it gets difficult at times. 

Number 7 helps us pay attention to the details and be motivated to understand the world around us. 

The Seven of Swords as a Daily Card

When the Seven of Swords shows up as your daily card, it brings a message of vigilance and selfawareness. This card urges you to be cautious about potential deceit or hidden agendas with the people you meet throughout the day.

It serves as a reminder to trust your instincts and pay attention to any gut feelings or intuitive hunches that arise. Stay alert where people might not have your best interests at heart or who would encourage you to take shortcuts that compromise your integrity.

This card also encourages you to use your intelligence and wit to tackle challenges creatively. Use your big brain to think outside the box and find innovative solutions to obstacles without having to play dirty. Everyone could use a little creative thinking!

The Seven of Swords wants you to act with integrity and surround yourself with people who have the same good intentions.

The Seven of Swords in Relation to Other Cards

All tarot cards have other cards in the major and minor arcana that back them up by complementing their energy or that challenge them by contrasting their energy. Are you doubling down or finding a balance? Let’s find out!

  • Seven of Swords’s caution + The Fool’s recklessness A need to balance caution and risk and don’t make unnecessarily hasty decisions 
  • Seven of Swords’s manipulation + The Chariot’s speed Steer clear of manipulative actions or behaviors 
  • Seven of Swords’s hidden actions + The Tower’s upheaval A need to be honest and forthcoming about your actions and words
  • Seven of Swords’s dishonesty + Justice’s fairness A need to be treated fairly, to be judged accurately 
  • Seven of Swords’s deception + The Sun’s joy Helping someone to have fun even though you’re bending the truth or being joyful about something that isn’t as exciting

Complementary Cards

In tarot readings, understanding the complementary cards to The Seven of Swords can deepen its significance.

These may include the:

  1. The High Priestess: The Seven of Swords shares inner wisdomhidden emotions, and deep intuition with The High Priestess
  2. The Moon: The Seven of Swords has the same powerful emotionintuition and hidden truths as The Moon
  3. The Chariot: The Seven of Swords has a shared determination and focused action that keeps him learning and growing with the Chariot
  4. Seven of Cups: The Seven of Swords shares uncertaintyconfusion, and instability, with the Seven of Cups
  5. The Magician: The Seven of Swords has a similar creativity, resourcefulness, and desire to be authentic like the The Magician

Contrasting Cards

When examining The Seven of Swords in tarot readings, understanding the contrasting cards can provide a balanced perspective.

These may include the:

  1. Justice: The Seven of Swords isn’t as fair or accountable as Justice, indicating a need for justice to be served
  2. The Sun: The Seven of Swords isn’t as joyful or honest as the Sun, indicating a need to balance childlike wonder and fun with maturity
  3. The Empress: The Seven of Swords isn’t as nurturing or emotionally abundant as The Empress, indicating a need to be a little more kind or empathetic
  4. The Hierophant: The Seven of Swords isn’t as traditional or limited as the Seven of Swords, indicating a need to free yourself more or to rein it in a little.
  5. The Hermit: The Seven of Swords isn’t as introspective or honest with themselves as the Hermit, indicating a need to do some real self-reflection

When the Seven of Swords is with a complementary card, it might be telling you to go for it, but in a specific way! If a card in the Seven of Swords is with a contrasting card, figure out what needs balancing out.


The Seven of Swords wants you to be someone trustworthy and honest and to hold onto your integrity with an iron grip. This can make you vulnerable to people with bad intentions, especially when you are trying to see the best in everyone.

Avoid deception when you see this card, and navigate your path with authenticity, but also make sure that you’re paying attention to opportunities around you now. If you’re not paying attention, they might just slip away!

The Seven of Swords is waiting to help you make wiser choicesgrow from your past mistakes, and become a better version of yourself. Now, all he needs is you!


What does the Seven of Swords tarot card mean?

The Seven of Swords represents deception, trickery, and dishonesty. It suggests that someone may be acting in a sneaky or manipulative manner.

What does it symbolize in a tarot reading?

This card symbolizes the need for caution and vigilance. It warns against being too trusting and advises you to be aware of potential deceit or betrayal.

What does it indicate in a relationship reading?

In a relationship reading, the Seven of Swords suggests that there may be hidden agendas or secrets present. It advises you to be cautious and to trust your instincts.

What does it mean in a career reading?

In a career reading, the Seven of Swords indicates that there may be office politics or hidden agendas at play. It advises you to be cautious and to protect your interests.

What does it represent in a personal development reading?

In a personal development reading, the Seven of Swords signifies the need to be honest with yourself and others. It encourages you to confront any deceptive behaviors or attitudes.

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