First Quarter Moon on March 17: 3 Zodiac Signs Ready for Action

On March 17, during the First Quarter Moon, Sarah Brownlee identifies three zodiac signs primed for action. 🌓 Tune in to discover which signs are set to harness this dynamic phase, ready to spring into motion and seize the opportunities it brings. 🚀

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As the First Quarter Moon arrives in Cancer, this is a powerful time to launch a project, a connection, or launch yourself forward!

The time of contemplating and thinking is over. You know now what must be done. Prepare for high energy and heated moments, which may result in possible clashes, but ultimately, they will be for the better good.

Exposure is a big theme under this energy. Revelations will come into the open and cause everyone to think differently. As uncomfortable as the initial process may be, you will be glad for how things panned out in the long term.

Somehow, you will be propelled to take action. You may have something you wish to get off your chest, you may issue a rallying cry to those around you, or you may finally stand up for yourself in a professional or personal relationship.

However this energy manifests, it will undoubtedly lead to powerful action. For three signs in particular, this action is especially revealing.


Things are changing rapidly for you and you may find yourself propelled into a rather unexpected position. But follow your gut because the time is right. The more you follow your intuition, the more you easily glide through everything. No matter what opposition or backlash you receive, this matters as long as you follow your heart. You can rise above any challenge if you stay true to yourself.


There have been great changes for you, and you are beginning to see their development. You may feel compelled to join a cause or assist someone in theirs. The fire within you has been lit and you are ready to act. You understand the importance of calculating your steps and recognizing where obstacles lie. This is a powerful time for causes and teamwork and the beginning stages are in motion for you.


This First Quarter Moon falls in your sign and you may feel especially sensitive now. Conflicts will arise if feelings are hurt, so it’s important to have a happy balance. Engaging with others can bring true enlightenment and a deeper understanding of others’ positions. You are likely to feel driven towards a cause or relationship or hobby that is calling out to you. Follow the power of your instincts as they are especially strong today. Don’t doubt yourself, but be open to hearing all sides.