Tarot March 20th 2024: Leading with Wisdom with the King of Swords 

On March 20th, 2024, Grace Gabriella offers a Tarot reading to guide you in leading with wisdom, featuring the King of Swords. 🗡️ Gain insights into making decisions with clarity and authority, embodying the intellectual and communicative prowess of this commanding tarot figure. 👑

Welcome to your unique March 20th tarot message!

The King of Swords is a king of intellect, wit, and mental power, as well as communication, discernment, and self-authority. Higher personal and universal truths come with the King of Swords.

What Does the King of Swords Symbolism Represent?

The card depicts a king sitting on his throne facing forward with a look of discernment and self-authority. He’s ready to confront anything life throws at him, signifying problem-solving.

In his right hand is a sword, the hand of the conscious, rational, and analytical mind, and points it upright and to the left, his subconscious and intuitive mind. He’s primarily intellectual with intuitive influences.

He’s wearing a blue tunic, symbolic of truth, wisdom, and memory, as well as self-knowledge, inspiration, and the free flow of thoughts and ideas. His cape is purple, representing the Third Eyevision, intuition, subtle perception, nobility, and wisdom.

Butterflies decorate the back of his throne, similar to the Queen of Swords, symbolizing transformation. There’s also crescent moons and an angel near his left ear, providing him with subtle, imaginative, and subconscious guidance.

Finally, there are trees behind him, the clouds have settled, and the wind from the previous swords cards has settled, a sign of mental clarity and stability, moreover overcoming confusion.

1. Self-Authority and Intellectual Power


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The King of Swords brings the message of tapping into amazing intellectual power today. But, unlike many of the swords cards, it’s not just about logic and intellect. The King is the patriarch, the top of the throne.

So, the added dimension of self-authority, self-leadership, and ultimate presence accompanies such “mental” abilities and themes. He is powerful, an excellent communicator and problem-solver, and self-aligned to higher truth.

Truth merges with self-knowledge and wisdom. The blue and purple themes of his dress code represent the Throat and Third Eye chakras, two of the upper energy centers linking to the higher mind and Higher Self.

This brings prestige, authority, social status, intuition, psychic gifts, clarity, subconscious wisdom, power, and fine-tuned imaginative, innovative, and intellectual skills. He is witty! But also imaginative.

He’s cerebrally gifted, a real problem-solver, and always ready to face a challenge. These themes are showing up in your life now; what are you going to do with the wisdom?! Intellect and wit can be harmonized with intuitive and imaginative gifts now.

The perfect left brain-right brain synergy is available with this king; the subconscious and conscious minds merge and unify. He is a master of intellect, logic, and wit, just as he draws from intuition and subtle forces.

2. Seeking Professional Wisdom

This tarot energy portrays the neeed for expert or professional guidance. Seeking a mentor, elder, guide, master-teacher, or expert, in othr words; or becoming one. You might be moving ahead to expert or teacher level!

Professional expansion and growth are on the horizon, therefore it’s important to fine-tune your gifts and abilities. Psychological connection favors emotional or spiritual bonding with this king, however this doesn’t mean you can’t be balanced.

For example, as a guide or mentor, you may offer advice based on your evolved intuition coupled with analytical powers of persuasion or communication. As opposed to emotional intelligence, spiritual insight, and so on.

Alternatively, you’re being guided to come to terms with the leadership positions you have in your life. There’s a strong level of boldness, originality, and individuality with the King of Swords.

Fearlessness replaces insecurity, so examine any lingering insecurities you may be holding onto. The universe wants you to let go of insecurities, fears, and doubts! Replace them with something more positive, moreover discerning and rational.

The sky is clear with no clouds causing confusion in this swords card, the only swords card not to show clouds. Illusions are being seen through. You’re getting to the root of mistruth, deception, or misinformation.

3. Trust In Facts and Qualifications

A key piece of advice to take note of is to trust in facts and figures, as well as real-world qualifications. Social titles and prestige are included in this. The King of Swords is discerning with sound judgment beyond belief!

He sees through BS and only trusts in expertise wisdom and guidance, from professionals and those who can offer rational and reasonable opinions or perspectives.

This signifies not getting caught up in emotions or overly idealistic visions and notions. Be grounded and practical while staying open to idealistic and imaginative ideas. There is certainly a level of intuitive “flow” present, but rationality takes precedence.

Legal and financial issues could be showing up for you now in your current life chapter. One key thing to be aware of is the way you react to such matters- sometimes, life is unpredictable change is a universal truth.

It’s the way you respond to such struggles and challenges that shape your character. This is the cosmic theme today. Practicalities and responsibilities harmonized with all the mental gifts mentioned should be your focus.

4. Shadow Healing with the King of Swords. Be mindful Of:

  • Manipulation, deception, and the misuse of power!
  • Misaligned with your truth, core, and being- getting pulled into the chaos, games, and distractions or stories of others.
  • Allowing emotions and feelings to take over rationality and logic; the focus is on analytical and intellectual thinking right now.
  • Seeking control over others, or having others control you, through social status, fame, or authority.

Let Spirit Soar Through You While Staying Logical and Rational With the King of Swords

Independence, taking back your power, and standing strong in your truth could be a key theme for many of you, specifically anyone who’s recently been in a cycle of disempowerment. From work to home life or love to soul-searching, you’re returning back to your center.

Swords may be linked to the air element, yet they also represent spirit- the free flow of consciousness and ideas. Stay receptive to divine sources of inspiration, in addition to intellectual themes and gifts.


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