Was MH370’s Fate Written in the Stars? Astrologers Reveal Jaw-Dropping Insights!

Uncover the truth with astrologer Danelle Ferreira as she decodes Flight MH370's baffling vanishing act! 🌟 Explore the astrological chart of March 8, 2014, where planetary alignments and numerological hints intertwine. Will 2024 be the year we finally unlock the secrets of aviation's biggest puzzle? 🔍✈️

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It was the night of March 8, 2014, 40 minutes past midnight. The night loomed dark that day, spring flowers still atop branches with a slight mist in the air when the Malaysian international flight, Flight MH370, started on its ill-fated journey from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing, China. It was last heard on March 8, 2014, at 1:19 A.M.

Despite extensive search and investigations, the 227 passengers and 12 crew members’ whereabouts are still unknown. While traditional investigative methods have given us some answers, could the stars and constellations provide a fresh view of the greatest aviation mystery of all time?

What does the Planetary Alignments on March 8 2014 tell us about MH370?

March 8, 2014, saw a mix and match of planetary alignments that had significant ramifications from the Astrological point of view. At the time of MH370’s departure, the different planetary alignments painted an astounding picture with real astrological significance.

The alignments during the departure of MH370 were marked by the Sun, representing vitality and life, placed over the mystical and detached Pisces. Neptune, the Planet of dreams, illusion and transcendence, rules Pisces. This arrangement is generally linked to the themes of mystery and detachment. These may have led to ambiguity and uncertainty regarding the flight’s trajectory due to its positioning.

During this time, Mercury, the Planet in charge of communication and travel, was in retrograde. Retrograde phases are infamous for misunderstandings, technical difficulties, and communication breakdowns. Mercury’s retrograde motion contributed to some of the communication difficulties or misunderstandings encountered by MH370.

Furthermore, the Astrological disciplinarian, Saturn, was over the transformative Scorpio. Saturn in Scorpio represents learning from past experiences, introspection, and discovering unspoken truths. Its impact might have added to the deep and enduring mystery surrounding the MH370.

Was there any Numerological significance to MH370’s disappearance?

08.03.2014 was the doomed date that still grabs headlines all over the world because of MH370. With 8’s presence on the date of disappearance of the flight, a profound numerological observation has been put forth by numerologists. The number 8 is generally linked to karmic teachings, fate, and strength in numerology. Its impact implies that MH370’s disappearance was part of a greater story than a coincidental incident.

The number eight is also frequently used as a metaphor for infinity and balance, signifying the cyclical nature of life and death. It also represents challenges that put one’s grit and resilience to the test. In relation to MH370, it implies that the plane’s disappearance was destined to have profound effects and lessons for humanity.

Could Astrological Alignments Hold the Key to Finding MH370?

With Ocean Infinity, a Texas-based company, offering a “No cure, no fee” proposal to the Malaysian Government to renew the search in the Southern Indian Ocean where the plane was supposed to have crashed, new hopes are still on the horizon.

The planetary alignments provide intriguing insights as we move through 2024, and some astrologers think they may have information that could lead to the discovery of the aircraft. The transit of Jupiter, the planet of growth and discoveries, creating a favourable journey to Saturn, the emblem of organization, may also fare well for the discovery of the flight after 10 long years.

One interpretation of this celestial interaction could be a prod toward discovering long-forgotten truths. Furthermore, Pluto’s rejuvenating energy, renowned for revealing secrets, is also very active this year, which may mean that long-buried mysteries may come to light.

While the astrological lens does not provide a definitive answer, it offers a glimmer of hope and a unique perspective, suggesting that the universe might yet align in a way that leads to an answer to one of modern world’s most perplexing mysteries.

Summing Up

The mysterious loss of MH370 has captured the interest of people all around the world and prompted research and speculation from a variety of angles. The mystery remains unsolved, with a new conspiracy theory being established almost every minute on Reddit.

Even though the March 8, 2014, planetary alignments and further astrological observations reveal fascinating new perspectives on the astrological forces at work. Nonetheless, the search for answers and closure continues despite redoubled efforts to find the aircraft and continuing astrological interpretations that raise the possibility of fresh findings. The alignment of the stars and the  universe might yet solve aviation’s longest-standing mystery.


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