Spring Equinox March 20th: 3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Shine Brightly

Sarah Brownlee highlights three zodiac signs set to shine brightly with the Spring Equinox on March 20th. ☀️ Discover which signs will bask in the renewing energy of the season, ready to blossom and radiate their best selves as days grow longer and nature awakens. 🌸

In the first stages of the Spring Equinox, the seasonal changes are having profound effects on us, spiritually, physically and mentally.

Health is a big focus at this time. We are being called to pay closer attention to our health and acknowledge ways that our lifestyle is affecting us negatively.

We live in a world where stress is common. The lifestyles that so many of us lead are not suited to our bodies. Self-care is essential, but the pressures of the outside world take their toll on us.

The Moon is in Leo and it encourages us to take a stand against anything which is bringing negative energy into our lives. When we live in a state of mindfulness, we find it easier to identify which areas of our life are bringing us disharmony. Then we can work on improving it.

Here are three zodiac signs that are being called to shine brightly today.


It’s been a topsy-turvy time for you, Libra, and you may have been alternating between bursts of positivity, to moments of less enthusiasm, simply because of your environment. The key to maintaining a state of positive energy is to practice positive thoughts regularly so that nothing and no one can disturb your inner peace.

You have learned, often the hard way, that to stay happy takes practice and requires hard work. The more you succeed in this, the more your inner light shines and it spreads far and wide.


The path ahead is clearer for you and after a few shocking experiences, you’re now able to see things with greater clarity. Sometimes, you may feel disheartened but when this happens, it’s time to retreat and remind yourself of all the wonderful things in this world.

You have the ability to tap into the consciousness around you and you are deeply spiritual and psychic in nature. When you are able to maintain this balance within and tap into this energy, you become a guiding light in this world. Practicing meditation is a wonderful way for you to maintain balance and find a deeper sense of awareness within.


The Spring Equinox brings you a fresh perspective as you are to let go of the thoughts that no longer serve you. You have a desire to start something new. This could mean building new connections, taking up a new hobby, or exploring new places.

However it manifests, it is your time to shine and just enjoy what life has to happen. When you are happy, the world becomes brighter. Sometimes you can have a tendency to sink into negative thinking but you can also change this if you want to. Practicing positive thoughts leads to positive experiences so start now, and remember that anything you dream, you can have it!


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