Mercury Retrograde Conjunct Mars on December 25: 3 Zodiac Signs to Feel Intense Energy

🌌 December 25th unleashes a stellar spectacle as Mercury Retrograde collides with Mars. 🌟 Find out if your zodiac is among the three facing a thrilling energy surge. 🎢 Brace for a cosmic rollercoaster that's set to redefine your year's end!

The Full Moon of December has arrived and this is an especially powerful emotional Moon that is bound to bring some intense feelings to the surface.

The Moon is the ruler of Cancer and when the Full Moon appears in this sign, it’s all about feelings. Logic and reason goes out the window in many cases and the heart is laid bare for all to see.

Moon in Cancer people are especially sensitive, emotional and feelings-oriented. They are highly empathetic people who often absorb other people’s emotions. Moon in Cancer people feel everything on an extremely deep level and they are incredibly caring, creative and intuitive.

When the Full Moon goes into Cancer, we are more in tune with our emotions, sensitivity and emotions. This is the first Full Moon following the winter solstice. Under the light of this Full Moon, we finally see the truth.

We gain clarity about how we truly feel. If we have been living a lie we begin to see things for what they truly are. If we have been denying what we really want or the authenticity of our existence, it is brought to our attention, clearly and plainly.

Inner guidance and insight is at its strongest during this Full Moon. If you tune into yourself, everything will become clear to you. Matters that have confused you will find clarity.

The Capricorn Sun will help you understand the depths of your emotions and show you where you are stuck in life. It will help you find the determination to plan for the future and find ways that you can deal with unresolved issues or troubles.

5 Zodiac Signs Finding Emotional Fulfillment

These 5 signs will experience profound changes and enlightenment under this Full Moon:

  1. Libra: This energy has a lot to do with you discovering yourself and who you want to be. There is a lot of emphasis on finding the balance between who you want to be and who you are. When you look deep enough, you will find they are one and the same. You may find yourself reconstructing your relationships, setting boundaries, letting others know what you want, and moving away from the tendency to people-please. It is time to do what works for you.
  2. Sagittarius: Letting go can be difficult at times but you are faced with choices under this Full Moon and it is time to set these choices down firmly and make a decision. There is only so long that you can stall. Searching deep within your heart and making a clear plan of what needs to change is advisable but the universe is going to show you where you stand with the enlightenment and experiences that come to you at this time. Trust that the universe is looking out for you.
  3. Cancer: This is a deeply profound time for you emotionally. Nostalgia is very powerful for you under this Full Moon and you may find yourself delving into your past to make sense of your present. Someone from your past may also reappear during this time, which will be karmic. There is unfinished business that needs closure. Listen to what your intuition is telling you. It is extremely potent and will not lead you astray.
  4. Capricorn: Your emotions are likely to come flooding to the surface at this time so don’t be surprised if you find yourself blurting out your innermost feelings – possibly to whoever is there to listen! You might feel a little amazed by the end of it but a deep sense of relief will take over. This is also an excellent time for you to cleanse your home and release anything you no longer need. Anything you have been hoarding that no longer serves its purpose needs to go.
  5. Pisces: Watch out for becoming emotionally unpredictable and moody under this Cancer Full Moon. You may feel a need to avoid facing up to things and clinging too tightly to what you know must go. Be open and honest with yourself. Write in your journal or talk to a trusted friend about how you really feel. The more you face these feelings, the more you will find clarity and wisdom. Everything must be faced in the end. Let this Full Moon guide you into the New Year where a fresh start awaits you.

Change is Coming

This Full Moon paves the way for powerful change but ultimately it is up to you if you want to enact change or stay where you are.

We are often pushed outside of our comfort zone in order for us to grow spiritually. The wheel always turns. Nothing stays the same. This is the cycle of life as we know it.

Our emotions provide an inner guidance system to let us know which direction to go in. But in the end, the choice is always down to us.

You are given the opportunity to shed your shell under this lunar energy. Now you can shine a light on where you have build a shell of protection around yourself. The fear of being hurt, the fear of being judged, the fear of appearing vulnerable – all of it comes to the forefront under this Full Moon and you are left with a choice.

Do you stay hidden behind your shell, protected from the world but missing out on new experiences and opportunities being offered to you? Or do you break out of your shell and venture forth into the unknown?

The choice is yours.


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