Mercury Retrograde Enters Sagittarius on December 23: 3 Zodiac Signs Revisiting Old Goals

🔙 Mercury's Backspin in Sagittarius: Time to Dig Up Those Old Bucket Lists! 🌟 💭 Remember those goals you shelved? It's the perfect moment to bring them back to life! 🚀

The words ‘Mercury retrograde’ may strike fear into people’s hearts at times due to the errors, confusion and miscommunication that may occur under this transit, but the truth is, taking a different perspective and seeing it as an opportunity for growth is a great idea – because it is.

A retrograde Mercury is not all glitching technology and communication problems. It provides the perfect time to sit back, reflect and really think about the way things are going.

More than any other time, it gives us the chance to bring ourselves into the Now. To savour the present and understand how the present is truly all that exists. The acknowledgement of this is the fastest way to inner peace – something many of us struggle to find due to the chaotic nature of our daily lives.

Mercury has been retrograding since December 12th in Capricorn but on 23rd December it moves into fiery mutable sign, Sagittarius.

What Does This Retrograde Mean?

So what does this mean?

There is a real sense of restlessness attached to Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius. It’s as if you’re itching to get moving onto the next stage of your life, but time isn’t on your side or delays are causing frustration. An inner knowing that change is coming but an absence of its manifestation can result in confusion and impatience.

The retrograde aspect brings a fogginess and uncertainty. Collectively, the planet is in the process of going through a huge transition and everyone is feeling it on some level.

Sagittarius wants to get moving and can be impatient when it comes to the smaller details. Anxiety may crop up if the path forward is not clear.

Therefore, it’s important to keep a good balance within at this time. It’s easier than usual to fall off balance under this retrograde.

The need to achieve recognition, embrace happiness, forge exciting connections and broaden your horizons is extremely powerful under this fiery retrograde. So if you do find yourself feeling down, focus on where these areas are feeling stifled in some way.

An example of this type of energy: You might be sitting at home in the same routine you have every day. You’ve finished work, preparing your dinner, about to sit down and watch your favourite show, but something just keeps niggling away at you.

The routine feels off. The dinner feels off. Even your favourite show feels off!

You have an urge to do something but you don’t even know what it is. Do you want to ring up a friend and go out? Is it time to set some intentions for the new year? Do you want to get dressed up and check out a local venue where you can meet new people?

This is the type of energy this retrograde has and it will last until January 1. So if you do feel a sense of restlessness, don’t despair. Everything will fall into place at the right time.

3 Zodiac Signs to Revisit Old Goals

For 3 signs in particular, the desire to revisit old goals is going to be especially powerful:


This is a very powerful time for Sagittarius as you are going through a pretty intense period of change between now and the next few weeks. Nostalgia is likely to creep up on you. You may find yourself reminiscing on old times and wondering how things would have turned out if you had done things differently. This is not a time for regret so if you get any of those thoughts, push them to the side. There is an exciting future ahead of you. It can be scary stepping into the unknown but this is what you are all about – you are the adventurer of the zodiac and it is time to remind yourself of this! Take the lessons from the past and see how you can do things differently in the future. You are being given the chance to do things differently this time around. The wisdom of experience shines within you.


The more you balance yourself during this energy, the more you will experience the benefits of it. You may find your routine going haywire. Maybe you’ll go through slumps where you don’t feel motivated to do anything at all. This stems from a sense of paralysis on an emotional level which could be due to unresolved conflicts. The key here is to carefully analyse the past and ask yourself how you can move into the future – the future you want. Meditation and wearing crystals such as rose quartz are especially beneficial for you. You know what you need to do to balance yourself. You may be thinking about past relationships and ways in which they have shaped you. Remember, the past is the past. What happened then does not have to go with you into the future. You can be who you want to be and do what you want to do.


For this fixed water sign, nostalgia is very powerful during this transit and it is the perfect time to engage in journaling and thinking about ways you can manifest the future you want in 2024. Creative works you may have put to the backburner earlier this year are likely to rise to the surface again. The universe will send you signs and let you know when something is trying to get your attention. The more you pay attention to these signs, the more you will navigate these waters with ease. You have a powerful creativity and it is time to own it, make it yours and let the world see what you can do.

Don’t Let the Past Define You. Let it Help Guide You

We understand the power of nostalgia more than ever under this transit but Sagittarius energy is urging us to step outside of our comfort zone and go where the wind takes us.

In what ways are you stuck in your comfort zone? In unhealthy thought patterns or habits that are standing in your way? This is what this energy asks you to look at.

You have a unique gift to offer to this world and as we reach the end of the year, you are encouraged to reach within, find it, grasp it and let it expand. The power of self-belief is all we need to make our dreams come true.