Moon Conjunct Mars in Aquarius on March 8: 3 Zodiac Signs Activating Ambitions

"Get Ready to Ignite Your Drive with Sarah Brownlee! 🔥 On March 8th, when the Moon meets Mars in Aquarius, three zodiac signs will find their ambitions skyrocketing. 🌟 Join us as we explore this cosmic push and what it means for your fiery aspirations! 🚀"

It’s Friday! The start of the weekend heralds an exciting alignment between La Luna and our fierce planet of passion, Mars.

When the Moon and Mars meet, there are three things in particular you’ll feel: strong, sexy and brave.

So take advantage of this energy because if there was ever a time to take that leap of faith, whether it’s pushing for that promotion, or asking that cute shop assistant out for a date, or whisking your loved one away for a surprise dinner, or just embracing the wonderful being that is you by treating yourself to your own weekend adventure – well, now is the time to do it.

In other words, this is not the weekend to be cooped up, doing the same old routine, or beating yourself up over negative thoughts or experiences which didn’t go the way you planned. No time is ever good for that, really, but with Moon conjunct Mars, it is probably the worst time to do it.

Furthermore, it’s in Aquarius and this is the sign that marches to the beat of its own drum. Aquarius just doesn’t care what anyone else thinks (just look at that wonderfully eccentric Aquarius Rising who looks, dresses and says whatever they want!) 

So if you’ve been thinking about coloring your hair that wild color, do it. If you’ve been wanting to write that social media post but hadn’t yet dared to, do it. If you’d wanted to spill your feelings for months to that special someone, do it.

You are the maker of your own destiny. You beat your own drum. Moon conjunct Mars is here to remind you of that.

3 Zodiac Signs to Activate Their Ambitions

For three signs in particular, this energy is especially powerful.


This is one of the most potent go-getting times of year for you, Aquarius. If ever there was a time to take that leap of faith, it’s now. Fortune is working in your favor and you can’t go wrong. Even if you fail, at least you failed while daring greatly. Nonetheless, you will be very proud of yourself for your efforts and you will inspire others to do the same. So put on your favorite outfit, get out there, and let the world see what you can do!


It all might be a little hot to handle for you, Aries, but let’s just say that sex appeal is practically oozing out of you. Batting away those hordes of admirers may be somewhat of a struggle because, let’s face it, there’s simply not enough of you to go around. However, transmuting this energy into something powerful and long-lasting certainly works in your favor. Sexual energy is also creative energy and your creative goals can manifest easily when you turn this energy towards them. Plus, don’t be surprised if a relationship starts to bloom or a new connection deepens this weekend. There’s a lot of exciting energy in the air for you so go with the flow and enjoy!


Ah Pisces! It looks like your social circle is widening and this is a pretty exciting time for forging new connections. You may just meet someone that leads to something pretty thrilling further down the line or a like-minded soul may share your passions and interests, leading to the formation of a team that could make a real difference in the long-term. With the Moon moving into your sign later today, your emotions may be spilling out all over the place and you are reminded of what truly matters to you. If you get the urge to go on that sudden road trip or to visit a place you hadn’t been to in a while, go for it. That’s your inner being calling to you and these moments can only lead to greater satisfaction and enlightenment.

Embrace the Energy of Moon Conjunct Mars

Let’s just say that this is no ordinary weekend – not if you don’t want it to be, at least! It’s all down to you. That’s the power of free will. The intuitive Moon meets with fiery Mars and it is here that we feel our sense of passion rising from deep within. 

It is from this passionate spark that our creativity is born, that love flows freely, that we heal from past emotional wounds, and where new beginnings start to take seed.

Potential. This is the word of the day. The question to ask yourself now is, how will my potential manifest today? It’s time to unlock that inner power.