Moon Conjunct Taurus on March 12: How Your Zodiac Sign Can Find Harmony With Others Today

As the Moon enters Taurus on March 12, Astrologer Sarah Brownlee is here to help you find harmony with those around you. She'll break down how this celestial shift affects each zodiac sign, guiding you towards peaceful and productive interactions today. Get ready for a day of grounded energy and relational ease with Sarah's expert insights. 🌙✨

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There are big changes afoot and we first wish to start off by addressing change itself.

Change can be scary or exciting, depending on the type of person you are. Depending on its nature, it can be traumatic or it can be invigorating.

But change, all change, is a symbol of spiritual progression, whether it is representing us as individuals or the world at large.

One thing that is pretty consistent with change is disharmony. Conflict, strife and difficulties in relationships are ever-present. When conflict arises, our first instinct is either fight or flight. 

But there is another path – empathy.

To disassociate oneself from one’s vigorous position where one takes a line of, “This is what I think and that’s all that matters!” can be difficult, especially as we live in an era where it is becoming increasingly challenging to put a viewpoint across without someone disliking it so intensely that they try to shut it down.

But to see things from another point of view, to still respect them and to, above all, work together to find harmony represents true achievement.

Today, this Moon in Taurus encourages us to find grounding. It asks us to find balance, especially in the realm of relationships and connections with others. It urges us to reconnect with our bodies and truly feel what our inner selves are saying.

Read on to find out the special advice for your zodiac sign today.

*These horoscopes apply to both Sun and Rising Signs*

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius ~ Fire

You are in the midst of a transition process and this lunar energy calls you to pay attention to your physical health. Positive energy is everything. When you choose to think positive you will feel positive. When you feel positive, your cells react and your body naturally becomes healthier, lighter and happier.

It all starts from the mind. Get out among nature, think about the things that make you happy, focus on the good in life. Under this lunar energy, you will find it easy to separate the negatives from the positives.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn ~ Earth

There is much power in your ability to make a distinction between the way you feel and the way you think at this time. You are immersing yourself in the small pleasures of life and the deeper meaning to this is that you are forming a closer relationship with who you truly are. This shift in perspective will bring greater enlightenment and awareness.

Today, speaking to loved ones about past memories or engaging in nostalgic moments where you look back on the way your life has been will lead to extraordinary realizations. The important thing is not to be hard on yourself. Life is a learning experience and regret serves little purpose other than to hold you back.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius ~ Air

Today brings the opportunity for new experiences and wonderfully enlightening conversations between you and others. This lunar energy helps you to reconnect with the truest essence of who you are. Spending time grounding yourself in the earth and meditating is a wonderful way to connect with yourself.

A burst of energy is likely to come to you today and this will bring new creative ideas. The Spring Equinox approaches and this is a powerful time for starting afresh so go with the impulses you get!

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces ~ Water

A beautifully harmonious energy is making its way to you and the ability to find peace among the chaos is granted to you today. Whatever trials or issues you face, today you can find solace in enjoying a deeper connection with yourself and building bridges with others where previously there had been discord.

Past friendships may arise from the ashes and form a new and strengthened tie. You are able to see things with greater clarity now and find a balance in areas of your life that you had been struggling with. Health is of the utmost importance now and you are encouraged to look at ways you can change your daily routine to provide a healthier and better regime for you.