Moon Enters Virgo on December 31: 4 Zodiac Signs Finding Practical Solutions

December 31 brings a cosmic twist with the Moon entering Virgo! 🌙♍️ Four zodiac signs gear up for a wave of practicality and smart solutions. Curious if you're one of them? Dive in and discover how to harness this earthly energy for everyday wins! 🌟🛠️

It’s New Year’s Eve and this is a time when we reflect on all that we have gone through this past year and consider how we want to move forward into the future.

What is it that we need to let go of? How do current habits or mindsets no longer serve us? We are always changing, always evolving. In what ways have we discovered our greatest potential and also our greatest obstacles? Have we found what we truly want in life?

These are all questions we can ask ourselves before 2024 draws in. The last week has been an intense time astrologically. The universe has been conspiring to propel us into the future, helping us realise who we truly are and what we really want out of life.

In Chinese Astrology, 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit. The Rabbit correlates to the sign of Pisces in the Western Zodiac and highlights a year full of spirituality and self-discovery. Pisces is a deeply spiritual sign that looks beyond what is tangible and seeks a deeper meaning to life and oneself.

You have likely discovered much about yourself and the life you want to lead in the future. However, 2024 is all about setting the groundwork for it to happen.

The musing is over. It is time for action.

Moon in Virgo on New Year’s Eve

As it stands, New Year’s Eve finds the Moon moving into Virgo, the most practical sign of all. This sign is also Pisces’ opposite sign and the two can learn a lot from each other. A Virgo out of balance is someone so focused on physical reality that they reject spiritual notions. A Pisces out of balance is someone who veers into escapism at every opportunity because they do not want to face the reality of life.

Learning the benefits from one another helps them to become well-grounded individuals who can manifest their dreams in the physical world.

Four zodiac signs in particular will feel the power of this Virgo Moon as we begin to navigate our way through a brand new year.

4 Zodiac Signs Finding Practical Solutions

  1. Libra: You’ll find yourself in a busy bee position this New Year’s. Revelations just keep coming in, don’t they? But as challenging as some of them have been, they are all designed to help you get where you need to be. Under this Virgo Moon, write down a list of how you can accomplish your heart’s desire. Perhaps a new workout regime or redecorating your home or trying out new methods to help bring forth the brand new you. Exciting times lie ahead for you. Spread your wings and prepare to fly. You have become a butterfly!
  2. Virgo: For you, it’s very much a case of getting down to business and focusing on the practical side of things, which you are known for anyway! Focusing on your environment is important for you. You feel a strong urge to start moulding things to be the way you envision them to be so this is going to be a year of planning, organising, and implementing. Working out your budget and going through the motions is a great idea under this lunar energy. You are in your element when you are setting the groundwork so go for it.
  3. Pisces: There is plenty of emphasis on your emotions and relationships. You have had some realisations about relationships this year, some of them shocking, but a sense of acceptance is coming over you. Now is the time to ask yourself, what do you really want from your relationships? Who do you want to be in your relationships? Journaling your thoughts and feelings is a wonderful way to harness this energy and help you gain greater clarity as 2024 begins.
  4. Scorpio: The best way you can harness this lunar energy is by expanding your horizons and widening your connections. You’ve got an urge to get moving in some way, spiritually or physically, and the more you step outside of your comfort zone, the more you will find what you are looking for. Attending local events, mingling with those who champion the same causes as you do, and attending workshops that feed an interest of yours are all wonderful ways to help you get where you want to be. Exciting times are ahead for you so go with what feels right and don’t let doubt stand in your way.

It’s Time to Set the Groundwork

You matter in this universe and the universe will respond to the vibration you are offering. Deep down, you know what it is you want. The aim now is to manifest this into reality.

Don’t worry if everything is not completely clear. It’s not meant to be. As you step into the New Year, know this is a time when you will begin to step into the role that was meant for you. As the world rises in higher vibration and consciousness, so do we.

Taking practical, tangible steps is all part of the process and luckily we have a Virgo Moon ready and willing to help us get there. Jot down your thoughts, engage with others, create a vision board, explore new concepts and ideas – and have fun while you do it. Find joy in every action you take and know that you deserve the happiness that arises from it.


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