Moon Opposite Sun on December 27: 3 Zodiac Signs in an Emotional Balancing Act

December 27 brings a dramatic sky showdown: Moon 🌜 vs Sun ☀️! For three Zodiac signs, it's a high-stakes emotional balancing game 🎭. Tune in for an astrological spectacle full of twists 🌀, turns, and deep reflections 💭!

A lot is going on in the skies at this time so after the powerful Full Moon in Cancer which will have brought all kinds of emotions (and possibly explosive conflicts) to the surface, the lingering energy from the 27th of December is to find healing, growth, and emotional balance.

Full Moon energy lasts a good three days after the Moon reaches its peak so bear in mind that it is normal for emotions to continue flowing freely, sometimes gently like a trickling stream or sometimes with tsunami-inspired vengeance.

Don’t be surprised if you’ve been experiencing intense dreams too, especially dreams that revolve around your fears and anxieties. Your intuition is at its most powerful now and this can manifest in many different ways. Dreams are one of the most potent ways that your intuition expresses itself.

The best thing to do if you do happen to have a rather mindblowing dream that leaves you feeling fearful in some way is to keep calm and take some time to analyse it. In what ways does it make you feel fearful or anxious? What are the reasons this dream is coming to the forefront now?

By facing our fears, it is only then that we can conquer them once and for all.

A Mixture of Magic: Chiron Direct & Moon Opposite Sun

During this time we have two important events crossing our skies. Chiron ends its five-month stint in retrograde and turns direct in Aries, while the Moon in Cancer opposes the Sun in Capricorn.

So what does this mean for us?

Chiron is also known as the ‘wounded healer’. Where it exists in our charts points to areas of ourselves that require healing. In this lifetime, we are called to pay attention to Chiron’s influence and acknowledge these are parts of ourselves we need to work on.

Direct in Aries, Chiron encourages us to have courage regarding the self. Aries is very much about the ‘I’ as opposed to its opposite sign Libra who makes it about the ‘we’. Chiron in Aries asks us to focus on ways we can build our inner courage, reclaim our individual selves, look at areas where we are being taken advantage of or go unappreciated, and claim the direction our life is going in with confidence.

Meanwhile, the Moon in Cancer opposed the Sun in Capricorn and this brings increased tension – especially among family members – possibly clashes of a very emotional nature, and challenges to your ego which will require self-control and powerful awareness.

The key is to try and maintain as much empathy as possible. Are others being fair in their accusations against you? If so, take some time to absorb their point of view. If not, know when to walk away. Chiron simultaneously encourages you to think of yourself first – not in the selfish ‘It’s only about me’ way. But in the sense that you matter and to be happy and healthy, your needs must be prioritised.

4 Zodiac Signs Embracing Healing, Growth & Emotional Balance

  1. Sagittarius: You’ve probably experienced a few clashes with others lately and to be honest you are feeling pretty fed up with it all. You’re intent on doing things differently next year. It’s time to put yourself first as Chiron works its magic on you. This past month you have realised what you truly want in life and you are now ready to go for it. Keep sticking with your determination and know that you can reach your goals. There may be great effort required of you but it will all be worth it in the end.
  2. Leo: You are regretting a decision you have made and seek to change things now but Chiron’s energy urges you to look to the future and not the past. Life is full of experiences but this doesn’t mean you have to stay stuck in one of them forever. To heal, be kind to yourself. You are putting too much pressure on your shoulders. As we approach a new year, look to the future and not the past. Journal your feelings and make a list of your aims. You can achieve anything you set your mind to.
  3. Cancer: There are so many feelings coming up for you during these transits and the power of the Full Moon is making this even more intense. To keep your balance, crystals such as rose quartz and selenite are super helpful for you to carry around and keep under your pillow. You may feel emotionally overwhelmed to the degree that you want to just hide away and escape from it all. Just remember that your feelings are valid – all of them. Journaling your thoughts at this time helps you make sense of them so get them onto paper. A powerful sense of release accompanies this.
  4. Aquarius: There is a lot of focus on your health and well-being right now and revelations in this area may take you aback. You may find you’ve been overdoing it and your body is saying, ‘No more!’ It’s time to change things up and do what is best for you. Take charge of yourself and remember that you are not a slave to your habits. They are there to assist you, not the other way around. Spending time jotting down your health plans for the coming year is a great way to harness this energy.

Intensity Can Be a Blessing

There is no doubt about it. Ask any Scorpio. Intensity comes with its challenges but it can be deeply rewarding. Life is richer, fuller, and deeper when you explore the intensity of your emotions.

It is through our emotions that we begin to discover who we truly are and what we want from life. Here, we find ourselves set on a path, not knowing where the road takes us, but following the wings of our soul.

The universal energies are potent right now as they prepare us for the year ahead. It is now that you realise where you are in life and the direction you want to go in. Pay close attention to the messages you receive. The groundwork is being set.


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