Moon Sextile Mercury on 15th March: 3 Zodiac Signs to Have Important Conversations

On March 14th, Sarah Brownlee explores the Moon Sextile Mercury and its impact on three zodiac signs poised for important conversations. 🌟 Learn which signs should be ready to communicate effectively, share thoughts clearly, and connect on a deeper level during this harmonious celestial event. 🗣️

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It’s time for communication!

The Moon sextile Mercury transit today puts you in the mood for talking. There is a greater energy of sensitivity and caring in the air today and this brings some heart-to-heart conversations.

It is time to spill the beans. While this energy doesn’t put people in the mood for intense conversations, idle chit chat and the spread of information is pretty strong today so prepare for some gossip!

However, this gossip can turn nasty if there are simmering resentments beneath the surface. There may be quite a few revelations today which will reveal what really lies in people’s hearts and minds.

For three signs in particular, this energy can lead to particularly important discussions.


Mercury is your ruler and this is a good transit for you. You will enjoy fun discussions and intriguing topics with those you have talks with. However, there is likely to be some pearls of wisdom in these discussions which lead to more intense thinking on your part.

Riding with this energy involves going with the flow. The biggest danger today is that you find yourself overthinking or engaging in gossip which is malicious in nature. Try not to get sucked into it.


This is an excellent day for teamwork so if you have any creative plans that you have been dying to share with others, now is the time to do it. The more you share your feelings, the more you will benefit from this transit. So get cracking with noting those ideas now.

If the urge to speak comes, go with it. This is quite a sentimental time for you so you may find yourself spilling your feelings and letting someone know how you feel either verbally  or in the form of a message. Remember, getting things off your chest is a form of healing.


This is a day when you reconnect with those close to you and you may find yourself as a shoulder to lean on. You have an intuitive understanding and caring way which helps put others at ease. This is also a very productive time for you and can result in you getting more work done in a shorter amount of time as communication is likely to flow easily today.

Being so in tune with people’s feelings at this time also causes you to take a look at your own. You may feel compelled to share your feelings with another and this can result in some warm and wonderful moments between you. Speak from the heart and let your emotions flow through you.