Moon Trine Mars: 3 Zodiac Signs to Explore New Health Regimes

During the Moon Trine Mars, Sarah Brownlee highlights three zodiac signs ready to explore new health regimes. 💪 Find out which signs should gear up for a journey towards wellness, gaining strength and vitality through this encouraging astrological influence. 🌟

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It’s time to turn our focus on ourselves and pay attention to our health.

The stress of everything has likely gotten too much, but today’s transit brings passionate energy and a deeper awareness of how our environment impacts us health-wise.

Perhaps you’ve fallen off the bandwagon or maybe you’ve given up trying to stick to that diet. Maybe outside situations have taken so much of your time and attention that you just don’t have time to focus on your well-being.

Our health is the core center of us. Moon trine Mars brings a stronger connection with ourselves but Mars brings fiery passion and a desire to get things done.

In other words, it’s time to manifest your vision of yourself into reality!

Below are three signs most affected by this transit.


Your mental health has likely taken a knock as you’ve been so busy trying to balance things out and recent setbacks – or perceived ones – may have caused you to think, “What’s the point!” But inevitably you will get back on your feet because at the end of the day, you are represented by the scales and it is an innate desire for you to have equilibrium.

The best thing you can do today is journal your feelings and remind yourself of everything you feel happy and blessed about. It’s OK to start again. It’s OK to fall off the wagon sometimes and get back up on it. This is a natural part of progress so don’t be hard on yourself.


A sense of sluggishness may have overcome you, and you may lack motivation to get moving. But today is all about moving. If you’re familiar with your comfort zone, this energy will unlikely be welcomed with open arms.

But here’s the thing – sometimes the uncomfortable moments jolt us out of the same old routine! You are being encouraged by the universe to get moving, and move you shall! Don’t let negative thinking stand in your way. Once you get started, the rest comes a lot easier.


Sometimes it can feel like all that progress you’ve made isn’t getting you anywhere, but remember that this is a natural part of the process! Rome wasn’t built in a day and your health goals won’t be achieved overnight. What matters is that you keep going and keep believing in yourself.

So once you have come to terms with this, dust yourself off and try again. Something new is likely to kickstart you into gear. A new recipe, a new workout, or a change of scenery where you can immerse your body in a brand-new environment are great ways to harness this energy. Remember, believe you can and you’re halfway there.