New Moon In Pisces on March 10: Meaning & What To Expect

On March 10, the Pisces New Moon 🌑 holds a secret, and Danelle Ferreira invites you to discover it. What mysteries will unfold under its silent gaze? 🤫 Join her to uncover the hidden forces 🌊 that could reshape your journey.

Get ready to be hit by a tidal wave of compassion, interconnectedness with spirit, and unendless imagination. The New Moon in Pisces on March 10, 2024 is going to push you to dream bigger than before and let your heart take reign in everything. But it’s not all unicorns and rainbows. There is a twist to this event that still keeps you anchored in reality.

“The Pisces New Moon is sandwiched between Saturn, our cosmic reality-checker, and Neptune, the planet of mysticism and dreams,” reveals astrologer Nick Lasky. “This unique positioning encourages us to find a balance between our wildest fantasies and what’s realistically achievable.” 

This means that it’s time to tap into your inner visionary and really think about what you want for your future, but also keeping your feet in reality so you don’t go shooting and getting lost in the stars.

The Astrology of The New Moon in Pisces 2024

On Feb 20, 2024, Venus and Mars came into a conjunction in the sign Aquarius, which is a once in two year event. They are still lingering just a few degrees away from each other, so we are still feeling the impact of this event. This conjunction happening with the New Moon means we’re also embarking on a brand-new relationship cycle. 

Maybe there is a new house on the horizon, a move, a new job, or new household dynamic, whatever it is, new things are popping off in your partnerships, causing dynamics to shift and change. But be careful not to let unfair tactics take place right under your nose, as this New Moon could shift you into fantasy land, causing you to deliberately avoid red flags all around you.

The New Moon in Pisces & Relationships

It’s time to let go of that rigid ego and self defense and develop some true emotional intimacy and connection in your relationships. Instead of trying to one up or win, you need to bulldoze the walls that separate you from others. Be vulnerable, and find the spiritual connection and reason in your interactions. 

Whether single or in a relationship, we all have safeguards in place to protect us from others. But those safeguards are really just creating more separation than anything. Open your heart to others more, and you will be surprised what happens. Trust in others and the universe, and you will see that love finds its way into every interaction.

The New Moon In Pisces Impact on Career and Finances

As for your career and finances, it’s time to ditch the tedious to do lists and start aiming at bigger things out there. Sure, adhering to your duties and responsibilities is paying the bills, but are you really reaching for what you dreamt you could do as a kid? You still have the power to become anything you want, when did you forget that?

It’s time to dust off those long-term goals and dreams you’ve been hiding away in the depths of your soul. Write down where you want to be professionally in a decade. Write down the amount of money you want to be earning. Then, start planting seeds to allow those scribblings to manifest into your future.

The New Moon in Pisces & Spirituality

To make the most of this New Moon happening in the sign of the slippery fish, Lasky advises cultivating inner spaciousness through practices like meditation, breathwork, shamanic journeying, or immersing yourself in transformative sound frequencies. 

“By entering altered states of consciousness, you can access the expansive spiritual plane, connect with the Divine, and receive profound clarity,” he explains. Don’t be surprised if you hear conversations from your guardian spirits in the background, they are just cheering you on and reminding you what your dreams really are! 

Setting Intentions During The New Moon in Pisces

I always recommend doing a New Moon ritual during any New Moon. For the Pisces New Moon, I advise something along the lines of a vision board. This event is all about focusing on your biggest dreams, diving into what your actual night time dreams are representing for you in day to day life, enhancing your spiritual awareness, and honing your intuition. 

Now you can download energy for your ambitions directly from the spiritual realm and anchor it into the physical reality around you. Let this New Moon take you to unexplored and unrealised parts of your imagination and inspirations.

Which 3 Zodiac Signs are The Most Affected By The New Moon in Pisces

The 3 zodiac signs that will feel the waves of this New Moon in Pisces the most are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The watery aspects of this New Moon will unleash tides of emotion in fellow water signs, causing them to dig really deep. 

It’s important to find healthy ways to release unprocessed emotions, as negative coping mechanisms can result in unprocessed and buried emotions down the line, which comes to bite you in the back eventually in the future. Those emotional breakdowns? They are all due to lack of addressing root issues at their core from the get go.