Sun Conjunct Mercury on December 22: 5 Zodiac Signs Gaining Intellectual Insights

On Dec 22, Sun Conjunct Mercury sparks a genius wave in 5 Zodiacs! Is your sign on the list? Uncover the secrets of this rare cosmic event and unlock your mind's hidden powers!

Calling all lines of communication! If you have been wondering when the best time to share that new idea with your family is, or when to ask for a pay rise with your employer, or when to get that issue out of the way with your other half, the alignment of Mercury and the Sun is propelling you forward.

The lines of communication are open – so take the floor.

The Sun conjuncts the winged planet messenger Mercury on December 22nd and its energy is buzzing all over the place. You can expect a lot more interaction among your social circles, whether it be online like Facebook or Twitter, or offline among friend groups or among your colleagues.

Of course, the type of communication depends entirely on you. Let’s just say this is a fabulous time for negotiating, making appointments, making plans, buying and selling, and meeting new people.

Listen to Your Gut!


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Your intuition plays a big role. If you’re getting the urge to say something, say it. The fears and doubts that hold us back from speaking our minds are some of the biggest obstacles that stand in our way (as Chiron in Gemini people will know).

There is plenty of mental alertness associated with this energy. Be the chatterbox you were born to be! Curiosity is also at its peak at this time so if you feel drawn to something like a sniffer dog, go with it.

The Moon is in Taurus so with the Sun in Capricorn we have some very earthy energy influencing us with this conjunction. Matters of health, work, money, physical relationships and issues surrounding the home are all likely to rise to the forefront.

Taurus influences the vocal cord and throat, further encouraging you to strike while the iron is hot under this energy!

Which 5 Zodiac Signs Are Gaining Intellectual Insights?

Everyone will feel the power of this energy to some degree but the five signs most influenced are:


Slow and steady wins the race and you of all people know this. However, Mercury is encouraging you to speed up. That deal you’re hoping to make or the middle-ground you want to find? You’ll find it a lot sooner if you grasp the power of this energy while it is shining down on you. Some powerful penetrative insight is calling to you in the realm of your relationships and as the new year draws in, you can expect to gain flashes of insight. Note them all down – you never know which one will come in handy.


Any negative thoughts you have been having lately will be replaced with flashes of brilliance that seem to come out of nowhere. Maybe you’re missing someone or maybe something hasn’t gone to plan. But you’ve got a burst of creative genius coming forth. The key is to grasp it while it’s there. Don’t get swept up in binge-watching on Netflix or binge-eating on festive goodies. Take some time out to really listen to yourself. Your inner wisdom is calling and it’s ready to shine through.


You’re full of surprises, aren’t you? Some powerful insights are on the way in regard to your personal relationships and you’re discovering things about yourself that you never knew. This energy encourages you to speak from the heart. The heart and the mind are supposed to work in harmony but a disassociation from our emotions can lead to a disconnect between the two. Take some time out to meditate and quieten your mind. Don’t let those worrisome thoughts bother you. Your heart is leading the way now.


Ruled by Mercury, you may find your mind buzzing more than usual! Here’s the thing – out of all those many thoughts you have, there are a few gems in there which are bound to lead to somewhere truly rewarding. Whatever concerns you have at this time, don’t let them get the better of you. What you think you will inevitably attract. Your thoughts shape your reality. Under this energy, take some time to set your intentions and write down the future you wish to say. Manifestation is extremely powerful for you right now.


The changes you have gone through this year have been pretty intense and the energy under this conjunction is a sort of conclusion for you. In other words, this is a powerful time of assessment for you and you’re able to see things a lot clearer now. Where you find yourself ruled too strongly by your emotions, logic and reason is coming to you so be prepared for a revelation or two, especially in areas you feel confused about. You don’t have to know exactly where you are going. Trust the process and remember that the universe has your back.

Your Voice is Your Power – Own It

Sun conjunct Mercury is fabulous energy for new connections, speaking your truth and, above all, owning your voice.

We tend to forget how much power we have with our voice alone. Our voice can be any form of communication – speaking or writing or through our actions. Often, we may pass this personal power onto others and let them speak for us.

But this energy encourages us to step into our power, to take full advantage of the opportunities that spring our way, and to acknowledge that we are the makers of our own reality. If we want something, we need to go for it. The end of the year looms further and now is the time to set those intentions and believe in the life we want to create.


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