Sun Enters Capricorn on December 21: 3 Zodiac Signs Ready to Shine Professionally

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Have you been feeling the weight of December so far? Perhaps you’ve been bustling around for Christmas, or preparing for Yule with feverish anticipation. Maybe you’re worried about seeing your in-laws after all this time or you’re not sure the turkey will be up to scratch!

If the festive season has led to any stress or strain during the sun’s stint in Sagittarius, you can look forward to our brightest star’s transition into Capricorn which is going to be especially bountiful for three zodiac signs in particular.

Ah, the mountain goat! Capricorn is a sign known for its phenomenal steadfast attitude. If you know Capricorn people, you’ll know that they are utterly determined. This sign isn’t based on the mountain goat for nothing.

‘Trees that are slow to bear grow the best fruit’ – Moliere.

That sums this tenacious earth sign up in a nutshell. Like the mountain goat that is determined to reach the top of the mountain, the Capricorn person knows that slow and steady wins the race.

There is extraordinary patience associated with this sign. They are willing to wait a long time to achieve what they want. And when they do, it’s worth the wait!

What the Sun in Capricorn Means for Us

Well, first of all, it means we’re going to be a lot more focused and driven than we have been as of late. In typical Sagittarius style, we’ve been going with the flow, expanding our horizons and seeing where the wind takes us the past month.

Now in Capricorn we take a more serious attitude to things. Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, also known as the Lord of Hard Knocks and Life Lessons, is activating our sense of discipline. Capricorn season takes place through most of January and it is during this month that we set our New Year’s Resolutions, that we’re determined to stick to that diet, that we’re determined to use that exercise bike our other half kindly got us for Christmas, that we’re ready to go back to education, or we’re ready to work on the brand new you.

In other words, the fun times are over and it’s back to work.

3 Zodiac Signs Ready to Shine Professionally


Capricorn is your opposite sign and during this season you might experience some challenges in the workplace that leave you thinking: Shall I stay or shall I go? But the stars are shining down on you so don’t give up! The hard work you have put in for the last year is going pay off. You may find yourself at a crossroads at the beginning of next year but ultimately, your destination will be the same. Try not to be influenced by anything other than your inner knowing – you above all others know what is best for you.


With the sun in your sign, this is indeed your time to shine. You’ve been working steadily and progressively this past year and now is the time to take things to the next level. Be prepared for opportunities and invitations coming your way. Your biggest problem will be picking and choosing which ones you want to go with! Take care of your health though. The temptation to take everything on at once may be a big one but taking care of yourself is a big priority.


For this fixed earth sign, Capricorn season brings tremendous opportunity for growth. Don’t be surprised if some unexpected notice of your talents pops up. The possibilities are endless here so be sure to whip out that creative cap and get creating! You may find yourself revisiting some old projects that you left on the backburner as we move in 2024. Go with the flow and don’t let any doubts get the better of you. If it feels right, go with the feeling. You have an internal guidance system and it’s called your feelings!

Reach for the Stars in 2024!

2024 brings boundless energy and the potential for exceeding your own expectations. Capricorn season encourages you to get your head down and really think about ways you can achieve your goals.

A new year, a new you. Do not let restrictions from the past hold you back. The past is the past and that is where it belongs. While you will never forget the lessons you learned from it, it is only the lessons you need to take from it.

Saturn exerts his influence on us and the continual North Node in Aries encourages you to be bold. It is time for leaders to become leaders, for peacemakers to become peacemakers, for entrepreneurs to become gurus. There are no limits other than the ones you set for yourself. Reach for the stars – they are waiting for you


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