Venus Enters Pisces on March 11: 4 Zodiac Signs Exploring Emotional Depths

Diving deep with Venus in Pisces! Join Sarah Brownlee on March 11 as she shows how four zodiac signs are set to explore their emotional realms. It's a journey into the heart's ocean! 🌊💖

After the power of the New Moon which has brought with it emotional depth and a deeper awareness of what you do and don’t want, the planet of love and the arts, Venus, moves into Pisces today.

Venus is exalted in Pisces, meaning she is at her most comfortable in this sign. It is here that Venusian energy is at its most expansive. It is here that unconditional love truly blooms.

If there were a sign to represent the mothers of this world, it would be Venus in Pisces. 

Venus in Pisces natives give their all in love. They will devote their heart, mind and soul to experience the joys of love. They will never stop searching for their soulmate. For Venus in Pisces, love is the very essence of life and the existence for being.

As such, when a Venus in Pisces experiences heartbreak, they can mourn for a long time and some never get over it. 

During a Venus in Pisces transit which begins today, we feel more idealistic and generous in relationships. We are in a position to believe in love again. We want to experience the bliss of love.

However, this transit can also cause us to view things with rose-tinted glasses. We are more likely to ignore red flags or our partner’s negative qualities. Venus in Pisces can be prone to avoiding anything unpleasant in a relationship.

4 Zodiac Signs Exploring Unconditional Love

These horoscopes apply to both Sun and Rising Signs


This transit encourages you to release what is in your heart. You may have been guarded with your heart due to past hurts but under this transit the thaw is melting and you will feel more able to express how you feel. During this transit, it is easier to see your relationships with greater clarity and you are beginning to see how old habits no longer serve you and are blocking you from allowing the energy to flow freely from your heart. Finding the truth that lies within you involves sharing your emotions which can be difficult for you. But to do so brings true freedom which is what you crave above all.


Venus is your ruling planet and your naturally harmonious and gentle self desires the feeling to love and be loved. You have suffered your share of heartbreaks but you are on a path of healing. You are learning that to love oneself is the greatest love of all. This transit brings emotions to the surface which help you identify where in your life you are struggling with self-worth. To know thyself is to love thyself. Treat yourself as you would treat anyone you love. You have spent so much time thinking of the other but you are learning the phenomenal power of true love which is love for the self.


Venus is your ruling planet and it is during this transit that you can expect to experience deeper intensity with your relationships. A change in attitude is likely to come about as you reflect on the relationships you have had in the past and how they have led you to where you are today. As such, this can pave the way for a new relationship or connection that will bring great meaning and depth to your life. Be open and honest with yourself and journal your feelings and thoughts as this can help bring greater clarity. You are experiencing new awareness which will open up new realms of possibility for you.


A deeply sensitive time for you, Venus in Pisces brings you moments of reflection and an energy that helps heal you from past pains. The decisions you have made or the experiences you have had can sometimes bring painful emotions rising to the surface. But the next few weeks will bring greater clarity and awareness as you learn with greater clarity the type of love you want in your life. Self-love is paramount and the more you turn this love inwards, the greater your light shines. Focus on doing what makes you happy and the things that make you feel good. Things are moving up for you.