It’s Time to Release Old Ideas & Embrace the New – March 7, 2024: Tarot Card Reading for All Zodiac Signs

Ready for a fresh start? 🚀 Sarah Brownlee's got you covered with a tarot reading 🃏 on March 7, 2024, for every zodiac sign out there. Say goodbye 👋 to what's been holding you back and hello 🙌 to new possibilities. Eager to see what's on the horizon? 🌅 Let's join in together and discover what the cards reveal about our next chapter! 🌟🍃

We edge closer and closer to the New Moon in Pisces which will bring a huge transformational shift for us on an emotional and collective level. Right now, it’s all about acknowledging which ideas and thought patterns no longer serve us.

For many of us, we have been programmed to think a certain way from the days when we were tiny little beings. We often mistake our beliefs for who we actually are.

In reality, we are not our beliefs. We are not our identifications. We are pure positive energy and love.

But here in this world, with its many challenges and obstacles, it is easy to forget who we are.

This Waning Crescent Moon in Aquarius reminds us that we are not our thoughts. Old thought patterns and bad habits that are holding us back from our true potential must be acknowledged and faced. By doing so, we come one step closer to living in true, happy alignment.

So what advice does the Tarot have for you today?

Tarot Guidance For Your Zodiac Sign

Aries – Page of Cups

Matters of the heart are rising to the surface for you and the Page of Cups is a message urging you to look at experiences you have had where your heart has been wounded. This is a time of powerful healing for you. A message is likely to come through to you which makes your heart sing.

Taurus – 5 of Pentacles

You may be feeling financially or spiritually destitute at this time. The 5 of Pentacles is a card of feeling left out in the cold. A sense of rejection may still be lingering. However, this card also highlights the important spiritual lessons that come with experiencing these moments of negativity. Take time to journal your feelings as much can be learned at this time.

Gemini – King of Swords

A well-spoken individual has something to tell you. An important conversation is on the way with the King of Swords. This conversation will lead to better prospects for you but it is important that you speak with logic and reason. Try not to let your emotions get the better of you.

Cancer – Death

Powerful change is coming and you cannot stop it. The Death card indicates swift change is imminent. When one door closes, another one opens. The more you resist these changes, the harder it will be. Stay focused on the positive and embrace your dreams for the future as these will help shine a guiding light as you continue on your journey.

Leo – The Wheel of Fortune

Fate is unraveling and things are changing for you. The Wheel of Fortune tells us that what goes up must come down. A change in fortune is coming your way. Things are going to get brighter and better from here so embrace what is to come!

Virgo – 7 of Swords

There may be a few things hidden beneath the surface and this is a time for acknowledging your true feelings. The 7 of Swords is a card of cunning and planning so it indicates that you will need to be resourceful today and in the very near future. Being strategic will help you navigate your situation with greater ease.

Libra – Ace of Pentacles

A fantastic offer is on the way to you. The potential to make more money or have a creative project launch is incoming. New windows of opportunity are opening for you but it is up to you whether you wish to grasp them or not. Take the plunge and don’t let hesitation stand in your way.

Scorpio – Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands brings seeds of opportunity in the realm of creativity and also passionate relationships! Don’t be surprised if you have an admirer waiting in the wings or if your lover has a special surprise for you. Power and passion is associated with this card so enjoy the energy that it brings!

Sagittarius – 7 of Pentacles

The news you were hoping for isn’t quite here and this can be frustrating for you. However, have patience. The 7 of Pentacles indicates that this is a time for reflection and not for action. Trust that everything will unravel at the right time and in due course. For now, take this time to think about all that is happening and where you wish to see yourself in the future.

Capricorn – Justice

Karma reaps its own reward and the efforts you have put in will surely come back to you. The Justice card asks you to look at cause and effect and acknowledge how your actions up until now have led to the way things are today. Always remember that you are the creator of your own reality.

Aquarius – 8 of Swords

Something is holding you back and it is likely a negative thought pattern that simply won’t let up. Meditation is highly recommended for you to help get control of your thoughts and enable clarity to find you. A situation may be leaving you feeling trapped. The 8 of Swords encourages you to connect with your true self as the answers you need are within you.

Pisces – Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups brings forth loving and nurturing energy, helping to fill your day with light, love and joy. In areas where you feel unhappy or unfulfilled, you are encouraged today to focus on the things that make you feel happy. The more you focus, the happier you will be. This card also indicates a connection with someone in your life who is loving and kind and who will help you on your journey.