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An Astrologer, Creative Writer and Visual Storyteller, Mare has 20 years of astrological insight, seven years of professional practice and was a student of RASA Toronto. She is well-versed in the language of the stars, weaving her Scorpio energy to penetrate and unravel the complexities of a birth chart with her sociable and insatiable Gemini curiosity cleverly piecing the patterns together.

However, she believes that beyond books and courses, decades of observation and insight into understanding the human condition have plumped her astrological practice. Typical of a Sagittarius stellium, she lives her best life as a Digital Nomad, has hit up over 40 countries, and has lived in four. Consistently dusted in wanderlust, creating and maintaining new friends with whom she's exchanged personal stories within a kaleidoscope of cultural backdrops adds an expanded and vibrant outlook to her work.

Giving depth and breadth, she brings optimism, inspiration and deep intuition to her writings and practice, blending evolutionary, psychology and predictive astrology while using dream analysis, numerology, crystal healing and animal totems—oh, and a touch of humour.

Mare has done product consultations and written for, The AstralPlanner and Toronto Fashion Magazine Flare. Currently, she is working on two novels based on Astrology and building an Oracle Astrology deck.