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dreams about someone

Our dreams often feel like a confusing journey down a rabbit hole, filled with strange images and objects. They can seem unreal, as if time doesn’t exist. This is true even when someone familiar like our mother is there. Dreams get even more puzzling when a stranger appears.

According to most dream gurus, there’s often a message there for us, and likely ones that have to do with hidden parts of ourselves. Psychotherapists, such as Carl Jung, believed dreams are connected to hidden desires, stress relief, or unresolved problems. Jung used mythical figures to understand the personalities in our dreams. This helps us label them without being judgmental. We view them as the heroes, guardians, and villains (without the Godly powers) in our lives.

Let’s slide down deeper.

Common Types of Dreams about Someone

So what’s the deal with dreaming about someone, and what could they be telling you?

Dreams about Loved Ones

If any dream is taken literally, dreaming about someone close to you makes sense because of how often you interact with them and how they impact you.. Your hubby or someone you’re intimately involved with is a perfect example. Let’s say things are a bit rocky; you’re not getting along as you’d wish.

Given the value of your relationship, it should be no surprise the issues can often slip into the netherworld of your dreams. Whether your response is passive or you’ve worried yourself into a frenzy, somewhere inside of you knows it requires attention. Your person showing up to dinner, whose full attention is on a conversation with a rabbit next to him, strongly indicates your perspective. However the dream scenario plays out, it mirrors your waking life.

But how do you make sense of someone as close as your mother, sibling, or best friend leaving you stumped about the dream? It’s because it’s never actually about the other person. No matter how close the relationship, it is likely connected to your current state and the estranged parts of yourself.

Consider your mom’s presence as your fairy guide down your personality matrix. Generally, we think of comfort when it comes to mom. A good place to start is to examine if it ties into any issues you have in real-time. The friend popped by your dream last night can reveal a need to confide in someone. Anyone of your loved ones can represent your personal needs unmet. Sometimes, they act as soothing cushions we crave in our chaotic world.

A loved one who passed can also take center stage in your dreams. Don’t worry; they’re not out to possess you (hopefully). Someone who’s passed can simply mean you miss them. You can also apply what they represented as a trait you want to embody.

Dreams about Strangers

Who was that tall, dark, attractive stranger you were drawn to in your dream last night? Helpless as you were, you glided over to him. He embraced you, and when he leaned in for a sweet smooch, you were overcome with a surge of amazingness. Wouldn’t it be something if the enchantment turned into reality? I wouldn’t hold my breath, though.

There’s a likelier chance that handsome fellow mirrors layers of your missing self. Parts of you that are suppressed, denied, or you’re afraid to express. You can clue in further by analyzing the context. The example above is likely about wanting to be noticed, embraced, and loved–or finding self-confidence and worth.

Dreams about Celebrities

This is always a fun one. Who wouldn’t want to be in the company of Brad Pitt’s shining stature? There’s something special about it, no doubt. That’s because we idolize celebrities, and their larger-than-life plays a godly role in society’s eyes, which should be a good clue as to why they may have set their dreamy eyes on you.

But before your fantasies get the best of you, dreaming about celebrities isn’t different from the mere mortals that appear. Celebrities also represent what you want to embody, a status you’re trying to achieve, perhaps—this includes the respect you desire or authority you crave.

Decoding the Meanings of Dreams about Someone

Woman sleeping on cloud and dreaming
Source: Istockphoto. Woman sleeping on cloud and dreaming

Now that we have explored the different types of dreams about someone, let’s dive into the meanings and interpretations behind them.

Positive Interpretations

Let’s wear our sleuth hats and explore how having dreams about others can be good overall.

  • You could be reaching a sense of satisfaction in life. Approaching that stranger confidently can be noted as self-acceptance, a fresh stage of seeing yourself.
  • Someone popping up in your dream can give you a sense of connection to yourself and others. • A start of a healing journey — embracing, sharing, and open to love.
  • Give yourself a nod for the positive shifts in outlook and action that can be on the horizon.

Negative Interpretations

Despite its negative connection, the dream is a silver lining—remembering that it’s a journey into awareness.

  • If you spend a lot of time on Instagram and start dreaming about celebrities messaging you, it might be a hint to change your habits.
  • There can be a touch of jealousy or envy, something’s just not right, or you’re unhappy with who you are or your situation.
  • You might be in a period of loneliness and are craving connections with others.
  • You may be confused about who you are and what you want.
  • Straight-up, you could be a total megalomaniac, masking low self-esteem and can reveal your need for attention and approval from others. I’d check yourself on that one.

Symbolism in Dreams about Someone

In addition to the meanings behind dreams about someone, there is often symbolism intertwined within these dreams. Symbols can provide valuable insight into the messages our subconscious mind is trying to convey.

Common Symbols and Their Meanings

Our dreams, like the Mad Hatter’s tea party in “Alice in Wonderland,” can be both confusing and interesting. We can understand them better by looking at things like the setting, objects, colors, and how we react in the dream. This helps us get deeper insights.

Something as simple as a tall glass of water propped in front of you can tell you about a state of emotions. Water symbolizes your emotions, and the glass (transparent) indicates clarity, while a muddy one would mean the opposite.

What if, across the table, your sister’s attention was completely absorbed by the Mad Hatter and the rabbit sitting next to her? Animals are associated with nature. The Hatter is the host and an important and unique character. You can look at it as a doorway to your instinctual desires and cravings.

Unique Personal Symbols

What you dream about is almost always personal. Random as it may seem, it is a key that can decode your innermost desires, thoughts, and ideals. Dreaming about iconic film stars can indicate a lust for power, while dreaming about a loved one can be a longing for connection. But for any of it to make sense, the interpretations should reflect your personal situation.

Not everyone thinks highly of celebrities like Timothée Chalamet. Our feelings about caregivers can be more about stress than love. When a stranger shows up in a dream, it can make one person anxious and another curious. Dreaming about someone helps us explore our own minds. The reason they appear in your dream is as unique as your own thoughts and feelings.

How to Interpret Your Dreams

Interpreting dreams can be a fascinating journey of self-discovery. Some quick ways to interpret are:

  • Use universal symbols like mythological archetypes, color schemes, overall mood, and setting.
  • Assess what’s going on with you daily and your current emotional, mental, and spiritual state.
  • Apply your perspective on the character.

Here are a few tips to help you better understand the meanings behind your dreams about someone.

Keeping a Dream Journal

A dream journal is like having a lexicon of your thoughts and emotions. It’s handy for recording strange images, loopy settings, and patterns. It’s a great reference to understand where your head is and where it might have been.

Seeking Professional Help

This could be in book form, too. There are many dream experts out there, many of whom have written about dreams extensively. A good place to start is the OG’s of dream analysis— Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.

If you have deeper concerns, professionals are out there by the dozens. Seeking one to guide you down the trail of your night’s reveries is a great way to start the journey to understand your unique situation.

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