The Meaning Of The Five of Pentacles Tarot Card

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Five of Pentacles Tarot Card

New to Tarot? Just pulled the Five of Pentacles? If the struggling Five of Pentacles was pulled out of your deck and you want to know what this means, keep reading!

The Five of Pentacles is letting you know that struggling with hardships and financial difficulties could be entering your life. The Five of Pentacles helps us to reach out for help and stay humble no matter what happens. 

The Five of Pentacles can also let you know that lack and feelings of being left out can creep into your life. It can be a sad or lonely time when you have this card representing you, but you can find your way back to triumph again. 

Want to know what else this card is wanting to share with you? Read on!

Key Facts

Upright Financial hardship, struggle, lack of faith, rejection, sickness, needing assistance, seeking charity, religion
Reversed Luck, triumph, better health, improved finances, recovery, receiving grants, receiving charity, self-reliance
Yes or No No
Numerology 5
Element Earth
Planet Venus
Astrological Sign Taurus
Key Facts: The Five of Pentacles Tarot Card

Upright Meaning of The Five of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles shows two struggling people out in the cold, passing by a lit window that represents warmth and shelter. They seem unaware of the help available to them and walk right past it, but if they knew it was there, they could have received help!  

Whether it’s pride or lack of awareness that’s keeping them from seeing what could be, you should make sure that neither of these things is holding you back from finding your way into the warmth and the light

There’s a focus on feeling abandoned when this card appears in a reading, and you may feel left out or left behind by people whom you once cared about or who promised to help you. It is a difficult time, but you can overcome the trials and tribulations that the Five of Pentacles bring.

The Five of Pentacles reminds you to reach out your hand when you need help. Lean on your support systems, or find some so that you can have a foundation!

Upright Love MeaningUpright Career MeaningUpright Health Meaning
Indicates balance and harmony in relationships. It represents a give-and-take scenario where both parties are generous and supportiveRepresents fairness and charity at work. It could mean a raise, a promotion, or being recognized for your contributions.Suggests a positive cycle of health and well-being. You might find success in sticking to health regimens and feel more balanced physically and mentally

Love and Relationships – Upright, The Five of Pentacles

In love, the Five of Pentacles might be telling you that you need to give more or receive more from your partner. There may be a sense that you’re lacking something in this relationship, and either you or the other person (or both!) need to step up your game.

One or both partners can be feeling left out in the cold when this card appears in a reading, and getting the cold shoulder is never fun. Be sure to communicate how you’re feeling, or you may accidentally freeze the other person out. 

Additionally, financial problems are notorious for screwing up relationships, and that may be the case here! Find a way to bring in more revenue or find a way to budget more efficiently, lest you lose the relationship over money troubles.

Career and Work – Upright, The Five of Pentacles

In career readings, the Five Pentacles can foretell some struggles in your career future. It may indicate a lack of opportunities, setbacks, pay cuts, and even job losses can take place when you see this card. It’s never good to see the Five of Pentacles connected with money!

It can also mean that you’re feeling excluded and left out in your workplace, and you may struggle with cliques in the workplace or with your boss not responding to your concerns. Find ways to put yourself back on top by reaching outside of work for potential opportunities.

Health and Wellness – Upright, The Five of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles can signify a challenging time in health and may require you to spend more time taking it easy, being taken care of by someone else, or simply feeling vulnerable while you’re on the mend. 

You’re not alone, and while it can feel difficult or isolating at times when the Five of Pentacles appears, you can make it through this struggle and live to tell the tale. Focus on what you do have, and try not to let yourself get discouraged. 

Cultivating gratitude and finding solace in supportive relationships can contribute to your overall well-being.

Spiritual Context – Upright, The Five of Pentacles

In your spiritual life the Five of Pentacles asks you to cultivate gratitude through your spiritual life. You may need to find more community, as you might be feeling spiritually isolated or disconnected from your spiritual side. 

The Five of Pentacles upright in a spiritual reading indicates that you need some reassurance or that you may be receiving help soon from a source of charity. Be open to receiving help from others, as they can be your best bet at getting out of a dark place.

The Five of Pentacles is struggling, abandoned, and scarce instead of abundant, relaxing, or enjoying community.

Reversed Meaning of The Five of Pentacles

When the Five of Pentacles appears reversed in a reading, it might be trying to tell you that you’re finding the light at the end of the tunnel. glimmer of hope is there when Five of Pentacles is upside down, and there is potential for a positive outcome

When it comes to finances, relationships, health, home, you name it, the reversed Five of Pentacles is letting you know that hope is not lost and that you can find what you are hoping for. Your perseverance will make a big difference. 

You can also see the Five of Pentacles reversed as a sign that you’re entering a healing phase, where you may be mending broken relationships broken friendships, or doing things that make you feel safe. 

This card can help to show you that there’s no substitute for trust, harmony, balance, and healing.

Reversed Love MeaningReversed Career MeaningReversed Health Meaning
Encourages reassessment of personal boundaries and value within relationships.Indicates feeling of overlooked or underappreciated at work, or perhaps an imbalance in workload distributionSuggest a struggle to maintain balance in your wellness regime.

Love and Relationships – Reversed, The Five of Pentacles

If the Five of Pentacles appears reversed in a love reading, a new day is dawning, and you may be seeing the potential for improvement in your relationship. You’re no longer willing to put up with bad behavior, and some good things are on the horizon for you in the love department.

A difficult time is likely to be ending right now, and you may be seeing a positive shift toward a more stable and abundant future, one that will support you as you follow your dreams. 

The Five of Pentacles reversed wants you to reach out for help and reap the benefits without feeling guilty. Everyone needs help sometimes!

Career and Work – Reversed, The Five of Pentacles

When it comes to the workplace, the reversed Five of Pentacles wants to let you know that all those difficult times are ending and that you can now expect improvements and new opportunities in the workplace.

You might have been grinding and working nonstop rather than taking some time to rest, and when this positive shift comes into the workplace, you can recover and feel more rested or less stressed.

Setbacks are temporary, and the Five of Pentacles reversed is reminding us to be hopeful because anything can happen. Be open to taking new opportunities to improve your lifestyle; you can’t wait around too long!

Health and Wellness – Reversed, The Five of Pentacles

When the Five of Pentacles is reversed in a health reading, a shift is coming, one where you can move from distress to healing and recovering. There’s an indication that better health is coming or that the work that you’ve put in is paying off, and the tide is turning. 

The Five of Pentacles reversed can also indicate that you need to seek professional help in health situations where you feel confused or lost. Doctors, therapists, and counselors can help you get the support that you may need

Spiritual Context – Reversed, The Five of Pentacles

You may be coming home spiritually after reevaluating your spiritual connectivity. This card indicates that you are finding your way back, allowing your spirit to flow freely through you and not avoiding your spiritual connection. 

Forgiveness, self-compassion, and self-care are likely to be important for you now, and you need to do what’s right for you, not what someone else is demanding that you do. Make sure that you are doing what you can to connect with your higher self.

When the Five of Pentacles is reversed, this is your cue to take care of yourself and to know that better times are on the horizon.

The Five of Pentacles: Yes or No

The Five of Pentacles is a no and indicates both hard times and difficulties.

Make sure that you’re open to receiving help, able to spend time alone, and overcoming obstacles in your life. If you’re closed off and trying to handle it all alone, you’re more likely to have a hard time. 

When the Five of Pentacles is here, the answer is no, and you’ll likely need to seek help.

The Five of Pentacles and Astrology

In astrology, the generouscompassionate Five of Pentacles is associated with Taurus and Capricorn. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn knows how to struggle and survive, while Taurus’s stubbornness and resourcefulness also align

The Five of Pentacles’s energy will feel more natural to Taurus and Capricorn individuals, and similarly, earth signs, as Taurus will understand perseverance and resourcefulnessVirgo will align with steadfastness and reliability, and Capricorn will understand grit and efficiency. 

The earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn will emotionally identify with the Five of Pentacles!

The Five of Pentacles and Numerology

In numerology, the Five of Pentacles is represented by the number 55 represents change, freedom, struggle, and liberation. 

The number knows that being free isn’t easy, and sometimes you have to struggle when you’re trying to make it to a goal or when you’re trying to preserve something worth keeping. While it’s nice to be free, taking care of yourself in the wild can be difficult. 

Unpredictability, isolation, and adaptability are key themes for the number 5, so let go of the reins and let fortune take you where it will!

Number 5 can help us to experience freedom, with all the good as well as the bad. 

The Five of Pentacles as a Daily Card

The Five of Pentacles may be clueing you in that today will be a challenge! When you see this card as your daily card, it can bring struggles, uncertainty, hardship, and isolation, and those are really not the themes you’re hoping to see for your day ahead!

You need to be adaptable when it comes to the Five of Pentacles and roll with the punches that life may be throwing at you. Everyone has periods of struggle in their life; it’s about what you do to respond to it. 

If you’re open to it, these challenges can trigger growth, development, and even a sense of liberation. Let the challenges change you into someone stronger.

The Five of Pentacles wants you to roll with the punches because life’s going to keep throwing them no matter what!

The Five of Pentacles in Relation to Other Cards

All tarot cards have other cards in the major and minor arcana that back them up by complementing their energy or that challenge them by contrasting their energy. Are you doubling down or finding a balance? Let’s find out!

  • Five of Pentacles’s adversity + The Tower’s upheaval Material struggles, sudden financial issues
  • Five of Pentacles’s isolation + The Four of Cups’s introspection Internal contemplation, withdrawal
  • Five of Pentacles’s challenges + The Three of Pentacles’s progress Progress and using collaboration to overcome obstacles
  • Five of Pentacles’s financial struggle + The Nine of Pentacles’s self-sufficiency Getting yourself out of a difficult financial bind

Complementary Cards

Complementary cards that enhance the meaning of the Five of Pentacles include the:

  • The Nine of Swords: The Five of Pentacles shares the worryanxiety, and isolation with The Nine of Swords
  • The Nine of Wands: The Five of Pentacles has the same guardednessstruggle, and stress as The Nine of Wands
  • The Three of Swords: The Five of Pentacles has a shared emotional pain and inner struggle with the Three of Swords
  • The Five of Wands: The Five of Pentacles shares struggle, conflict, and uncertainty with the Five of Wands

These cards signify abundance, self-sufficiency, and a shift towards positive outcomes.

Contrasting Cards

Contrasting cards that challenge or provide contrasting energies to the Five of Pentacles include the:

  • The Ten of Cups: The Five of Pentacles isn’t as content or abundant as The Ten of Cups, suggesting that you need to put down roots to find abundance or look for help
  • The Four of Wands: The Five of Pentacles isn’t about celebration or happiness like The Four of Wands, indicating a need to find more happiness and community
  • The Sun: The Five of Pentacles isn’t as joyful or fruitful as The Sun, indicating a need to be more creative and joyful
  • The Four of Pentacles: The Five of Pentacles isn’t as secure or good at saving as The Four of Pentacles, reminding you to be smart with your resources

When the Five of Pentacles is with a complementary card, it might be telling you to go for it, but in a specific way! If the Five of Pentacles is with a contrasting card, figure out what needs balancing out.


The Five of Pentacles knows that you might be going through a hard time but that it’s not going to last forever. When you’re able to reach out for help, you’ll be able to get back on your feet and give back to others. 

It can be hard to go through struggles and loss, but every rain cloud must have a silver lining, and you will be able to heal from these difficulties and recover with help from others. 

The Five of Pentacles wants to be there to help you so that you can find the support that you need. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need, and you will find your happiness again. 


What does Five of Pentacles tarot card symbolizes?

The Five of Pentacles represents financial hardship, isolation, and a sense of being left out or abandoned during challenging times.

What does it mean when the Five of Pentacles appears in a tarot reading?

When this card appears, it suggests that you may be experiencing financial difficulties or feeling excluded from a group or community.

How can I interpret the Five of Pentacles in a love reading?

In a love reading, the Five of Pentacles may indicate feelings of loneliness or a lack of emotional support within a relationship.

What actions can I take if the Five of Pentacles appears in a career reading?

If this card appears in a career reading, it may suggest seeking additional financial stability or exploring new job opportunities.

Is the Five of Pentacles a positive or negative card?

The Five of Pentacles is generally seen as a negative card, representing challenges and hardships. However, it can also serve as a reminder to seek help and support.

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