Pisces compatibility: Personality, Love, Trust, Friendship and more

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Astrology offers great insight into compatibility. Pisces is a dreamer and deeply intuitive. Being so adaptable means they can find a way of building a close relationship with anyone.

Below, you can read about how Pisces combines with the other zodiac signs.

Pisces Compatibility with other Zodiac Signs

Intense and passionate fire signs can be overwhelming for ethereal Pisces, though they find them exciting. Sometimes, Pisces finds fire signs’ straightforwardness hard to handle, and fire signs can be baffled by Pisces’ slipperiness.

Pisces will happily fit in with what earth signs want, and earth signs appreciate Pisces, encouraging them to slow down and go with the flow.

Combining Pisces’ imagination with air signs’ intellect can introduce them both to new worlds.

Pisceans relate most easily to their fellow water signs, Cancer and Scorpio. Together, they can find mutual understanding and develop a deep connection.

Pisces and Aries Compatibility

Intuitive Pisces is a natural follower, and the fighter Aries is a natural leader. Their union offers a blend of dreams and action.

ElementRuling Planet
PiscesWater: driven by emotion, dreams and compassion.Neptune: guided by compassion and their imagination.
Aries Fire: dynamic and bursting with enthusiasm, fearless zeal, and a sense of adventure.Mars: showcasing courage, assertiveness, and initiative.

Self-sacrificing Pisces is happy to adore Aries. Changeable Pisces and direct Aries can take a while to understand, but their combination offers growth and depth opportunities. With understanding and patience, Pisces and Aries can discover a world where dreams find wings.

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Pisces and Taurus Compatibility

Pisces can combine their emotional depth and intuition with Taurus’ a symbol of steadfastness and sensuality. Their interaction weaves a tale of dreams grounded in reality.

ElementRuling Planet
PiscesWater: intuitive, imaginative and emotional.Neptune: guided by dreams, compassion and imagination.
TaurusEarth: epitomizing unwavering determination and rooted stability.Venus: highly sensual and forever seeking long-lasting love.

In their union, dreams meet dedication, and imagination finds a home. Pisces and Taurus can craft a deep and enduring bond through mutual appreciation and nurturing.

For a more comprehensive analysis, see the Pisces and Taurus compatibility article.

Pisces and Libra Compatibility

Pisces and Libra together create a world of peaceful romance. Their interaction paints a canvas of sentiment and understanding.

ElementRuling Planet
PiscesWater: intuitive, imaginative and emotional.Neptune: guided by compassion and imagination.
LibraAir: considerate and affectionate, always ready to compromise.Venus: focused on creating harmony and balance within relationships.

In their union, dreams meet diplomacy, and depth marries harmony. Pisces and Libra can create a relationship filled with beauty and understanding through mutual appreciation and adjustment.

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Pisces and Gemini Compatibility

Pisces lives in the world of feelings, while Gemini tends to live in their head. Together, they can create a bigger and better world for themselves.

ElementRuling Planet
PiscesWater: channels the deep mysteries of emotion and soulful introspection.Neptune: symbolizes illusion and spiritual insight.
GeminiAir: curious, refusing to allow boredom into their life.Mercury: flirtatious with a sharp wit and focused on communication.

In this partnership, imagination meets intellect, and dreams converse with reason. Their joint adaptability can create an imaginative and thrilling partnership.

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Pisces and Cancer Compatibility

With its emotional depth and dreamlike wanderings, Pisces finds a kindred spirit in nurturing and sensitive Cancer. Their interactions weave a tapestry of mutual understanding and heartfelt connection.

ElementRuling Planet
PiscesWater: creative, intuitive and compassionate.Neptune: guided by compassion and imagination.
CancerWater: nurturing, intuitive and protective.Moon: highly emotional and nurturing and willing to enter Pisces’ world.

Pisces and Cancer can create a nurturing and empathetic bond when their two worlds of deep emotions converge. Their connection is both tender and enduring.

For a deeper dive, look at the Pisces and Cancer compatibility article.

Pisces and Leo Compatibility

Pisces’ seductive skills and Leo’s charisma combine to craft a tale of heartfelt warmth and creative expression.

ElementRuling Planet
PiscesWater: seductive, intuitive, and imaginative.Neptune: led by imagination and their dreams.
LeoFire: shining with ambition and an unquenchable thirst for admiration.Sun: they like to take the lead and are prone to grand romantic gestures.

Mutual fascination helps Pisces and Leo make a sensual connection. Pisces and Leo can live a vibrant and deep love story.

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Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility

Pisces’ and Scorpio’s shared intuition allows them a depth of intimacy that few people are lucky enough to experience. Together, they can create a bond of soulful connection and mutual understanding.

ElementRuling Planet
PiscesWater: filled with emotional depth and boundless dreams.Neptune: guided by dreams, illusions and spirituality.
ScorpioWater: intimate and deep passion with unyielding devotion.Pluto: driven by an ability to uncover truths and make changes.

Pisces and Scorpio find a kindred spirit in each other. Their relationship can take them on a powerful emotional and spiritual growth journey.

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Pisces and Sagittarius Compatibility

Mutual fascination helps Pisces and Sagittarius establish a deep and loving connection. Their union offers an adventure that explores both inner and outer worlds.

ElementRuling Planet
PiscesWater: symbolizes the depth of emotion and dreams.Neptune: guided by dreams, intuition and spiritual insight.
SagittariusFire: driven by a sense of adventure and the quest for truth.Jupiter: embodying wisdom, adventure, and optimism.

Pisces and Sagittarius fulfil each other’s dreams with mutual understanding and a sense of shared purpose.

See the article on Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility for more details.

Pisces and Capricorn Compatibility

When Pisces and Capricorn join forces, dreams find their foundation and visions turn into reality.

ElementRuling Planet
PiscesWater: symbolizes the vastness of emotions and dreams.Neptune: channeling intuition, mysticism and dreams.
CapricornEarth: serious and pragmatic, focused on long-term results.Saturn: reflects responsibility and the patience to create a lasting connection.

Capricorn and Pisces may take their time getting to know each other, but things get better as time passes.

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Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility

Pisces and Aquarius form an alliance that fuses depth with vision.

ElementRuling Planet
PiscesWater: explore the in-depth meaning of feeling and intuition.Neptune: supported by sensitivity and everlasting compassion.
AquariusAir: plans for the future and comes up with innovative ideas.Uranus: manifesting rebellion, curiosity and leveraging freedom.

Infinite possibilities occur with the union of Pisces and Aquarius, a play of emotion and intelligence.

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Pisces and Virgo Compatibility

Opposites attract when sensitive Pisces meets practical Virgo. Together, they can create a loving and sensual blend.

ElementRuling Planet
PiscesWater: intuitive, imaginative and emotional. Brings adaptability to the relationship.Neptune: guided by compassion and their imagination.
VirgoEarth: meticulous, reliable and organized.Mercury: championing logic, pragmatism, and good communication.

With Pisces and Virgo, dreams meet diligence, creating a world where imagination and pragmatism coexist.

Find out more from the article on Pisces and Virgo compatibility.

Pisces and Pisces compatibility

Pisces and Pisces, this magical bond between deep thinkers and storytellers, offers an unimaginative connection. They invite each other into a haven of emotional depth through shared sensitivity.

Their relationship is a mixture of long conversations, undying empathy, care for each other, and a lot of physical touch. Observing this couple from afar seems like a dreamy and psychic connection built on trust and understanding.

Most Compatible Signs for Pisces

In the journey of understanding your Pisces compatibility, discover the signs that align harmoniously with your intuitive and compassionate nature.

Every relationship is unique, but there are certain zodiac signs that resonate with your qualities, forming deep and fulfilling connections.

Here are the most compatible signs that complement your Piscean essence:

  • Taurus: Their relationship will be filled with affection.
  • Cancer: They intuitively understand each other and can serve the other’s needs.
  • Scorpio: No one can stop them if they decide to get together.

Least Compatible Signs for Pisces

In the tapestry of relationships, understanding the dynamics that might challenge a Pisces like yourself is essential. Every connection has its unique nuances, but some zodiac signs can present traits that demand delicate handling.

Here are the signs that might not align seamlessly with your intuitive and compassionate essence:

  • Aries: They can feel baffled by each other’s very different approach to life.
  • Gemini: It can be hard to find common ground.
  • Libra: Their relationship can become complicated and confused.


When it comes to zodiac signs, Pisces stands out with its emotional depth and intuitive nature. Navigating relationships with another Pisces or a different zodiac sign is a journey of discovery, passion, and profound connections.

While challenges may arise due to Pisces’ heightened sensitivity, their innate empathy often steers them towards understanding and harmony.

By delving into Pisces compatibility, one gains insights into the multifaceted world of this water sign, appreciating its unique dynamics in love, friendship, and beyond.

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