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Scorpio Man

If we had to sum up the Scorpio man in three words, it would be mysterious, sexy and intense.

This fixed water sign represented by the scorpion is one of the most complex signs in the zodiac. Along with Aries, Mars is its ruling planet, but Scorpio also has Pluto ruling this sign too. 

Mars, the planet of war and sex, which gives Aries such tremendous drive and passion, likewise bestows the same on Scorpio. But the addition of Pluto brings a deep complexity to this sign. Pluto, the planet of the underworld and most heavily associated with death, is the ultimate planet of transformation.

We go through little deaths throughout life before being born again. The Scorpio man knows all about this. His life is a series of twists, turns, chaos and upheaval. This applies to Scorpio rising and anyone with heavy Scorpio influence in their natal chart.

This is the most intense sign of the zodiac, so when we think of Scorpio men, we can expect a man with many hidden layers to his personality and a deep sexuality that is profound and transformative by nature.

Overview of Scorpio Man

AspectScorpio Man Description
PersonalityMysterious, intense, and determined; possesses a magnetic presence.
CharacteristicsHighly observant, passionate, and tenacious; embraces challenges.
TraitsEmotionally deep, secretive, and resourceful; can be fiercely protective.
LoveSeeks profound and transformative connections; values loyalty and authenticity.
In RelationshipsDevoted and passionate; desires a partner who matches their intensity.
Career & AmbitionAmbitious and strategic; excels in roles requiring depth and analysis.
FriendshipLoyal and empathetic; values deep, meaningful bonds with friends.
Communication StyleDirect and straightforward; appreciates honesty and depth in conversation.
ChallengesPossibility of jealousy, possessiveness, and a tendency to hold grudges.
StrengthsResilience, determination, and an innate ability to navigate complexities.
WeaknessesProne to intensity and emotional extremes; can be secretive.
Spiritual SymbolismThe Scorpion – symbolizing transformation, rebirth, and inner strength.
Lifepath NumberOften resonates with the number 8, signifying power, transformation, and self-mastery.
Angel Number333 – representing protection, guidance, and spiritual awakening, mirroring Scorpio’s depth and intuition.
Tarot CardDeath – symbolizing transformation, rebirth, and profound change; Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, reinforcing the card’s themes of transformation and renewal.
Disclaimer: This table is a creative blend of astrology, numerology, and tarot and may not align with the traditional teachings of these systems.

What is the Scorpio Man Like as a Person?

See the man sitting in the corner with his leather jacket, deep, penetrating stare and brooding shoulders? Chances are, this is a Scorpio man.

It doesn’t matter what his physical features are. He radiates a strong sexuality, a magnetism that lures people in. He can’t help it, and he does it without trying. Scorpio also rules the genitals area in health astrology; hence, this sign is intrinsically sexual. 

He oozes mystery. This can either fascinate or intimidate people. This is especially prevalent for the Scorpio rising man, and if you have a double sun and rising – wow! Grab the ice pack because things are just a little too hot in here!

You may never really know where you stand with the Scorpio man. He is like a riddle wrapped in a puzzle—one minute, you think you know him, the next, you don’t. The Scorpio man has many protective layers that he uses to shield himself. Remember, this is a water sign; he is deeply sensitive, empathetic and emotional. 

But he will rarely show it. That’s what those protective layers are for.

Mysterious, intense and with a powerful sexuality, the Scorpio man is protective of himself and others. He is sensitive and highly empathetic but will rarely show it.

What Kind of Personality Does the Scorpio Man Have?

Loyalty is one of the most powerful characteristics this man possesses. He is loyal to friends, loyal to himself and loyal to his one true love. He is extremely protective and will do anything if you are in need.

Furthermore, he has incredible powers of observation. Good luck trying to get anything past him – that penetrating glare doesn’t miss a thing!

As stated, he is highly intense. This man doesn’t just look at what is on the surface. He wants to get right down to the very core of your being. He will be inquisitive about you – but don’t expect him to reveal much about him! He is very secretive by nature.

One particular aspect of his personality is his unwavering determination. Scorpions have been around for roughly 420 million years, surviving all calamities and outliving many other species. This is a quintessential quality of the Scorpio man – he is a fighter who will face and overcome challenges.

Secretive and intense, this man has a compelling personality that can fascinate or intimidate. He has unwavering determination and is highly perceptive.

Scorpio Man Positive Traits

  • Magnetic: The Scorpio man oozes sex appeal, and doesn’t he know it! One look from him is enough to make you swoon. The more Scorpio energy is activated in this man, the more others find him irresistible. He’s got that ‘He’s so bad, he’s good’ vibe!
  • Loyal: One of the most reliable signs, when this man commits, he doesn’t stray. His feelings run deep, and he knows the value of keeping a promise.
  • Strategic: He’s an incredibly strategic thinker. He can think several steps ahead and is always on the lookout for potential danger. This is an in-built survival instinct in him, which is particularly powerful.
  • Passionate: Passion is this man’s middle name. If you’re the type who enjoys conventional, predictable types, this is probably not the man for you. If you’re into exciting, unpredictable and wild times, the Scorpio man is right up your alley!

Scorpio Man Negative Traits

  • Jealous: Jealousy is a quality that Scorpio generally struggles with, and when it manifests in a man, it can be especially challenging to deal with. (Take a look at those Venus in Scorpios – whew!) This man is competitive, and when he is in a relationship, he can be possessive and jealous of his partner. His jealousy can manifest as sulky silence or outward anger. A Scorpio man needs to feel secure both within himself and in his relationships, or else this particular negative quality can spiral out of control.
  • Secretive: Like the Scorpion in the wild that hides in the shadows, the Scorpio man can be very secretive. This can create barriers in communication and be an obstacle to trust-building.
  • Mood swings: The Scorpio man can be prone to mood swings. His emotions run deep and intense. As the fixed water sign, his feelings are powerful and here to stay, but how they express themselves differs. This man can go from intense passion to brooding sullenness.
  • Vindictive: A Scorpio man who feels wronged is not a pretty sight. This sign can fall prey to thoughts of revenge. If his pride has been wounded, look out. This man can be vindictive, and, what’s more, he is prepared to wait a long time – sometimes years – to even the score.

What Type of Career Suits the Scorpio Man?

With his penetrating aura and his amazing perceptive gifts, the Scorpio man makes an excellent detective, sleuth, police officer, and any role that requires deep insight. As such, the Scorpio man can excel in any career.

He has a talent for analysing, which goes unrivalled. The Scorpio man is an observer. He has a brilliant poker face, and his watery nature makes him wonderfully creative.

His fixed modality means he can stay in the same role for a long time if he feels he is constantly progressing. This can be on a spiritual level, and the Scorpio man will always know if he has reached a stage of stagnation.

His intense need to get beneath the surface makes him ideal for investigative work, but the Scorpio man can excel in any profession.

What is he Like in Love and Relationships?

If it is passion and devotion you seek, look no further than the Scorpio man!

You will become the focus of his very existence. The Scorpio man loves passionately and intensely. While it may take him some time to open up, and while it may not seem like much is going on with him, beneath the surface lies a churning whirlpool of ardor.

The Scorpio man will often put you through a series of tests at the start of the relationship to see if you are as loyal and devoted as he. If he doubts your loyalty or commitment at any stage, he will cut you off, sometimes without a word.

The Scorpio man is not seeking a meaningless fling. Above all, he looks for a deep and intense connection. He is searching for the One. If he feels you are not the One, he may be open to sleeping with you, but it won’t go further. 

When he finds the One, he will be unwaveringly loyal and committed. It’s ride or die with the Scorpio man. He is fiercely protective and very affectionate.

Being in love with a Scorpio man and having him love you is quite a dramatic experience. The richness of his love knows no bounds. This sign can go deep in exploring the depths of his love, and it will be a magical experience. Yes, there may be arguments (the Scorpio man can be stubborn and has an ego), jealousy, and power struggles with this man, but when he loves you, he will ultimately put you first.

The Scorpio man does not do fake. He values authenticity. So if you want to win his heart, remember – be yourself.

He loves deeply and passionately when he finds the right one for him. Love with a Scorpio Man is a wild and magical rollercoaster of a ride that you will never forget.

What is he Like Between the Sheets?

This man instinctively knows what the object of his affection likes in bed, and he knows how to let them know what he likes, too. He doesn’t need to say anything. He feels his way through.

Scorpio also rules the 8th house in astrology, the house of sex and death. We have a lot of taboos here, so that you can expect some kinky-style stuff from your Scorpio man.

The Scorpio man combines passionate intimacy with emotional intensity – in other words, prepare for a mindblowing experience!

His magnetism lures partners in. When this man is not in love, he can sleep with many partners at any time. But it’s never quite enough for him. He is seeking that raw, passionate connection with just one partner. He aims to find it; sometimes, that means trying out many different people to get there.

Sex with a Scorpio man is intense, passionate and kinky. This man knows what he wants, and his sexual allure attracts many partners.

5 Signs a Scorpio Man is in Love With You

Want to know if a Scorpio man is in love with you? Read on to find out more:

  1. You will be his primary focus: When a Scorpio man loves, he loves hard. You will feel his intensity in every message he writes to you and how he looks at you.
  2. He will open up to you: The Scorpio man is extremely protective of his inner world, so you can be sure his feelings for you run deep if he opens up to you.
  3. He is protective of you: When a Scorpio man loves you, he will not hesitate to show you how protective he feels about you.
  4. He is affectionate: A Scorpio man is typically guarded, but when he is in love, he becomes gentle and affectionate with the one he loves.
  5. Deeply loyal and committed: If a Scorpio man loves you, he will become deeply committed to you. This man can have many lovers throughout his lifetime, but when he finds the one he truly loves, they have his undying loyalty.

Scorpio Man Likes and Dislikes

So what kind of stuff does our Scorpio man like, and what gets his back up?


  • Intimacy: He wants a deep, magical connection with a special person.
  • Mystery: He is deeply mysterious and likes others who also have that mysterious flair about them.
  • Loyalty: Loyalty is important to the Scorpio man. He needs to know he can trust others. He is loyal, and he expects the same in return.


  • Dishonesty: This man loathes dishonesty. Trust is absolutely essential to him. Without it, he will cut ties and burn bridges faster than his stinger comes out (which can come out if he feels betrayed).
  • Superficiality: The Scorpio man finds superficial and shallow conversations boring. He needs depth in a person, job or environment because he needs to go beneath the surface to feel alive.
  • Unpredictability: This is a fixed sign, and he is not a fan of unpredictability. Unpleasant surprises can have a very negative effect on him.


The Scorpio man is intense, magnetic and determined. He comes to learn the awesome power of transformation through challenging situations, and in time, he learns to submit his ego to the higher authority of his soul, which is when he discovers who he truly is and the incredible gifts he brings to this world.

There can be no doubt that our sexy Scorpio man is an enigma in his own right. His intensity can be a blessing or a curse. When harnessed to its highest potential, he can create incredible transformation in both his own life and the lives of others.

But when this intensity is mismanaged, it can lead him down a path of self-destruction and engulf him in an array of emotions that spiral out of control.

It is the Scorpio man who must learn to harness this powerful energy he possesses. In the wild, the Scorpion’s venom can kill – but this venom also has the potential to heal even the most deadly of diseases.

This is what the Scorpio man must master. Will he use his gifts for good or ill? Will he allow jealousy to tear him apart inside, or will he transform it into something positive? Will he use his seduction to bring him joy in its purest form, or will he use it for selfish purposes without regard for others?

Like his ruling planet, the Scorpio man’s very existence holds powerful themes of transformation, especially the transformation of negative energy into positive energy. More than any other sign, the Scorpio man can change his entire life around with the power of thought alone. His steely determination means he has the potential to achieve anything he dreams. In the Scorpio man’s case, the biggest threat to his dreams is not anything on the outside – it is himself.

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