First Quarter Moon On December 19: 3 Zodiac Signs Stepping Into Growth

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If you’re wondering what the First Quarter Moon signifies then the main thing you need to know is that it is the one Moon phase that provides energy for manifestation and growth. It is the halfway point between the New Moon and the Full Moon. The New Moon is especially good for new beginnings and startingafresh. The Full Moon is a powerful time of upheaval and release. It is not unusual for revelations, change, and enlightenment to appear during a Full Moon (hence why we seem to become so wildly affected during its time in the sky!)

The First Quarter Moon is that moment when the light within you realises its full potential and begins to expand outwards. But it’s not so simple. There is tension between the light and the dark. For while your light is being called to express itself, the darkness continues to linger. The duality between the two may result in clashes and conflict if reconciliation between them has not yet occurred. Therefore, we can expect to see some tensions and confrontations during the First Quarter Moon phase. But growth is never easy, is it? Think of growing pains – they are called ‘pains’ for a reason! A challenge typically shows up during this lunar phase. But the challenge is an opportunity for growth. Look at it with a positive eye and you will begin to welcome the challenge rather than be repelled by it.

What About When It’s in Pisces?

This First Quarter Moon swings by in Pisces and here we have a particularly emotional First Quarter where feelings are likely to rise to the surface. Pisces is the sign of compassion, forgiveness, unconditional love, and deep creativity. In areas of our lives where we are struggling with these, this First Quarter brings our emotions to the forefront. Pisces is also the sign of the escapist. There may be an urge to avoid any potentially uncomfortable situations but always keep in the back of your mind that this lunar phase is about growth and that to grow, sometimes we must go through some painful moments. Pisces brings greater empathy in general so just as you feel your hackles coming up, don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself stepping into another’s shoes and seeing things from their perspective.

An important reminder for this First Quarter Moon is exactly that: perspective. While not everyone will agree with you, this First Quarter Moon is a reminder that everyone is an individual and entitled to their beliefs. Freedom is essential for growth.

Which 3 Zodiac Signs Will Step into Growth?

Here are three zodiac signs that will flourish under this First Quarter Moon in Pisces:


Aries can expect some intense interactions with others. The Moon is also entering Aries at this time which is activating the ram’s inner drive. There may be clashes regarding world views but their challenge is to give way to the other person. This cardinal fire sign is a bold go-getter and unafraid to go after what they want. But sometimes, it helps to harness some of that Piscean energy which chooses empathy first and foremost.

For Aries, the best advice we can give you is not to be too rash. Think before you ram your horns into your opponent! Know that sometimes the best path to victory is with a cordial smile and acknowledgment of the other’s viewpoint. Then make yourself heard.


Pisces themselves have a powerful opportunity now to transform negative emotions into positive ones. This First Quarter Moon will be especially effective for them as it is in their sign and their feelings are likely to be churning and intense at this time. For Pisceans who are experiencing difficulties expressing themselves in their relationships, this lunar phase encourages them to speak out loud; to be bold, and not worry about saying the wrong thing. This sign can experience potent transformations which can lead to great change during the upcoming Full Moon.


The last few months have been quite challenging for Librans in terms of learning to assert themselves and this First Quarter Moon brings more opportunity for them to move forward boldly. To infinity and beyond, as Buzz Lightyear said. The North Node in Aries which activated in July this year is putting Libra to the test through to January 2025. With this First Quarter Moon in Pisces, we see Librans trying to assert their authority in the realm of emotions. This sign can struggle with speaking their mind at times as they try to please everyone but the advice for them during this lunar phase is to just say whatever they are feeling. They will feel so much better for it and as much as it may raise a few eyebrows, Librans will feel a deep sense of satisfaction and it will propel them further toward their destiny with greater confidence.

Grow Your Confidence With the First Quarter Moon

During this phase, the seeds planted during the New Moon are taking root. This First Quarter Moon encourages you to be bold with your emotions; to trust in yourself and to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. This Moon is encouraging you to be open with your feelings and with your dreams and aspirations. It encourages you to put your foot down where necessary and own your true authentic self. In short, it is asking you to be courageous. Remember, if you did not have this courage within you, it would never ask it of you in the first place


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