Moon Opposite Lilith on December 18: 5 Zodiac Signs Confront Inner Shadows

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Prepare for an intense wave of emotions as 18th December 2023 brings a watery Moon in Pisces opposite Black Moon Lilith in Virgo.

Firstly, what is Black Moon Lilith? Not a planet and not a person. Instead, this is a placement based on where the furthest point of the Moon is in your birth chart. The Dark Side of the Moon.

Not so well-known as the Sun, Moon or Rising signs, Lilith is as mysterious as she is hidden. She represents our dark sides. We’ve all got one. It’s just that many of us don’t show it. Some of us are even unaware of it due to repressing it. But the dark side, the shadow side, lurks within every one of us.

It is Lilith that helps us understand our dark side and integrate it within ourselves so that we can be the whole-st versions of who we are and, thus, feel most alive.

Scorpio people, Pluto people and people with a strong 8th house will be familiar with this type of thing already but for others, exploring one’s dark side can be challenging, if not downright frightening. After all, we spend most of our time hiding it from others, society and ourselves. These hidden desires and wild lusts we harbour within us are not acceptable in many aspects of today’s society.

The problem with the dark side is that if it goes ignored, buried or treated as though it doesn’t exist, it begins to manifest in a way that spirals out of control. It may become a monster in its own right. The only way to deal with the dark side is to confront it.

Black Moon Lilith is an untamed energy. Our job is to face this side of ourselves and tame this energy. Such energy can be used for good and ill. In its highest expression, it produces phenomenal creative work and can be world-changing. There is an inherent sexual energy associated with Black Moon Lilith, but sexual energy is also creative energy as both are about creation. Repression of this energy is to also repress one’s own spirit.

Black Moon Lilith in Virgo – What Does That Mean?

Lilith has been in Virgo since October 4th 2023 and will remain there until June 30th 2024. What does this transit mean?

In short, Black Moon Lilith brings up feelings of resentment or outrage due to feeling taken advantage of in some way. Virgo is the sign of service. As an earth sign, this can be service to humanity, service to others or service to oneself. In Black Moon Lilith, we see a sign that keeps giving and giving and feels underappreciated or forced to sell themselves short.

When opposing the Moon in Pisces, we have a very intense, chaotic energy as this is a watery and extremely emotional Moon. Pisces energy brings raw sensitivity. Opposite Black Moon Lilith, we have two opposite signs clashing with one another. The deep sensitivity of Pisces is frustrated by the practical nature of Virgo. 

Prepare for frustrations and resentments to rise to the surface in any area where you feel you are underappreciated, neglected or mistreated.

However, the Moon in Pisces also brings the opportunity for healing. Out of the ashes comes a new foundation and therefore it is a blessing in disguise.

Which 5 Zodiac Signs Will Confront Their Inner Shadow?

All signs will be affected to some degree but these five zodiac signs will feel this powerful lumination more than most:


With the Moon in Pisces, this mutable water sign will feel the intensity of this opposition to such a degree that they are likely to need some serious time-out space. Powerful emotions will rise to the surface for Pisces, especially in aspects of the Self. Pisces is a sign of sacrifice but where they feel they are being trodden on, it is likely to all come out under this lunation.


The fixed water sign of Scorpio will feel especially intense during this transit and they are advised to keep a close eye on their emotions at this time. Explosive arguments are best avoided. Journaling their feelings is a great idea and can help them see things from a higher perspective. A sequence of events showing this sign where they are dissatisfied is likely so they are encouraged to pay attention to signs from the universe showing them the way.


All of the water signs will feel this transit powerfully. The cardinal water sign of Cancer may find themselves feeling extra sensitive and a heart-to-heart conversation in their relationships is likely imminent. Prepare for all the cards to lay on the table. For healing to commence, everything must come out into the open, for better or worse.


As Black Lilith sits in Virgo, this mutable earth sign will experience any fatigue associated with feeling overworked or stressed. Where Virgo feels hard done by, it is likely to come out in a stream of consciousness that no one expected. However, this is for the good in the long run and will result in greater communication and a deeper sense of satisfaction.


Emotions are running high for this cardinal air sign and Libra may find themselves off-balance during this transit as they struggle to balance their sense of fairness with their distaste for conflict. Libra seeks peace above all else and this chaotic energy may have them fleeing for sanctuary. But Libra is encouraged to face the discomfort head-on. Facing one’s dark side is never easy, especially for this harmony-loving sign, but for Libra, doing so is essential if they wish to find true authenticity.

Embracing the Dark: Unveiling Our Shadows with Black Moon Lilith’s Cosmic Invitation

Black Moon Lilith brings the chance for intense shadow work. We are often frightened or repulsed by the darker side of our nature – hence we work so hard to hide it.

But our shadow side is a part of who we are. It cannot harm anyone or anything so long as we acknowledge it, face it and tame it. The gravest mistake so many make is harbouring under the illusion that they have no dark side. 

Every part of us needs our attention, both the light and dark. This is the only way we can truly discover who we are. During this lunation, we have the opportunity to do this more than ever.


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