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The Sun Tarot Card

Every Tarot card tells its own story, and with that story comes a message. The message of the Sun card is pure positivity.

Like feeling free outdoors, with the Sun on your skin, this card wants you to feel optimistic, like miraculous things are possible!

You will discover things about yourself now that increase your self-worth. It feels like a burden is lifted. You can Literally lighten up!

Soak in the warmth, friend. Let it refresh your sense of excitement about being alive. The light you feel is the light you shine, and you have enough to illuminate the whole world!

Sun Tarot Card Description

Before we take a deep dive into the meaning of The Sun card, let’s take a look at the art:

The Sun is up, and the sky is blue! Sunflowers are blooming! And a naked baby with flowers in its hair rides a horse while carrying a big, red flag.

To read a card like this, it helps to look at the symbols:

  • CHILD – The child is about innocence. It is the freedom you feel in your heart when cares unburden you. Your purity of purpose is shining through.
  • HORSE – The horse is also giving freedom, but with added support and mobility. You are not only unbound, but you have the power to make a difference!
  • SUN/FLOWERS – The flowers echo the Sun’s radiance, bringing in vibes of growth and blossoming. Share the inspiration and beauty you find. Your contributions are seen and appreciated!
  • SUN’S RAYS – Shining in all directions, the Sun doesn’t discriminate. It shines for all living things to enjoy warmth, growth, and beauty. Let this be your example.
  • RED FLAG – Red is the color for passion and vitality. This flag signals the heat of joy and enthusiasm that drives our growth and our sense of play.

The Sun card looks like a happy scene, and it is! The colors are bold and vibrant, letting you know some intensity comes with this joy. But we get a sense of grounded support from the gray and white tones in the lower half of the card.

Key Facts

UprightJoy, success, positivity, vitality, enlightenment
ReversedTemporary setbacks, lack of clarity, self-doubt, negativity
Yes or NoYes
Astrological SignLeo
Key Facts: The Sun Tarot Card

Upright Meaning of The Sun

The meaning of this card in the upright is the same as its core meaning: To feel alive, exuding joy and enthusiasm! 

On its own, The Sun is an invitation to have confidence as you pursue what inspires you. Your light shines brighter with every accomplishment. It’s really something to celebrate!

Here are the highlights:

  • Success – You rarely feel more alive than when you’re winning. Successfully finishing something you set out to do gives a burst of optimism. It gives you more faith in yourself.
  • Prosperity – If you think about our actual Sun, it never holds back. All it does is shine, without which there would be no life! It is an example of the limitless potential that shines through in all of us.
  • Spotlight – This is truly your moment to shine. Don’t hesitate to pitch in and help out. You’ll be respected and admired for rising to the moment.

Vitality is a current, and you are standing in its flow. Let optimism fuel you on your quest for ultimate fulfillment.

Upright Love
Upright Career MeaningUpright Health Meaning
Radiating love and joy in relationships; a time of happiness and fulfillmentA successful and rewarding career; basking in the limelightGood physical health and vitality; embrace an active lifestyle

Love and Relationships – Upright, The Sun

In a love reading, The Sun offers the steady warmth of a supportive and joyful relationship. The love you enjoy now will grow and blossom like a sunflower!

There is a vibe of play and celebration here. Look for ways to delight and surprise your sweetheart. Express your love with the warmth they can feel!

If you’re looking for love, this is a very positive sign. Let your loving heart shine through like a beacon for the partner that’s seeking you! If you are open and receptive, you’ll soon be feeling the heat of a new flame.

Career and Work – Upright, The Sun

On the job, this card is here to remind you that you have what it takes to achieve great things. When you accept that your power and skills are an asset to the team, your dedication shines through. Don’t be surprised when you receive recognition for a job well done.

It helps to have a positive attitude in your work. People will enjoy working with you, and more opportunities are bound to come your way.

The Sun’s light is here to illuminate your career path. With its clarity and guidance, you can achieve remarkable things! Walk the path that allows you to create a life you love living!

Health and Wellness – Upright, The Sun

In a reading about health, The Sun promises renewal. You will feel alive, renewed, and capable!

Remember that spending time in natural sunlight gives great health benefits! It helps the body produce Vitamin D, and it is vital to grow the nutritious foods you eat.

Furthermore, a positive or sunny mindset helps improve your mental well-being!

If you’ve had a recent injury or illness, The Sun predicts a quick and easy recovery. You can feel your strength returning, and it makes you want to get out and enjoy being alive!

Spiritual Context – Upright, The Sun

Spiritually speaking, this card signals an awakening. A mystery has been illuminated. With clarity and a renewed sense of purpose, you have made progress on your spiritual path.

The result of this enlightenment is a more profound connection to life, the Universe, and everything!

So when you see the Sun in response to a question about spirit, expect the fog to clear. The Universe sends divine light to guide you forward.

Another way of seeing this card in this context is that your inner light is shining bright. This attracts others who seek similar illumination.

Reversed Meaning of The Sun

When the Sun comes out in reverse, you get a reality check

Rather than optimism and wonder, this card permits you to grieve. It acknowledges that even in a sunny life, some rain must fall.

  • Discouraged – It may feel like you’re left out in the cold, frustrated and powerless. But this situation is temporary. The Sun never stops shining, and soon, this shadow of gloom will pass.
  • Introspection – Think of this as your opportunity to shine a light within. Notice how you’re feeling, and remember what warms your heart. When you suffer a setback, it’s often the little things that provide great comfort.
Reversed Love
Reversed Career MeaningReversed Health Meaning
Temporary setbacks or conflicts in relationships; seek resolutionCareer setbacks or delays; avoid overconfidenceWatch for potential health issues; prioritize self-care

Love and Relationships – Reversed, The Sun

Reversed in a love reading? This card points out the sometimes-hidden trouble spots in a relationship. A lack of attention or communication signals someone is feeling less interested.

Again, this setback is temporary. It’s often a simple misunderstanding. You may have to renegotiate your approach to this partnership so that you both feel secure. It’s ideal to be in harmony with your sweetheart, and that means listening closely to the tune they’re singing.

So don’t forget to have open, meaningful conversations together. It’s easier to clear up misunderstandings when you hear one another out.

If you’re looking for love, The Sun in reverse says “not yet.” Focus on growing into the person you want to be for your beloved some day soon.

Career and Work – Reversed, The Sun

When The Sun pops reversed in a career reading, you’ve hit a bump in the road. What you thought was clearly a great career path now seems less promising and bright.

If you were expecting a raise, for example, or some other recognition for your hard work, you may feel disillusioned. Don’t forget that this situation is temporary. There is always hope shining through in the Sun card.

If you’re feeling unenthusiastic, you may want to reassess your goals. No one wants to go to work every day to a job that brings them down.

This is a time to take the initiative. Imagine yourself in the job you love, and take steps in that direction. Someday soon, the Sun will shine again.

Health and Wellness – Reversed, The Sun

When it flips reversed in a health reading, this is a warning that you’ve gotten off track. Take a look at your habits, and you’ll see what needs to change.

You may have neglected your mental and physical well-being in some way. Or you may be exposing yourself on purpose to things that diminish your health.

For example, all the good nutrition in the world can’t make up for a lack of sleep. And neither will it compensate if you overindulge in drugs or alcohol.

The problem is temporary and solvable. You just have to be dedicated to your own well-being.

Spiritual Context – Reversed, The Sun

In a spiritual context, The Sun, in reverse, illuminates the inward path of discovery. This is about getting to know yourself better and coming to understand your core beliefs.

This doesn’t sound easy, and it isn’t. But without a spiritual sense of purpose in the world, the rest of life can feel hollow and unfulfilling.

Are you hiding your light under a bushel? Afraid to let it shine? Past challenges may have scared you into submission. Now’s your chance to discover how sharing from the heart can brighten your life and those around you.

The Sun: Yes or No

The Sun card is an emphatic “Yes!”

Expressing positivity, this card says your hopes are confirmed! Your efforts will be rewarded.

The Sun and Astrology

When you add Astrology to a Tarot reading, you get another layer of significance. The Astrological correspondences to the Sun card are the Sun and the sign Leo.

  • The Sun – In astrology, it represents your core identity and your sense of purpose. Whatever you are ambitious to achieve, you go about it in the style of your Sun sign.
  • Leo – Leo signifies an area of the sky where the Sun is in its full power. Leo gives vibes of passion, intensity, and staying power.

This card is very much about the light you shine and the power of positivity to make happiness last.

The Sun Tarot Card and Numerology

Numerology is about the symbolism of numbers. The Sun’s number in Tarot is 19. In numerology, you add the numbers until they are reduced to a single-digit number.

In this example, 1+9=10, and 1+0=1. So the Sun vibrates the number One.

As in, “looking out for number one,” this vibration is about you and the original way you shine. “Number One” is what we call the person in charge. This is someone we’d expect to be ambitious, fearless, and determined to bring out the best in everyone.

It’s also about the ego. Each of us sees ourselves at the center of all action. From this position, we have the power to influence the world around us.

The Sun Card as a Daily Draw

In a daily Tarot draw, the Sun card promises a day filled with warmth and positivity.

Joy, clarity, and successful outcomes are also on the menu! Embrace this optimism and allow the fire in your heart to light the way today!

  • Opportunities! – Keep your eyes and ears out for unexpected lucky chances. Today could be the day you win tickets to that concert or get offered a great job!
  • Generosity – Sharing is caring. Give your time and consideration generously, and you won’t be disappointed. After all, what comes around goes around.
  • Power – By shining in the way only you can, you have a unique power to affect the world around you. You can mold your circumstances to your desire and have a beautiful, abundant life!

How to use The Sun in a Reading?

As a Major Arcana card, The Sun’s influence is stronger than a regular suit card. And whatever other cards turn up with it, it broadcasts a message of optimism and success!

Here are some themes to pay attention to:

  • Optimism – The Sun emphasizes positivity. So even if the situation is difficult, you will find improvement.
  • Achievement – If there is a specific goal you’ve been working hard to meet, this card says you will succeed.
  • Other Considerations – What was the question asked of the cards, and which cards came out with this one? The Sun’s intense vitality has an effect on them. And the story they tell wouldn’t be complete without this card’s confidence.

How to use The Sun in a Love Reading?

In a love reading, the Sun gives off very positive vibrations.

It signals the kind of happiness that makes two people in love seem to glow with optimism. You can let go of any doubts you have about your partner. Their love is true, and your future is bright.

Whether you’re looking for love or already in it, this card promises a blossoming affair. Count on finding a solid emotional connection, and be grateful for your good fortune.

Remember to apply the meaning of the card in this context to the position it landed in. For example, it could turn up in the “past” position of a “Past, Present, Future” spread. If that’s the case, the romantic positivity it indicates happened before now or up to now.

How to use The Sun in a Career Reading?

In a career reading, The Sun relates to opportunity, prosperity, and achievement.

For any reading, it’s important to set a clear intention. It helps to have specific questions about your job prospects. Keep them in mind while you shuffle or mix the cards.

Then, when The Sun comes out in the reading, you can blend its vibrant optimism with the messages of the other cards. This tells a more complete story.

How to use The Sun in a Health Reading?

In a health reading, The Sun represents good health, positive news, and quick healing.

It promises that if you don’t feel well now, you do have the capacity to feel strong and aliveYou will recover and feel better than ever.

The guidance for using it in a health reading is the same as any other reading. Compare and blend the story of this card with that of the others. The Sun card should add clarity and an air of success!

The Sun in Relation to Other Cards

The Sun gives an energy of intense optimism. Now is the time to let your courage and enthusiasm shine through! But, just what are you feeling this way about? The answer may lie in the cards that surround it.

Here are some tips for comparing The Sun with other cards:

  • Paired with Positive Cards: When The Sun is surrounded by other positive cards, your success is enhanced. This increases your joy and confidence!
  • Balanced with Negative Cards: If The Sun appears with challenging cards, consider the glass half-full. Your capacity for success says the reward will be worth the effort. 
  • In the Company of Other Major Arcana Cards: Major Arcana cards sitting near The Sun enhance the power of this card, fleshing out your reasons for positivity.

The Sun card is an integral part of the overall story a reading tells. The key to a good reading is to blend its message with the messages of the other cards in the spread.

Complementary Cards

Some cards support the Sun. They do this by spelling out a similar story or adding depth and dimension to the tale of potential. When it shows up with complementary cards, the message of success and celebration becomes more clear.

Here are some cards that complement The Sun:

  • The Fool – The Fool and The Sun have optimism in common and childlike innocence. Together, they signal taking a happy leap of faith into the unknown. Believe you will find happiness, and you will.
  • The Magician – The Magician and The Sun have the power of manifestation in common. Together, they show that if you know what you want, you have what it takes to get it.
  • The Star – The Star and The Sun have hope in common. Together, they remind us: Even in our darkest moments, the light of hope continues to shine.

Contrasting Cards

Some cards contrast with the energy of The Sun, signaling a lack of clarity and enthusiasm. These contrasting cards are a wake-up call when you struggle to see the silver lining.

Here are some examples of cards that contrast with the energy of The Sun:

  • The Tower – Where the Sun promises success, The Tower guarantees disaster. Together, they remind you that sometimes, no matter how much you give to a situation, things fall apart.
  • The Devil – Where the Sun offers you freedom, The Devil keeps you in chains. Together, they remind you that once you realize what’s holding you back, you have the power to break free.
  • The Five of Cups – Where the Sun offers you prosperity, the Five of Cups warns against loss of property. Together, they remind us of our good fortune when we’re on top and the necessity of asking for help when we are not.


And so we come to the end of our talk about The Sun card in Tarot. It’s a very positive message. One that predicts success and prosperity, big opportunities, and, above all, happiness.

With these qualities on your side, there’s no way you can lose in the end! So embrace the optimism, and don’t be afraid to let your loving heart shine through!


What does the Sun tarot card symbolize?

The Sun tarot card symbolizes joy, vitality, success, and enlightenment. It represents a period of happiness and positive energy in one’s life.

What does it mean when the Sun tarot card appears in a reading?

When the Sun tarot card appears in a reading, it suggests that you are entering a phase of abundance, growth, and clarity. It signifies a time of optimism and fulfillment.

How should I interpret the Sun tarot card in a love reading?

In a love reading, the Sun tarot card indicates a harmonious and passionate relationship. It represents a deep connection, happiness, and a bright future together.

Can the Sun tarot card have negative meanings?

While the Sun tarot card is generally positive, it can also indicate an overbearing sense of self-confidence or arrogance. It reminds us to stay humble and avoid excessive pride.

How can I harness the energy of the Sun tarot card in my life?

To harness the energy of the Sun tarot card, focus on embracing positivity, pursuing your passions, and radiating joy. Embrace self-expression and let your inner light shine brightly.

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