Moon Square Mars on March 14: 3 Zodiac Signs Finding Their Inner Power

On March 14, Sarah Brownlee examines the Moon Square Mars and its influence on three zodiac signs discovering their inner power. 🔥 Learn how this dynamic aspect ignites courage, assertiveness, and transformative energy, empowering you to harness your strength and assert your will. 💪

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Whew! With the Moon squaring Mars, we have some high energy here. Potential conflicts, short tempers and sudden impulses are all a risk under this energy so it’s important to stay balanced.

The Moon in Taurus brings a desire to indulge in creature comforts but Mars in Aquarius is all about thrusting you outside your comfort zone so we have some clashing here, especially if we’re referring to differences of opinion

We may be less tolerant of others’ opinions so the key here is to take some time out if you find yourself getting heated.

Do something you enjoy. Cook a new recipe, take a walk among nature, focus on things that make you happy. That is key at the end of the day!

This powerful energy between the Moon and Mars has the potential to be transformed. When it is directed to productive pursuits, it can be invigorating and end in fantastic results.

For three zodiac signs in particular, this energy can be especially potent and the potential to harness their inner power is rising.


With Mars as your ruler, you may be feeling especially hot-headed today! However, resist the urge to lose your cool. Instead, direct this energy to your creative pursuits. It is best to avoid debates and heated discussions as they are not likely to end well.

Focusing on your creative endeavors is a fabulous way to harness this energy. If you have had an idea in mind, there is no better time to manifest it than now. In other words, try and shut off the outside world for a while and go inwards. When you truly reconnect with yourself, your inner power will shine in ways you could not have imagined.


It is time to use the powerful cardinal energy that lives within you and manifest it to its highest potential. From conflict arises enlightenment. You will feel much clearer about your role once you have taken time to analyze everything that has happened and the direction you wish to go in.

The more you go inwards today and reconnect with yourself through meditation, the more you will come into alignment with who you truly are. This energy is powerful but it is up to you how you choose to use it. You have far more power within you than you may realize. Can you see things from a new perspective now?


Mars is your traditional ruler and this is where your fighting spirit comes from. But unlike Aries, your methods are more concentrated, more hidden in the background, and more calculated. You have great potential at this time. However, the way you choose to harness this energy is up to you. If you choose to use this energy in a negative way where vindictiveness is at the forefront of your mind, the path ahead will be thorny and could result in setbacks.

But if you choose to use this energy for the higher good, you will experience joys you could not have imagined. You more than anyone understand the power of transmutation and how transforming negative and positive energy leads to greater enlightenment. Your intuition is especially powerful now. Go with it – it is leading you to where you need to be.