Feb 25, 2024: Discover Your Zodiac Sign’s Secrets Message with The Tarot Today

The intensity of this Full Moon has been pretty off the scale and no doubt you have been feeling the effects of it.

Perhaps something hidden has come to light. Perhaps you have come into greater alignment with your inner being. Perhaps you have experienced a moment of enlightenment or feelings have bubbled to the surface that have been there for some time.

At times like this, it’s important to keep things in perspective. Everything we go through is a learning experience. We discover pain and pleasure, joy and sadness. But the point of it all is to experience contrast.

When we learn what we don’t want, we send out a message to the universe about what we do want. The more we experience the displeasure of what we don’t want, the more we realise what we do want. The task thereafter is to work towards what we want – which is not always the easiest thing to do but we can get a little help along the way.

Tarot is one guidance system that helps us do this. What is the Tarot’s advice for you today? Read on to find out.

Tarot Guidance For Your Zodiac Sign

Aries – The Hierophant

You’re being encouraged to pay attention to structure at this time. In what ways is your daily routine not working for you anymore? What needs to be changed? Is there some form of structure you are ready to break away from? A heartfelt discussion with yourself is a great idea today to form greater clarity..

Taurus – Ace of Swords

An important discussion has to be had. It is time to break down the barriers and lay everything out. Now is the time to speak your truth and get everything into the open. It is not always easy to do but in order to experience closure and more on, it’s necessary. Just be sure you do it from the heart and think ahead about all possible outcomes.

Gemini – 8 of Swords

A situation may be leaving you feeling trapped and vulnerable. However, the decision to break free is ultimately yours. When you align yourself with your inner being, things naturally fall into place. Be true to yourself. What is it your heart really wants?

Cancer – The Devil

Some form of bondage is keeping you from moving forward, whether this is mental, physical or emotional. It is important to take some time out and connect with yourself. Time among nature and meditating with crystals are highly recommended to help bring you into greater alignment with yourself. You do not have to stay shackled in chains.

Leo – Queen of Pentacles

It’s a day for tending to your greatest needs. Ease and comfort should be your priority. It is important to keep yourself happy, not just other people. You may have taken on too much responsibility and you are encouraged now to release the weight on your shoulders and take care of yourself.

Virgo – 3 of Cups

It’s time to simply enjoy yourself! Things have been heavy lately, so heavy that you forget one of the most important things – you are here to be happy. Find joy in everything you do. Seek the beauty in everything. Find the positives in everyone. When you do, you will find happiness begins to build from within.

Libra – 8 of Cups

You’re ready to move forward as you anticipate your future and this is a time of great change for you. It’s baby steps for now – don’t try to do everything at once. For now, take it easy and allow yourself time to reflect and maintain positive energy and focus. Everything is going to unravel as it should.

Scorpio – Page of Swords

Harsh words or uncomfortable truths may come to light but everything you go through is a learning experience. You may find yourself having to adjust to a situation you hadn’t anticipated but be sure to keep positive energy within you. Can you see the good in everything even when it is hard to see? If you can do this, you harness your inner power and get closer to where you want to be.

Sagittarius – 4 of Cups

Dissatisfaction with your situation may be quite prominent today. You may feel quite tired and not in the mood to do what you feel you must do. But stay positive – the future is bright! Focus on the happy thoughts, focus on the positives. The more you focus on them, the more they will manifest.

Capricorn – 8 of Wands

Things are moving quite fast and you might just receive a message that stops you in your tracks. Things are getting quite exciting so hold onto your hat! Now is the time to plan for your goals and aspirations, to sit down and really think about what you want to see manifest in the future. Seize the day!

Aquarius – 6 of Wands

Celebration and success is yours. You have been working hard on something so rest assured your achievements will be recognised. This can lead to exciting prospects so follow the guide of your instincts. You are being led to a place that is going to bring great fulfillment and satisfaction.

Pisces – Wheel of Fortune

Big change is coming for you. Prepare for unexpected meetings, sudden opportunities and incoming offerings. Following your heart will lead you to the place you wish to be. For now, take some time to reflect and analyze. Be at peace with yourself and focus on feeling good. This brings you into alignment with yourself, helping to dissipate negative energy.