Today’s Tarot Reading – February 23, 2024: Tarot Card Reading for All Zodiac Signs

We are approaching a powerful Full Moon in Virgo within the next 24 hours and a major theme of this lunar energy is to reflect on how much we have grown.

Virgo, the mutable earth sign known for its practical, self-sacrificing and often perfectionistic nature, calls us to acknowledge how we are evolving through life but at the same time recognise ways we are holding ourselves back.

The Full Moon is a time of enlightenment, release, and letting go of what no longer serves us. Full Moon energy is extremely potent. Emotions run high, revelations occur and, all in all, big change takes place.

Through service and self-sacrifice, Virgo makes its mark. But sometimes, this sign can be so caught up in the way they want things to be that they unwittingly stifle the freedom and individuality surrounding them. Their perfectionistic nature can lead to too much criticism and an unwillingness to accept that everyone is different and on a different path. With this Full Moon conjuncting Lilith, we are encouraged to take a deep look at ourselves and be honest about who we are; we are encouraged to face the side of ourselves that we keep hidden, even from ourselves.

Others hold a mirror up to us and it is not always easy for us to see. For Virgo which can be hard on itself as well as others, admitting flaws can be difficult. But we are all human and there is no shame in being human. It does not help to demand perfection, either of ourselves or others, because we are human, and humans are not perfect.

So what advice does the Tarot have for us during this powerful energy?

Tarot Guidance For Your Zodiac Sign

Aries – Knight of Swords

This card encourages you to be bold and go for what you want. The fire within you is burning under this intense energy and you are ready to make your move. But tread carefully – your actions could have consequences if you don’t think things through first. Don’t act on impulse alone. Take time to carefully plan and consider. Go with what your instincts tell you.

Taurus – Two of Swords

There is an issue that you don’t want to face. It is easier to bury your head in the sand and turn the other way, but one way or another, things will come out into the open. Painful conversations may arise but take heart – this paves the way for a more solid, reliable grounding which will lead to a better future.

Gemini – Ace of Pentacles

Finances are a focus for you now and a great opportunity awaits. The ability or chance to make more money edges nearer. Perhaps a new connection with someone will lead to greater prospects. The more you think positive and show appreciation, the more good things will come to you. Fortune favours you, so keep those positive thoughts buzzing!

Cancer – Ten of Wands

Something is burdening you and as much as you are trying to remain strong under the weight of it all, if you carry on like this you may find yourself toppling under it. Give yourself breathing space and cut yourself some slack. You need time out to recharge your batteries and gain a new, clearer perspective. Trust that everything will work out and be kind to yourself..

Leo – Seven of Pentacles

Patience is a virtue. It is important to trust yourself at this time. Don’t attempt to force anything along. This is not the right time. Instead, use this time to sit back, reflect and analyze your situation. The more you try to force things, the more it will backfire. Journaling your thoughts as well as engaging in deep meditation are the best ways to harness this energy right now.

Virgo – Ten of Swords

A painful ending may still sting. Sometimes it is best to know when a situation is lost and when to walk away. But be sure to engage in an honest conversation with yourself. Why have things turned out this way? Is the situation salvageable? The truth is, you have much more power than you realise. If you want to turn things around, it is within your power to do so.

Libra – King of Cups

There is no greater force in this world than love. The more you express your love, the happier you become. Now is the time to focus on the stirrings of your heart and let them flow freely. When you do this, you heal the wounds your heart has suffered from the past and you pave the way for a brighter, happier future. Give love and you receive love. It truly does conquer all.

Scorpio – Page of Wands

You have tremendous creative energy and this can manifest in a number of different ways. Furthermore, you may be more flirtatious at this time and find you are not short of admirers! Enjoy yourself and follow your instincts. The universe is working to bring you what you desire so don’t let negative thinking or doubts hold you back.

Sagittarius – Queen of Pentacles

Your appreciation for the ones you love in your life is showing itself more than ever. Abundance is yours. The more you show gratitude and appreciation, the more your abundance grows. This positive thinking is really paying off! You are on the right track so keep going. The special someone in your life is certainly worth holding on to.

Capricorn – Six of Swords

You need a holiday and it doesn’t matter how near or far, or how long for – you need it. Things have been chaotic lately and a well-earned relaxing break is exactly what you need. Fix yourself a day among nature or try for a weekend retreat. Recharging your energies is the best way for you to find clarification and come back into alignment with yourself.

Aquarius – Three of Wands

Whatever it is that you are aiming for, go for it. There is a powerful energy of travel with this card too so if you get a sudden urge to look up a holiday destination, go with the flow because your heart is leading you places. The energy of this card is bold and fearless – it screams a resounding, “Go for it!” Don’t let negative self-talk stand in your way. You can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Pisces – Knight of Cups

This is a time for romance, friendship, and forging connections. Let your heart lead the way is the message of the day! Under this energy, you are encouraged to follow your heart and embrace the new opportunities it brings in. Your intuition will not lead you astray. If you feel like expressing your feelings to someone or delivering a romantic gesture, this card brings golden opportunities and experiences.


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