Tarot March 19th 2024: Embracing Adventure with the Knight of Wands

"Embark on a Bold Journey: Unleash Your Passion with the Knight of Wands - A Day of Dynamic Exploration" by Grace

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Welcome to your March 19th tarot message!

The Knight of Wands is a card of passion, energy, and inspired action coupled with adventure. Impulsiveness and immaturity or frivolity could be an issue, but there is a lot of vitality and life force.., 

What Does the Knight of Wands Symbolism Represent?

The Knight of Wands depicts a knight sitting on his horse in full armor, wearing a yellow robe, a symbol of optimism, self-empowerment, self-esteem, confidence, ambition, life force, purpose, and accomplishment.

There are salamanders dressing his robe, associated with the fire element, as well as fiery red plumes flowing behind him, representing trailblazing. He’s holding a sprouting wand in his right hand, symbolizing energy, enthusiasm, and creative life force.

His horse is poised up on his hind legs, which signifies sophistication and elegance, moreover getting ready for action. The background shows a hot, dry, and barrenous land with mountains (success, achievement) in the distance.

1. Immense Physical and Creative Life Force

Wands symbolize creative life force and physical vitality. Wands are symbolic of fire, an element linked to creative force and life force in general; enthusiasm, vitality, instincts, movement, adventure, travel, physical strength and stamina.

You’re being blessed with powerful rays of life force and energy to move ahead with projects! Today is the day to move full speed ahead without any fear or hesitation. Tomorrow is the Equinox too, so the universe has set you up.

Initial sparks of ideas, new consciousness, innovation, inventiveness, originality… think POWER and PASSION today. It’s not a day to think about watching another film series or binge-eating your favorite foods, nor sleeping all day or wallowing in self-pity.

It’s a time of waking up with the thought of birds chirping outside, trees swaying and the sun shining. It’s a day of recognition, vibrancy, and self-expression– express yourself through music, art, journaling, poetry, love-making, dance, or sport.

Meditate to tune into your higher mind, your Higher Self, which is the source of inspiration and creative genius. You possess a clear vision for your life, and should be tuning into idealistic and visionary qualities now.

Your physical pursuits can spark creative genius coupled with universal archetypes and ideas leading to extraordinary manifestations! Vice versa. Let spirit, chi, and source energy flow through your body

2. Inspired Action and Forward Movement

Inspiration is flowing today, so try to overcome your shadow pretty quickly. For example, if you’re an earth sign, consider how easy it is to get lost in the realm of food, film, and indulgence- gluttony, greed, hedonism, materialism, or rigid thinking.

If you’re an air sign, reflect on how you might be too condescending, indecisive, or intellectually superior, or overly cerebral, analytical, and concerned with the realm of the mind and logic.

For you water signs, instead of starting your day depressed, in self-pity, or with low moods, wake up with some excitement, vitality, and energy! Feel the fire inside you burn, turn your attention to something intellectual, or engage in physical activity.

Fire sign? Your shadow lies in being overly impulsive, impatient, and arrogant, moreover egotistical, dominant, and attention-seeking and/or overly zealous. You can be passionate without bulldozing over others or succumbing to impulse…

As you can see, each elemental sign (your astrological sun sign) has its own set of shadow traits which can block you. It’s easy to get lost to these darker and less pure, godly, or righteous traits.

As the Knight of Wands is about passion and inspiration coupled with conscious action, it’s important to wake up acknowledging your shadow traits today. Then, you can move up and through into the light!

3. Youthfulness, Free-Spiritedness, and Passion!

This knight brings youthfulness and free-spiritedness, which inspires adventure. Traveling locally or afar can bring the passion you need. Adventures, treks, and breaks can spark the inner big spirit in you.

Fire is linked to the inner child, which is further connected to impulsiveness, immaturity, and innocence. Be mindful of these things today, or, better yet, seek to alchemize them into something better.

Creative, manifestation, and visionary abilities come into today’s tarot energy. The Knight of Wands initiates, creates, and moves forward with confidence, so manifestation powers amplify.

Also, such innocence and youthfulness can lead to extraordinary ideas and innovation, while impulse can evolve into instincts. The key with impulsiveness is to slow down, breathe into your Sacral, your stomach or center, and your chest- your heart space.

Fill yourself with white light, activate your Higher Self. Envision white light pouring in through the top of your Crown, your head. If you can do this for even 10 seconds, you will feel a shift!

This changes your energetic state from impulse and immaturity or stupidity (recklessness, anger, supreme innocence, etc.) to self-awareness and surrender. Joy and excitement then increase from this internal space of clarity and wisdom.

4. Shadow Healing with the Knight of Wands. Be mindful of:

  • Frivolity, recklessness, immaturity, impatience, irritability, and a childish or child-like energy.
  • Naivety, innocence, and reacting instead of responding (slow down).
  • Scattered energy, delays, frustration, being overly zealous or excited, and a lack of emotional maturity and spiritual awareness.

Be Courageous, Embrace the Unknown, and Take A Trip with the Knight of Wands! Think Carefully Before Acting and Connect With Like-Minded Individuals…

Stay charismatic, enthusiastic, and confident today because the universe is guiding you towards new creations and projects. Kindred spirits, community bonds, and friendships come into this tarot card, so projects and passions unite.

Follow your heart’s highest joys, just remember to slow down, breathe, and check in with your Higher Self before making decisions or taking action.