Tarot March 17th

Tarot March 17th 2024: Finding Rest with the Four of Swords

Welcome to your March 17th tarot message! The 4 of Swords symbolize meditation, contemplation, and relaxation– needing rest to realign and recuperate your energy. Swords symbolise air and intellect, but an emotional aspect is present. What Does the 4 of Swords Symbolism Represent? The card shows a knight lying horizontally … Lire plus

Tarot March 14th

Tarot March 14th 2024: Completing Cycles with the World

Welcome to your unique March 14th tarot message! The World is the 22nd major arcana (card 21) symbolizing completion, integration, accomplishment, travel, and wonderful cycles and chapters coming to a close plus new ones starting! What Does the World Symbolism Represent? The World represents a naked woman wrapped in a … Lire plus

3rd March Tarot Card

Tarot March 3rd: Cultivating Joy with the 3 of Cups

Welcome to your March 3rd tarot message! The 3 of Cups is a card of friendship, creativity, and collaborations. Celebrations are in order, a uniting of spirits and forces for some co-creation or recognition or completed works. What Does the 3 of Cups Symbolism Represent? The card shows three young … Lire plus


Tarot February 26th: Seeking Wisdom with the Hierophant

Welcome to your February 26th tarot message! The Hierophant is the fifth major arcana, representing spiritual wisdom, tradition, and religious structures and institutions. This is a very high vibration tarot card, so sacredness is on the horizon… What Does the Hierophant Symbolism Represent?  The Hierophant depicts a holy and religious … Lire plus