Tarot March 5th 2024: Building Confidence with the 9 of Wands

Hang out with Grace Gabriella on March 5th, 2024, for a tarot card reading with the 9 of Wands. She'll chat with us about staying strong and not giving up. We'll learn how to face tough times with a bit more courage and a lot of heart.

Welcome to your March 5th tarot message!

The 9 of Wands symbolizes courage, resilience, and boundaries, as well as faith, persistence, and strength of character. Let’s see what the universe has in store for you today.

What Does 9 of Wands Symbolism Represent?

The 9 of Wands shows an injured man clutching a wand, he is looking over his shoulder towards the 8 wands looming over him. He is weary and worn as if he’s just come from a battle. There are more challenges ahead.

As 9 is the number of completions, he is in the final chapter, cycle or stage before victory or accomplishment. The 8 wands signify having resources, money, abundance, opportunities, and connections to work with.

But, he’s not in direct control of them- they are available to him. He has only 1 wand in his hands, the 9th, and this signifies going the extra mile, completing the final stage or chapter, and reaching unification, wholeness, or completion.

1. Adversity and Overcoming Challenges

The cosmic doctor is ordering: overcoming challenges! Rising into strength in the face of adversity is more than just words on a page or blog. It involves finding your inner voice, strength, and wisdom, and shining a light on setbacks, detours, and shadows.

Recognizing and then working towards overcoming your shadows, your follies, and less desirable traits are key to the 9 of Wands. This card is all about exploration, contemplation, and self-discovery, to get to the root of illusion and chaos.

Challenges are linked to illusions, chaos, and disparity. Then, once knowledge is found, you can apply the teaching and lessons. Stand strong and tall like a mighty oak tree. Wands represent fire, but they are also made from earth.

The wands themselves are formed from oak and other powerful natural entities. Trees give us life force, practicality, grounding, longevity, and wisdom. Wands in a traditional sense are created from trees.

Wands as an element symbolize passion, creativity, friendliness, social warmth, optimism, and self-expression. Put the two together, and you will find today’s message is one of shining your light, even when challenges and setbacks surround you.

Contemplate how detours and disappointments have shaped you, providing you with life wisdom, experience, and inner strength. The 9 of Wands sparks passion, vitality, and the need to find and share a passion with others. Projects feature this tarot energy.

2. Being Strong and Resilient

Strength of character and persistence allow you to have your faith tested, so even when you have gone through hardships or challenges you can rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.

Examine your current life trajectory, the relationships you keep, the projects- personal or profession, your family bonds, your community ties, and every life area. Are there currently challenges? Or is this card referring to a situation from your past?

Either way, you will have to be honest and vulnerable if you want to refind wholeness and harmony. You may have been battered and bruised, metaphorically speaking or literally in terms of your finances, security, or savings accounts.

Emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically, or physically, each knock is a step towards self-mastery. Self-mastery, soul alignment, completion, illumination, and self-knowledge.

Nine of Wands encourages forward progression combined with self-evaluation. Before making decisions or taking action, make sure you go within, slow down, and evaluate. Introspect, mediate, soul-search- do whatever you need to do before conscious action.

Dreams, aspirations, and realizations of your core truth, strengths, and path come into the 9 of Wands. You might be a changemaker or visionary, or are being called to become one!

3. Self-Awareness, Transparency, and Mindfulness

The 9 of Wands asks you to be transparent, moreover self-aware and mindful. You’re being told to live life with greater conscious awareness, focused intention, and authenticity. Communicate better, clearer, and with transparency.

Communication is key to the 9 of Wands, in fact, as 9 symbolizes completion; soul growth, spiritual maturity, and timeless experience. While wands represent fire- passion, excitement, expression, charisma, charm, and sociability.

Put them together, and you can see how today’s message steers you towards powerful and mindful self-expression. You have support, 9 of Wands is not about rejection, isolation, or being a lone wolf or hermit; it’s about empowerment.

Support can come through friends, family, peers and colleagues. It may come through animals, nature, an elder or teacher, a mentor, or even a passed-over loved one.

The 9 of Wands signifies taking the resources and connections, moreover, abundance and opportunities you already have (number 8) and going the extra mile; completing the extra stage or cycle.

Clear boundaries are the final message. Boundaries allow you to develop the wisdom, self-knowledge, and resilience needed for a powerful life path, purpose, and future. Find ways to strengthen your boundaries today.

4. Shadow Healing with the 9 of Wands. Be mindful of:

  • A lack of self-alignment, inner resources, and personal power and courage.
  • A paranoid, pessimistic, and overwhelmed mindset. Low self-esteem and self-worth can also come with this minor arcana.
  • Fatigue, burn-out, and excess stress, in addition to being defensive. Watch out for defensiveness!

Develop Boundaries, Find Resilience, and Recognize Your Resources with the 9 of Wands. You Have Options! Stay In Control and Self-Empowered:

Establishing boundaries is key to getting clear on your visions and hopes or aspirations, in addition to your goals, talents, and resources. You only forget where you’ve been, how much you’ve achieved, and how great you are when you forget your boundaries!

Finally: Assert yourself graciously and assertively for the best results.