Year of the Monkey Chinese Zodiac: Traits, Compatibility, Horoscope & Predictions 2024

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The Monkey, who appears every twelve years in the Chinese Zodiac, is renowned for being intelligent, curious and exceptionally skilled at problem-solving—sometimes with a humorous twist. Imagine them as your astute friend who can figure out how to snag the last banana at the party and is always coming up with brilliant comebacks. 

Monkeys, the ninth animal in the cycle, are fun and imaginative creatures that have high aspirations of their own and are wonderful friends. This year’s babies are extremely outgoing, quick with a joke, and full of ambitions—some of which include taking over the world and ruling all the monkeys!

Years of Monkey Chinese Zodiac

Monkey YearStart End Element
1920Feb 20,1920
Feb 7,1921
Feb 6,1932
Jan 25,1933
1944Jan 25,1944
Feb 12,1945
Jan 30,1957
1968Jan 30,1968
Feb 4,1981
1992Feb 4,1992
Jan 22,1993
2004Jan 22,2004
Feb 8,2005
2016Feb 8,2016
Jan 27,2017
2028Jan 26,2028

Lucky Things for Monkeys

  • Lucky numbers: 1, 7 and 8
  • Lucky colors: Blue, gold, and white
  • Lucky flowers: Chrysanthemum
  • Lucky directions: West, Northwest, North

What Monkeys Should Avoid

  • Unlucky numbers: 2, 5 and 9
  • Unlucky colors: red, pink
  • Unlucky directions: south, southeast

Chinese Zodiac Monkey Traits & Characteristics

People who were born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the monkey have an amazing variety of attributes. Well, known for their fast thinking and intellect, they are naturally gifted with the capacity to come up with creative solutions to a wide range of problems. Their social nature makes it easy for them to establish connections with people, and their versatility allows them to move through a variety of circumstances with ease.

What’s their secret? Their lives have been so full of turns and peels that they are professionals at getting back on their feet (or hands). They are the ones that make life’s challenges seem like fun games because they are always moving. But unless you prefer coming in second, don’t challenge them to a tree-climbing competition!

Strengths of the Monkey Zodiac

  • They approach goals with a resolute attitude, driven by an unquenchable ambition to discover new worlds and fearlessly take risks.
  • They were born in the Year of the Monkey, and from an early age, their extraordinary abilities and knowledge have been apparent, leaving an impression on others with their astute thoughts and capabilities.
  • Their deeds speak louder than words, and they have gained notoriety for being amiable and supportive to others.

Weaknesses of the Monkey Zodiac

  • Their lack of endurance and impatience might cause them to become narrow-minded, which makes them quickly irritated by unforeseen difficulties.
  • When it comes to their goals, monkeys may be conceited and impractical, lacking in reality.
  • They may ignore long-term implications in favor of immediate enjoyment, which can be problematic given their unwillingness to listen to advice and a penchant for fast gratification.

Monkey Chinese Zodiac Men

Male monkeys are smart and self-assured, Master of finance and endearing to everybody with their variety and sense of humor. But watch out—behind that refined exterior comes a spirit of mischievousness and competition that lends itself to silly antics and the occasional thoughtless mistake.

Although these free-spirited romantics are drawn to vibrant lovers who can keep up with their lively banter, commitment might be difficult for them to give up. In terms of their careers, they are skilled storytellers, but when faced with deadlines, they become angry monkeys that long for creative freedom.

Monkey Chinese Zodiac Women

The life of the party, female monkeys are smart, sociable, and always dressed to impress. They easily steal the show at social occasions, taking the spotlight like the Beyoncé of them with a talent for enchanting everyone around them. 

They possess a passion for creativity and perform well in social situations. They are witty and resourceful, effortlessly overcoming obstacles and constantly looking for new experiences and chances. They’re not scared to initiate contact when they’re in love but watch out—they have high expectations. After all, why settle for a common mortal when you can reach the stars?

5 Elements: Which Type of ‘Monkey’ Are You?

TypesYears of BirthPersonality Traits
Wood Monkey1944, 2004Uplifting, hardworking and kind
Fire Monkey1956, 2016Fearless, daring, energetic and hot tempered
Earth Monkey1908, 1968Calm, self-reliant, and diplomatic
Metal Monkey1920, 1980 Witty, adaptable and humble
Water Monkey1932, 1992Steadfast, accountable, brave and aggressive

Monkey’s Personality by Blood Types

  • Type A: These Monkeys are often seen as diligent and responsible. They possess a strong sense of duty and tend to be meticulous in their work. However, they might also be perceived as overly anxious or worrisome at times.
  • Type B: Creative and adventurous, monkeys with blood type B are well-known for their traits. They like learning about and experiencing new things, and they have an open mind. Even while they have a tendency to be impulsive and fun-loving, they might also have consistency issues.
  • Type O: Blood type O monkeys are often thought to be sociable and charming. They are excellent leaders and do well in social situations. They may, however, sometimes occasionally disregard the needs and viewpoints of others due to their propensity for stubbornness and excessive ambition.
  • Type AB: The adaptability of these monkeys defines them. Their personalities are well-rounded, allowing them to combine elements of types A and B. Although they are frequently seen as diplomatic and sympathetic, their desire to win over everyone may sometimes make decision-making difficult.

Love Compatibility of the Monkey

Best Matches for Monkey:  Rat, Dragon & Rooster

The Monkey gets along well with the Rat, Dragon, and Rooster in the Chinese zodiac. They have a profound understanding and regard for one another with the Rat. The Rooster offers stability and support, while the Dragon infuses their dynamic with fire and energy. Together, they create solid, wholesome bonds that are characterized by loyalty, adventure, and common goals.

Bad Matches for Monkey:  Tiger, Pig & Snake

In the Chinese zodiac, the associations between the Monkey and the Tiger, Pig, and Snake provide difficulties. Conflicts develop with the Tiger because they refuse to back down attitude and competing personalities. Misunderstandings may arise when the lively attitude of the Monkey contrasts with the relaxed disposition of the Pig. 

Furthermore, the Monkey finds it difficult to completely trust the Snake because of their cautious and secretive character, which might result in disagreements and miscommunications. However, there is always a bright side to a situation, and these partnerships may provide important knowledge about tolerance, compassion, and the value of accepting diversity.

Jobs & Careers for Monkeys

Born achievers, monkeys can handle any task with their cunning and inventiveness. They are excellent writers, teachers, and even lawyers. Their adaptability and creativity allow them to flourish in dynamic work situations, in addition to making a lasting impression in their chosen fields of employment.

 Expect creativity, fun and a dash of brilliance when a Monkey is on the team; every assignment becomes an exhilarating journey. Imagine them as a charismatic and intelligent team, prepared to tackle any job problem and turning every day into a blockbuster movie at work.

Health & Fitness Advice for Monkeys

Monkeys are characterized by their boundless activity in their early years. Maintaining their well-being requires striking a balance between work and play; failing to do so may result in health problems, especially with regard to their neurological or circulatory systems. For Monkey people, mental-stirring activities such as martial arts or dancing are essential to optimal health. 

Including exercises like yoga that increase flexibility is also advantageous. When it comes to food, it’s important to prioritize whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts, and seeds. Because they are high in potassium and vitamins, bananas are a great snack to maintain energy levels and heart health in those who lead busy lifestyles.

Monkey’s Zodiac Sign Fortune & Horoscope for 2024

This year will bring wealth and good fortune in terms of job, money, and health. Monkeys should be optimistic, avoid being sluggish and take advantage of all the possibilities that present themselves. The Year of the Dragon is a very auspicious and hopeful time for Monkeys, as it is expected to bring them many benefits and pleasant changes.

  • Career: Monkeys have bright futures ahead of them in 2024, with many chances for growth and achievement. Their adaptability, inventiveness, and intellect will enable them to succeed in a variety of sectors and advance their careers.
  • Wealth: In 2024, the financial outlook for Monkey people is bright, with potential for success and financial development. To properly take advantage of favorable conditions, it is necessary to practice smart financial management.
  • Education: In terms of schooling, 2024 is expected to be a good year for Monkey people. Academically, they should do quite well as they will likely pick things up fast and have flexible learning styles. They will investigate a wide range of topics in-depth due to their keen intellect and curiosity, which will open doors for them in the classroom. To take full advantage of the chances that present themselves, they should continue to be dedicated and focused on their studies.
  • Relationships: In 2024, single monkeys can find it difficult to find love, so they should concentrate on developing their own charm. Married Monkeys should put family harmony first in order to prevent arguments that might strain their bonds.
  • Health: People who are Monkeys in 2024 should anticipate general health. They might need to successfully regulate their stress levels due to their spirited character. Making healthy eating, exercise, and mental health a priority will enhance their general vitality. It’s advised to have regular checkups to preserve your best health.


How to find good luck in the year of the Monkey 2024?

To attract good luck in 2024, Monkeys should stay positive, seize opportunities, and focus on personal growth. Cultivating optimism, embracing change, and staying adaptable will enhance their chances of success.

What does it mean to be born in the year of the Monkey?

Born in the year of the Monkey signifies traits of intelligence, wit, and adaptability. Monkeys are known for their cleverness, resourcefulness, and ability to thrive in various situations.

How do I get along with Monkeys in the Chinese zodiac?

To get along with Monkeys in the Chinese zodiac, engage them in stimulating conversations, appreciate their cleverness, and be open to their spontaneous nature. Show support for their endeavors and enjoy their playful charm.

 What is the year of the monkey’s baby’s personality Traits?

Year of the Monkey babies are often clever, curious, and adaptable from a young age. They exhibit sociability, wit, and a knack for problem-solving, charming everyone with their playful and resourceful nature.

Is the year of the Monkey 2024 good for having a baby?

The Year of the Monkey, 2024, is considered favorable for having a baby. With the Monkey’s characteristics of intelligence and adaptability, it could be an auspicious time for childbirth.

Why Is the Monkey ranked ninth in the Chinese zodiac?

The Monkey is ranked ninth in the Chinese zodiac because it finished ninth in the Great Race held by the Jade Emperor to determine the order of the zodiac animals.

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