Year of the Snake Chinese Zodiac: Traits, Compatibility, Horoscope & Predictions 2024

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The Snake is a sign of intelligence, charm and intuition that occupies a place of mystery and attraction in the complex Chinese Zodiac. In 2024, as we creep into the Year of the Snake, which runs from February 10, 2024, to January 28, 2025, people who were born under this cunning and fashionable sign are ready to shed their old skins and slide into new possibilities with the elegance of a disco-dancing serpent as we enter the Year of the Snake in 2024.

This year, you could follow your renowned intuition to that secret coffee shop where they serve the greatest espresso this side of the Milky Way. Embrace your inner wisdom, but don’t forget to hiss a little laughter into your days and maybe, just maybe, try to avoid any apples offered by strangers. This year offers a combination of obstacles and chances.

Years of the Snake Chinese Zodiac

Snake yearStart dateEnd dateElement
1929February 10, 1929January 29, 1930Earth
1941January 27, 1941February 14, 1942Metal
1953February 14, 1953February 2, 1954Water
1965February 2, 1965January 20, 1966Wood
1977February 18, 1977February 6, 1978Fire
1989February 6, 1989January 26, 1990Earth
2001January 24, 2001February 11, 2002Metal
2013February 10, 2013January 30, 2014Water
2025January 29, 2025February 16, 2026Wood
2037February 15, 2037February 3, 2038Fire

Lucky Things for Snakes

  • Lucky numbers: 2,8,9
  • Lucky colors: Black, Red, Yellow
  • Lucky flowers: Orchid & Cactus
  • Lucky directions: East & West

What Snakes Should Avoid

  • Unlucky numbers: 1, 6, 7
  • Unlucky colors: Brown, White
  • Unlucky direction: Northeast 

Chinese Zodiac Snake Traits & Characteristics

Though sometimes misinterpreted as cunning and dark, snakes are really emblems of intelligence. This Chinese zodiac sign is associated with intelligent, witty and well-educated people including icons like Picasso and Gandhi. Their approach to life is composed and kind, with unexpected outbursts of strength. Although they value their alone time to refuel, being open-minded might help them explore new horizons. All things considered, snakes make fascinating, perceptive and surprisingly colorful friends. They’re like the classmate who, out of nowhere, drops the funniest joke during a super serious discussion, making even the teacher laugh. In short, they’re the quietly funny bookworms who astonish you with their brilliant timing and writing.

Strengths of Snake Zodiac

  • They are serious, reserved, and smart. They also have a sharp mind and are patient and cautious in whatever they do.
  • They have self-awareness and perceptiveness, they pursue goals tirelessly, and they hide deep passion behind composed exteriors. 
  • They are incredibly inspirational, hate failure and have a strong desire to help other people.

Weaknesses of Snake Zodiac

  • Talk cautiously to prevent damaged relationships and lost chances since you are prone to envy and distrust. 
  • They tend to overdo things, are suspicious of other people’s judgment, and value independence. 
  • Easily aroused by envy, they resist individuals who are better than them rather than taking advice from them.

Snake Chinese Zodiac Men

Male snakes are witty and resourceful, handling life’s hot potatoes like seasoned cooks at a cookout: cool, collected, and sometimes a little funny. They expect commitment and loyalty and are passionate but emotionally unstable when they are in love.  In terms of their careers, they are driven to success, whether they’re flipping socks or business deals, they’re the masters of fast transitions, always landing on their feet.  

Snake Chinese Zodiac Women

Though they may appear carefree, female snakes have a calm allure that captivates males with their certainty and confidence. They are mysterious, undefeated, and full of self-awareness as they go through life, despite their suspicions and jealousy. 

In love, they’re discriminating yet devoted partners, fostering warmth and happiness in relationships with their nurturing touch. In terms of their careers, they are the designers of their own fate, drawing the blueprints for their lives with the skill of a master craftsman. Just don’t ask them to reveal their secrets; even the CIA wouldn’t know where to start!

5 Elements: Which Type of ‘Snake’ Are You?

TypesYears of BirthPersonality Traits
Wood snake1965, 2022Easygoing, honest, frank, selfish and snobbish
Fire snake1917, 1977Brilliant, strong-minded, calm and impatient
Earth snake1929, 1989Peaceful, clever, thoughtful and easily frustrated
Metal snake1941, 2001Clever, sophisticated and kind heart
Water snake1953, 2013Clever, creative, lively and sentimental.

Snake’s Personality by Blood Types

  • Blood type O: Blood type O snake individuals are perceptive yet cautious, frequently hiding their genuine feelings to project an aura of mystery. They may look fake while having excellent communication abilities, which can cause hurdles in relationships. Their resentment and fierce pride drive them to want complete devotion in a romantic relationship.
  • Blood Type A: Despite being responsible and careful, snakes with blood type A may become inflexible and anxious when faced with problems. They are extremely precise and successful, nonetheless, because of their methodical nature. They become more resilient and are better equipped to handle the challenges of life with poise and flexibility as a result of conquering their fears.
  • Blood Type B: B-type Snakes, talented and sure of themselves, like doing things alone. Their lives are steady without many surprises. If they can ask friends for help when needed and not let pride get in the way, they’ll achieve even more success.
  • Blood Type AB: Snake people with type AB blood have an alluring combination of mystery and maturity, and they frequently hide their genuine emotions behind stiffness. Even with their conceit, they have a practical outlook that helps them succeed via careful preparation and wise decision-making. Their mysterious charm draws admirers, yet their restrained demeanor could conceal their actual motivations, making their relationships more intriguing.

Love Compatibility of the Snake

Best Matches for Snake: Ox, Rooster & Monkey

Individuals that identify as Snakes are best matched with the dependable Ox, courageous Rooster, and crafty Monkey. Snakes respect the Ox’s hard work and identify with the Rooster’s emphasis on looks. They value the Monkey’s versatility and discover mutual benefit in interpersonal and professional interactions. Whether it is because of their complementing qualities, common interests or shared ideals, people come together to build harmonious connections.

Bad Matches for Snake: Tiger & Pig

The Tiger and Pig might be difficult mates for snake people. Conflicts may arise from the assertiveness of Tigers and the reserved temperament of Snakes. The directness of Pigs might frighten Snakes, who like nuance. These combos could have a hard time getting along with each other and finding common ground. 

But to overcome these challenges, snakes and pigs should prioritize clear communication and mutual respect, Tigers and Snakes must develop patience and empathy to overcome any obstacles. Trust and empathy are then fostered to help transcend divides and forge stronger ties.

Jobs & Careers for Snakes

Snakes are natural born leaders of the spiritual path; they are brilliant and calm at the same time, and they can remain composed under pressure. They are constantly willing to offer assistance and excel at responding quickly and managing their tasks well.Beneath their aloof exterior lies a warm and approachable nature, offering sincere advice without hesitation.

They find their footing with the trustworthy Ox, astute Monkey, and fearless Rooster—the perfect triad of success, where ambition meets adventure with a dash of serpentine charm. Leaving their imprint wherever they go, snakes make excellent teachers, beauticians, TV presenters, models, athletes, designers, company owners, politicians, entrepreneurs, psychiatrists, publicists, writers, preachers, and more.

Health & Fitness Advice for Snakes

Given their fragile health, snakes need to take regular rests and practice meditation to reduce stress. Restful vacations are vital for their physical and mental well-being. While heredity plays a significant role, regular exercise can strengthen their bodies.

However, their picky eating habits pose challenges, favoring unhealthy fast food over nutritious options. Incorporating balanced meals rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains can mitigate digestive issues and promote overall health.

Snake Zodiac Sign Fortune & Horoscope for 2024

With the help of the kind Dragon, 2024 will mark the Snake’s historic meeting with fortune. Full of energy, snakes will experience a frenzy of plenty, embracing happiness, prosperity and affection. Their natural initiative and inventiveness inspire a productive start to the year. They will be strongholds in love, encouraging closer ties. Later on, reflection is called for, and Snakes are encouraged to give priority to honesty and inner peace. It’s time for frequent check-ups and healthy lifestyle modifications in terms of health. Snakes are set for a year of growth—both material and spiritual—with the Dragon’s favor.

  • Career: “In 2024, Snakes thrive at analysis, taking calculated risks to overcome obstacles in their professional paths. Accept cooperation for mutual success. Professional success and fulfillment are made possible by your astute observations and strategic mentality.”
  • Wealth: “Snakes expect financial advantages in 2024 through prudent budgeting and investing decisions. Prudently diversify to ensure success. Adopt long-term financial planning techniques to ensure future prosperity and plenty.”
  • Education: “In 2024, Snakes enthusiastically pursue education in order to increase their knowledge and abilities. Seize the chance to study, feed your curiosity, and work for both academic and personal development.
  • Relationships: “In the first half of 2024, Snakes effortlessly overcome barriers to achieve their goals. Love blossoms as they treasure their partner’s quality time and give priority to practical help. Romance and success are in store!”


How to find good luck in the year of the Snake 2024?

To find good luck in 2024, embrace opportunities, maintain a positive mindset, work hard, prioritize health, and manage finances wisely. Stay open, optimistic, and dedicated for a fortunate year ahead!

What does it mean to be born in the year of the Snake?

Born in the Year of the Snake signifies intelligence, intuition, elegance, and charm. Snakes are known for strategic thinking, adaptability, and possessing a strong sense of wisdom and insight.

How do I get along with Snakes in the Chinese zodiac?

To get along with someone born in the Year of the Snake, appreciate their intelligence and charm. Show respect for their privacy, as they value their independence and can be secretive. Build trust through honest communication and support their goals with your loyalty.

What is the year of the Snake baby’s personality Traits?

Snake infants have a keen sense of intuition and are peaceful, inquisitive, and clever. Their modest confidence and penchant for traveling at their own speed captivate others. They are self-reliant, tenacious, and endearing.

Is the year of the Snakes 2024 good for having a baby?

The Year of the Snake in 2024, symbolizing stability and intelligence, presents a favorable environment for welcoming a baby. However, personal circumstances and readiness for parenthood should be carefully evaluated before making such a significant decision.

Why Is the Snake ranked sixth in the Chinese zodiac?

The Snake is ranked sixth in the Chinese zodiac because, according to legend, it was the sixth animal to arrive at the Jade Emperor’s palace during the Great Race to determine the zodiac order.

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