Leo Birthstones: Color, Meaning & Benefits

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Leo Birthstones

Leo birthstones stand as vibrant beacons and seamlessly amplify the bold and fiery nature of those associated with this zodiac.

Governed by the Sun, Leos exudes a lively and passionate trait, which is beautifully mirrored in its birthstones. These gems sparkle with warmth, power, and brilliant colors.

Let’s delve deeper into the world of sparkle and discover the magic of Leo birthstones.

Overview of Leo Birthstones

Leo BirthstonesPeridot, Ruby
Leo Birthstone ColorsPeridot: Olive green
Ruby: Bright red
Alternative BirthstonesCarnelian, Black Onyx, Tiger’s Eye, Jasper, Amber, Citrine, Sardonyx, Rose Quartz
Key BenefitsStrong, passionate, confident
Angel NumbersPeridot: Angel Number 727 (for renewal, growth and spiritual awakening)
Ruby: Angel Number 333 (for intense passion, love and vitality)
Tarot CardsPeridot: The Star (hope and inspiration)
Ruby: The Emperor (authority and control)
NumerologyPeridot: Number 9 (completion and spiritual enlightenment)
Ruby: Number 1 (leadership, independence, and new beginning)
Leo ManRuby symbolizes passion, protection and power
Leo WomanPeridot represents light, vitality, and freshness
Disclaimer: This table is a creative blend of astrology, numerology, and tarot, and may not align with traditional teachings of these systems.

What are Leo Birthstones?

Certain gems shine brightly for those born under the Leo zodiac sign. Peridot, with its lively green hue, stands as the primary Leo birthstone, symbolizing the warmth and zest of the lion’s heart.

The Ruby is a bright red stone, signifying Leo natives’ strong and passionate side.

Wearing these stones could enhance the confidence and uniqueness of the wearer. Thus, Peridot and Ruby are the perfect companions for those born under this zodiac.

Leo Birthstone Colors

Leo birthstones are associated with a captivating array of colors. Each of these stones symbolizes unique traits and qualities of the zodiac. The vivid green of Peridot symbolizes a zest for life and new beginnings.

The intense red of Ruby resonates with courage and the fiery spirit of this zodiac sign. The rich golden hue of Amber reflects warmth and generosity, adding a royal touch.

Onyx, in its deep black shade, conveys a sense of strength and grounding. These alternate birthstones balance the vibrant energies associated with Leo. Every birthstone has a color signifying a purpose; they tell a story about Leo’s nature and personality.

Leo Birthstones

The primary Leo birthstone in modern astrology is the Peridot. It perfectly captures the fiery essence of the individuals. However, in traditional astrology, Leo leans toward Ruby symbolizing strength and passion.

Onyx is known for grounding and Amber for warmth. Alongside Jasper and Rose Quartz enrich the diversity of birthstones. Each stone echoes the lion’s bold spirit and strong heart.


The primary birthstone for Leo is Peridot. Some Peridots come from deep inside the Earth, while others come from space rocks!

The color of this gem can be Olive Green or even a bright lime. Many people believe that Peridot can keep away bad dreams and it has the energy of the sun.

For individuals born under the sign of Leo, this stone holds significance as it aligns with their vibrant and robust personality. It’s like carrying a fragment of the universe wherever they go.

Source: iStock photo Peridot
Source: iStock photo Peridot


Ruby serves as the secondary birthstone for Leo. This exquisite Red gem is a favorite for many, and its appeal extends beyond its stunning color.

For centuries, people have cherished Ruby for its protection and power. It is also believed to bring good luck and foster strong friendships.

The bright red of Ruby is like a lion’s heart – bold, passionate, and full of life. People who enjoy stories and bright colors don’t just see Ruby as a gem. It reminds them of their past and represents strength.

Source: iStock photo Ruby
Source: iStock photo Ruby


Carnelian is an ideal fit for individuals born under the Leo zodiac sign. This gemstone perfectly complements their fiery and energetic personalities, mirroring the vibrant hues in this birthstone.

It can boost the wearer’s confidence and creativity. It’s like a source of extra strength that brings out their natural leadership qualities.

Source: iStock photo Carnelian
Source: iStock photo Carnelian

Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a powerhouse for Leo. It symbolizes strength and protection, acting as a personal shield against negativity. The stone empowers individuals to face challenges with increased confidence and inner courage.

Also, this stone helps people feel steady and think clearly on their life path. It motivates them to transform and improve.

Black Onyx is like a loyal friend to Leo. It makes them braver, blocks negativity, and keeps them steady through life’s ups and downs.

Source: iStock photo Black Onyx
Source: iStock photo Black Onyx

Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye is like a courage booster for Leo natives. It helps them feel more confident and motivated to take on life’s challenges.

Tigers Eye helps keep bad vibes away and attracts positive energy. Throughout history, people believed the Tigers Eye brings luck and wisdom.

Source: iStock photo Tiger's Eye
Source: iStock photo Tiger’s Eye


Jasper is a gemstone that’s pretty and has a natural charm. It comes in many colors, like deep reds and calming greens. This birthstone can make us feel more awake and ready to handle challenges.

It can keep one grounded when things get tricky. It’s like having a piece of nature.

Source: iStock photo Jasper
Source: iStock photo Jasper


Amber, with its warm and golden glow, holds a unique treasure within. This gem is born from ancient trees’ sap, which slowly transformed over millions of years.

This stone is like a little sun, giving off warmth and joy. People have loved its beauty and calm feel for a long time. It is believed to posseses protection and healing properties.

This dazzling stone is calming, like a cool breeze on a hot day. People for generations have cherished its beauty and calming feel.

Source: iStock photo Amber
Source: iStock photo Amber


Citrine, the glittering November birthstone, is like a sunlit day captured within a crystal. Its golden spectrum spans from pale yellow to a rich burnt orange.

People often call citrine the “Merchant’s Stone” because they believe it draws wealth and success. This reputation makes it a top choice for entrepreneurs and visionaries.

In ancient times, this gem was considered a shield against snake venom and evil thoughts. This bright gem can light up even gloomy days. It’s not just a stone; it’s a little bit of magic from nature.

Source: iStock photo Citrine
Source: iStock photo Citrine


Sardonyx shines with layers of deep red and bright white. The warriors and kings chose this gemstone to represent their power of strength and courage.

Many believe wearing Sardonyx boosts stamina and spirit. It’s not just a captivating stone; it’s a link to bravery. This gem tells a story, weaving tales of past heroics with the promise of modern-day power and inspiration.

Source: iStock photo Sardonyx
Source: iStock photo Sardonyx

Rose Quartz/Rhodochrosite

Rose quartz, with its gentle pink essence, whispers tales of love and compassion. Many consider this birthstone a heart healer and a beacon of unconditional love.

From ancient times, people have turned to Rose Quartz to mend broken bonds and invite new love. Today, wearers cherish it for both its beauty and its emotional resonance.

This pink gem, looking like a gentle blush, offers peace and friendship. More than just jewelry, Rose Quartz helps connect and care for relationships. It’s like a love note from nature.

Source: iStock photo Rose Quartz
Source: iStock photo Rose Quartz

Benefits of Leo Birthstones

Leo birthstones shine with beauty and mystery. Each gem has its special benefit. Some might boost a person’s mood, while others can promote health. We have unlocked the power of these birthstones:

  • Peridot: This vibrant green gem is often linked to happiness and good luck. It’s like having a drop of nature’s positivity.
  • Ruby: Rubies glow in deep red, standing as symbols of passion and love. These gems ignite feelings of desire and promise.
  • Carnelian: This fiery stone boosts confidence and motivation. It ignites the drive to achieve dreams.
  • Black Onyx: This stone wards off negative energy. It’s like a shield for the soul.
  • Tigers Eye: It promotes courage and clarity.
  • Jasper: Grounding and nurturing, Jasper offers comfort in trying times. It’s related to a warm embrace from Earth.
  • Amber: This golden resin captures the essence of sunlight and time. It’s believed to heal and cleanse the body and spirit.
  • Citrine: Citrine is often linked to success and riches. It acts like a light guiding towards good fortune.
  • Sardonyx: Known for its layers of red and white, Sardonyx is a symbol of strength and courage. It tells tales of past heroes.
  • Rose Quartz: This gentle pink stone speaks of love and compassion. It’s like a heart-to-heart connection, mending and nurturing relationships.


As we wrap up Leo birthstones, here’s a snapshot. These gems capture the essence of Leo’s bold heart. Their colors, from golden to deep red, reflect their warmth and energy.

They stand for strength, passion, and confidence. By wearing them, one can feel a boost in positivity and courage. Truly, the Leo birthstones are not just jewels but also loyal companions.

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