Year of Tiger Chinese Zodiac: Traits, Compatibility, Horoscope & Predictions 2024

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Chinese Zodiac Tiger is a powerful, courageous, and endearing animal sign. Having been born leaders, they have a strong desire to achieve their goals yet occasionally lose their keys. Under the Wood Dragon’s influence in 2024, Tigers may take advantage of chances for both professional and personal development, but they should exercise caution when making snap judgments, such as trying to pet a genuine tiger at the zoo. 

They get along well with the Dog, Horse, and Pig, but they might have to be cautious around the Ox and Monkey. Tigers can succeed spectacularly this year if they have a strong sense of humor and perseverance. The Tigers can handle 2024 gracefully, winning big and making sure they don’t wind up chasing their own tails along the way.

Years of the Tiger Chinese Zodiac

Tiger YearStartEndElement
1926Feb 13, 1926Feb 1, 1927Fire
1938Jan 31, 1938Feb 18, 1939Earth
1950Feb 17, 1950Feb 5, 1951Metal
1962Feb 5, 1962Jan 24, 1963Water
1974Jan 23, 1974Feb 10, 1975Wood
1986Feb 9, 1986Jan 28, 1987Fire
1998Jan 28, 1998Feb 15, 1999Earth
2010Feb 14, 2010Feb 2, 2011Metal
2022Feb 1, 2022Jan 21, 2023Water
2034Jan 19, 2034Feb 7, 2035Wood

Lucky things for Tiger      

  • Lucky numbers: 1 & 3                                                                                                
  • Lucky color: Blue, Gray, Orange and green
  • Lucky flowers: Yellow, Lily and Cineraria
  • Lucky directions: East, South and Southeast

Things should be avoided

  • Unlucky numbers: 6, 7 & 8
  • Unlucky colors: Gold, Silver & Brown
  • Unlucky direction: Southwest

Chinese Zodiac Tiger Traits & Characteristics

These people are the adventure-seekers of the Chinese zodiac, born under the brave and daring Year of the Tiger. Even if they are renowned for their courage,  if they were to assemble Ikea furniture, they may second guess themselves. “Where does this piece even go?!” They could question themselves.

Tigers are also known for their boldness and a hint of drama and they have a reputation for being bold and unpredictable. They are captivating and fiercely independent. In contrast, Tigers may not be the best people to ask for guidance on tact or patience. Wearing sunglasses at night and searching Google for “how to be more mysterious” is their definition of “stealth.”. Beneath their regal appearance, there is a heart of gold that unites them as devoted friends and passionate beings.

Strengths of Tiger Zodiac

  • Tigers are the most trustworthy protectors of secrets; they value other people’s privacy more than pleasures like emergency chocolate supply.
  • Aspiring, vivacious, and upbeat, Tigers dare to break new ground in both their ideas and deeds, personifying an innovative and adventurous attitude.
  • Astute and self-assured, tigers are innate leaders that inspire reverence and direction in others via their inherent charm and power.
  • Tigers are resolute and unwavering; they never give up until they accomplish their objectives and are an example of tenacity and dedication in all that they do.

Weaknesses of Tiger Zodiac

  • Like herding cats, tigers are fearless and brave, displaying their power with pride, but their disobedience and haughtiness may make cooperation difficult.
  • Because they put their emotions on their sleeves and can be reckless and passionate, tigers are prone to believing people too fast.
  • Because of their tremendous emphasis on goal, tigers may have a good family life and a lack of love and passion.
  • Tigers are known for their disobedience, arrogance, and poor communication abilities. They also frequently have coordination issues. They can go to extremes in their need for independence, which might impede healthy connections and social interactions.

Tiger Chinese Zodiac Men

A cautious yet upbeat attitude on life, characterizes the serious yet adventurous nature of male tigers. They quickly form friendships because of their elegant approach and well-tailored tastes. Their tendency toward distrust, which impairs their judgment, along with their assertiveness can, however, degenerate into authoritarian inclinations. This can occasionally result in rash choices and irresolution. Despite their strong zeal and complicated personalities, which may offer a fascinating combination of impulsivity and caution, they are interesting figures to those around them.

Tiger Chinese Zodiac Women

When it comes to style and charm, female tigers are unsurpassed in their ability to freely express their opinions. If their wardrobe isn’t up to standard, they can have a fashion problem and get hopelessly stuck in last season’s clothes. Though they have an innovative style, they frequently cling to the past, mixing a dash of credulity with a mixture of recklessness and rebellion, which makes them believe a salesman when they say, “This looks great on you!” a humorous weakness.

5 Elements: Which Type of ‘Tiger’ Are You?

TypesYears of BirthPersonality Traits
Wood Tiger1914, 1974Approachable, progressive, loyal and arrogant
Fire Tiger1926, 1986 Driven, independent, passionate and aggressive
Earth Tiger1938, 1998 Courageous, honest, creative and egocentric
Metal Tiger1950, 2010 Energetic, powerful, protector and stubborn
Water Tiger1962, 2022 Cheerful, kind, confident and egoistic

Tiger’s Personality by Blood Types

  • Blood type A : They stand out in gatherings because of their outward displays of helpfulness, optimism and vitality. However, they have a conservative and introverted inclination within, setting boundaries for their friendships. They are the embodiment of blood type A’s reserved temperament as well as the open attitude of the Tiger.
  • Blood type B: People with the Tiger zodiac and Blood Type B are truthful and hate lying. Their social circle is widened by their real approachability, cheerful optimism and genuineness. They behave impulsively and are decisive and brave, lacking in concentration and forethought. 
  • Blood type O: Blood type O tigers are open, happy and compassionate and they are always willing to provide a helping hand to those in need. Though they might be unduly self-conscious, they radiate confidence. 
  • Blood type AB: A Tiger-AB People are content and self-assured, upholding their morals without undue anxiety or bitterness. They greet people with warmth, displaying amazing adaptability in social settings while retaining a pleasant and laid-back manner.

Love Compatibility of the Tiger

Best matches for Tiger: Horses, Dogs and Dragons

Tigers find strong love compatibility with Horses, Dogs, and Dragons. With Horses, they share a mutual appreciation for adventure and excitement, fostering a dynamic and passionate relationship. Though they may sometimes quarrel over who’s the better fetcher, dogs are devoted companions for Tiger’s adventures. Let’s just say that dragons bring the fire, both in terms of passion and the odd argument about hoarding riches.

Bad matches for Tiger: Monkey, Snake and Ox

Monkeys, snakes, and oxen can be difficult romantic partners for tigers. Tigers can get uneasy with the arbitrary behavior of monkeys, which can result in disagreements over opposing values and lifestyles. 

The requirement of the Tiger for openness and honesty may be undermined by the secretive and sly character of snakes. Friction and a lack of enthusiasm in the partnership may result from Oxen’s stable and cautious manner clashing with the Tiger’s sense of adventure.

Jobs & Careers for Tiger

Tiger individuals are vital members of their team because they are persistent, brave and capable leaders. Tigers may succeed in commerce, athletics, leadership positions, entrepreneurship, and the military or law enforcement by utilizing their audacity, charm, and spirit of competition. They savage their way into leadership positions with confidence and tenacity, feeling completely at home as managers or CEOs. 

However, avoid trying to confine them; they will revolt against you as soon as you utter “office politics.” With a talent for languages and bargaining skills sharper than their claws, they’ll win over clients wherever in the world. And should they ever dispute with the manager? Let’s just say that they don’t hesitate to reveal who the true tiger is in the boardroom.

Health & Fitness Advice for Tiger

The vitality and activity of the Chinese Tiger sign is embodied in walking or running, among other cardio workouts. But Tigers have to be careful not to overdo it, since their energy may get them hurt. They are usually in good health and easily get over minor illnesses, but as they get older, they should watch out for developing stress-related illnesses, especially those that affect their digestion and breathing.

It’s advised to eat a balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables strong in fiber, especially because Tigers love sweets. Thus, even though they may roar with energy, Tigers must pace themselves and give self-care first priority if they want to stay strong and vigorous into old age.

Tiger Zodiac Sign Fortune & Horoscope for 2024

Tigers should anticipate progress and opportunity in 2024, particularly in the areas of professional and personal development. There can be obstacles along the way, but perseverance and thoughtful planning will pay off. While open communication will improve love and relationships, financial prudence is encouraged.

To sum up, 2024 seems to be a life-changing year for Tigers, filled with resiliency, smart decisions, and deepened relationships that will open doors to significant personal and professional success.

  • Career: In 2024, Tiger people succeed by accepting change, working hard, and networking, all of which may lead to recognition and job improvements.
  • Wealth: 2024 advises financial prudence for Tigers; slow start, improving later. Wise investments and budgeting key to navigating uncertainties and uncovering opportunities.
  • Education: Focus and attention to school will open up exciting chances for Tigers in 2024. Steer clear of distractions, pursue knowledge, and rise to difficulties.
  • Relationships: Tigers will flourish in relationships in 2024 via honest communication, meaningful connections, and unanticipated affection, which will promote harmony and progress.


How to find good luck in the year of the Tiger 2024?

In 2024, Tigers can find good luck by embracing change, staying active, planning strategically, nurturing relationships, practicing patience, focusing on self-improvement, managing finances wisely, and embodying generosity to attract positive energy and opportunities.

 What does it mean to be born in the year of the Tiger?

Born in the Year of the Tiger signifies possessing traits of bravery, confidence, and competitiveness. Tigers are adventurous, passionate, and protective individuals, often displaying strong leadership and loyalty to loved ones.

How do I get along with Tiger in the Chinese zodiac?

To get along with Tigers in the Chinese zodiac, admire their bravery, respect their independence, engage in stimulating conversations, and demonstrate loyalty and trustworthiness in your interactions with them.

What is the year of the Dragon baby’s personality Traits?

Tiger babies, born in the Chinese zodiac, tend to exhibit traits such as courage, confidence, and a spirited nature. They are adventurous, passionate, and fiercely independent from a young age.

Is the year of the Dragon 2024 good for having a baby?

The Year of the Tiger, 2024, can be favorable for having a baby, as Tigers are associated with courage and passion, promising a vibrant and dynamic upbringing for the child.

Why Is the Tiger ranked third in the Chinese zodiac?

The Tiger is ranked third in the Chinese zodiac because, according to legend, it arrived behind the Rat and the Ox in the race held by the Jade Emperor to determine the order of the zodiac animals.

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